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Found 25 results

  1. Hey everyone, I have a question about when it's acceptable to move from a Jr. Colorist to a Sr. Colorist? Just wondering if there is a timeline, like an apprenticeship would have (4-5 years)? I've been editing for just over 2 years, color correcting for a year and have completed several courses on grading and correction. To clarify I'm not going to call myself a Sr. colorist anytime soon but I'm just wondering what to expect going forward in the coming years. Cheers
  2. Hi everyone, Anyone selling a Tangent panel BUNDLE in Australia? I'm living in Sydney but I could buy it from anywhere in Australia. I have one at work but I would like to get one to work from home too. I have a Blackmagic micro panel but I can't use printer points with it. My email: Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone! I am selling my micro panel (Blackmagic Micro panel) because I have bought another panel. I have barely used it because I have been using the panel we have in the office. It is in excellent condition. 😊 Price is $1000 AUS (selling in Australia ONLY/Postage cost is not included) Original price was $1373 I still have the receipt. Contact: I am living in Sydney.
  4. Earlier I hear from someone that there are live tutorials / grading sessions that colorist do on Lowepost and some of them are already posted here. However I cannot find the link to the page. Is is possible that I haven't purchases premium so they are not showing the link? Because I just want to take a look and make sure I am not missing it. I will go ahead and purchase premium.
  5. Hi, As far as I knew, a good calibrated laser projector (like a NC1201L) was absolutely fine for colour grading a film with cinema distribution. Maybe some limitation about pure blacks (more of difference from what I got), but longer calibration consistency over time and frame so more reliable. Other than that I wasn't aware of major problem with those. But just today a person that installs and sets up grading rooms told me he never been able to find a suitable laser projector, good enough for the requirements of a grading room. Despite me pushing for further info he didn't provide details about what was wrong with them. so: 1) What am I missing? 2) If there are any actual major difference, does it really matter with the shift of more and more cinemas to laser projectors?
  6. Hi. I wonder what others use for remote sessions? Streambox seems like a good solution but a bit pricey for small shop like mine. Chroma models are around 10k sender and 7k receiver units so that got me thinking a bit as session frequency is not that high now. I know there are some older models as well. Usually we do offline remote as we work on a job, send it in for comments but sometimes it seems that having agency wants to be in as well.
  7. Great news for you! On June 20, 2020, the official resource of the Colorist Awards 2020 became available to apply for participation in the Awards. This is a great opportunity to be the first in this big event for the colorists world. Apply for registration today, and start preparing your work to become a winner in the nominations! Acceptance of payments, as a registration fee for participation in the Colorist Awards 2020, from bank cards registered in the USA, and PayPal service will be available after June 27, 2020. This feature is caused by a number of technical difficulties in organizing the correct Internet acquiring in this direction. official website: Team of the Colorist Awards
  8. Has anyone ever faced issues, while grading where they sometimes push skin tones to lil red or green and later notice that it's not a perfect skin tone. What is the best way to notice these changes and what should be the color of skin tone? I know there is a skin tone indicator in resolve but that never works accurately.
  9. Here is my colour grading reel and the link for my website! 😊 I've been working in France, New-Caledonia and Australia. (editing, colour grading and a bit of VFX) Have a look!
  10. Good day colleague. Are there any recommendations or requirements for the organization of the workspace when working with HDR? For example: - The use of multiple monitors for monitoring (HDR and SDR) - Lighting the room. What and how? (After all, probably the light can or should be present as on the brightness of more than 300 nits the eyes of the colorist will die)) - And other aspects of working in HDR Thank you. p.s. Maybe you have some photos with it.
  11. Hi. I had interesting and different music video grade in the end of last year. Look wise and story wise it was interesting for me as it is dystopian weird dream. The story said we should get dusty desert feel and soft looks to it. Different from the things that we usually are asked for most of the times. All was shot on Arri Mini with rehoused Lomo set. Graded in DaVinci Resolve Studio in ACEScc colorspace. YT does make wonder to images like always but i can not share it on my profile. Maybe i could give some still frames to look at. Directed and written by TOMM¥ €A$H Produced, Art Directed and Styled by Anna-Lisa Himma Director of Photography: Heiko Sikka Editing: Emeri Abel Colorgrade: Margus Voll, C.S.I. CGI: Denis Strahhov Production design: Anna-Lisa Himma, Anneli Arusaar
  12. Hey guys, would love to know what tips and tricks you use in grading a car commercial, particularly an SUV. This is my first time grading one, so it would really help if I know a thing or two about it. Thanks!
  13. I just finished grading BELDONA: summer 2017 «Escape» for Cheese & Chocolate Film. Yet again good example how remote work is done in simple way. This spot is produced in Switzerland, shot in Mexico, edited in Switzerland, post and grading done here in Estonia and final delivery to Switzerland again. director: Sven Wedekind director of photography: Daniel Kunz grading: Margus Voll, C.S.I. Shot with RED Epic. Graded in DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5.5 with ACEScc.
  14. Here is my latest work for a beer commercial. Shot on Arri Mini and graded in Resolve Studio 12.5.5 in ACEScc. Last products shots have some external mattes from Mocha Pro to get more precision in masks.
  15. Flanders CM171 broadcast monitor for sale. In mint condition.ony been used in studio. Asking for 2800CD
  16. Hey guys, we got a new tutorial finished on the new redesigned stereoscopic 3D workflow in SCRATCH 8.5. Hope you like it :-) .
  17. Still frames from short film "Pobeda" i graded Director Vladislav Mukovnin, DOP Ermins Baltais, Producer Diana Põdra It was shot on RED Epic and graded in Davinci Resolve Studio 12.5 using ACES
  18. Hey folks, This is my first reel. Please, feel free to comment and critique. I don't have a large number of projects under my belt, there are 6 featured here and 2-3 others that are somewhat reel worthy - but for the most part this is the best of the best. Thanks! It's an excellent community here, I'm always eager to read more. :-)
  19. Hello everybody. Working in different systems (Lustre , Nucoda, Resolve) use very often a function of group grading. Of course it is also in Baselight there. However, not enough function when you can leave visible only group. This is very important when there is a large number of grading shots. (For example in the movie) What dp you think about it? Alex.
  20. Great news! Time to be proud again. About year ago or bit more i worked as a colourist on film House of Others, director Russudan Glurjidze and cinematographer Gorka Gómez Andreu. After ASC event we got information that Gorka Gómez Andreu has been awarded Spotlight Award, award for Outstanding Achievement in Cinematography by the American Society of Cinematographers. It was very interesting project to work with and i’m really happy that the film got this kind of award. Love the exceptional work Gorka did on the set and the dynamics we had with Russudan in grading. Always happy to work with professionals. All shot on Red Epic and graded in Davinci Resolve Studio
  21. Hi all, here's a tutorial explaining remote grading with SCRATCH. Main things to point out are, that you don't need the media you're grading on on both sides, also you can add as many workstations/artists as you want, joining the creative session. Have a look:
  22. Client: Eesti Energia Director: Helen Takkin Producer: Kadi Freja Felt Cinematographer: Meelis Veeremets Editor: Johannes Arro Color Grade: Margus Voll, C.S.I.
  23. I wonder if in today's world is such a thing as a "Favorite of color grading systems" What do you think, is there a system now, which fully meet modern requirements? ACES, HDR, 4K or 8K, 3D, VR, or something else? Mistika, Lustre, Baselight, Pablo Rio, Scratch, RAIN, Nucoda, Resolve, etc.
  24. It is that beautiful time of the year when leaves fall and weather is still reasonably nice to drive about. Why not do it with iconic mini car which has just gone electric. Just drive around and meet friends, enjoy nice weather and have fun. I graded promotional film of Microlino for my Switzerland clients. Check it out.