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  1. HI! So It looked wrong when I selected "input colour space". Not really sure what it does., when I put "No Conversion" it works as expected so I have a work around until I understand how i actually works. Once I put "No Conversion" looks right but keeps tagging it as rec 709 no matter what. Even if I select a different render colour space like Arri Logc Wide Gamut it tags it as Rec709 2.4
  2. Goodevening,I am encountering an unexpected behaviour when rendering with baselight 4.4. Due to in progress jobs we are avoiding an upgrade.I am struggling to properly tag the color space of my exported clips.Exporting to quicktime prores4444XQ.Colour Space Tagging: AutomaticOriginal clip CS: Arri log C/wide gamutinput cs: tried both from metadata and setting it to arri log C/wide gamutstack: working colour space:arri log c/wide gamutScene settings tried both setting all to arri log g/wide gamut and leaving Grade result colour space: from stack and Default input coloru space to no conversion.Despite all my rendered files are all tagged as Rec 709 gamma 2.4. Am I missing something?Moreover if in render, as Render Colour Space, I say Input colour space no matter the settings it converts the file to Rec 709 gamma 2.4. Are those know issues of old version of baselight, or am I doing something wrong?Thanks in advance for your help