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Found 14 results

  1. Hello, Regarding my future bachelor degree work of Remote Color Grading, I have to get more details for my statistics. Can you help me out to have some contacts or more details for my research? I will compare the communication from a normal session to a remote session in daily business. And as well, if this technology will be a standard soon in future. Maybe you know some colorists, which already do remote color grading daily. Thanks for your help. Stefan
  2. Hi everyone! I would like to learn more about printerlights/offset. I know they are and were used a lot for a primary balance, but hating LGG I would like to learn more how to create super looks with offset/printerlights. Cause moving all the tonal range affects highlights, shadows and skintones quite a lot and I don’t know also where to put the look node, cause as I understood well, printerlights’ effect has to be seen through a curve. Do I have to put the look node before the first balance/contrast? How do you deal with skintones/qualifiers? Thank you in advance, have a great day.
  3. Hi! I'm a junior colorist working here in the Philippines, working for almost 2 years. I would love to know how you guys color grade your alexa footage. Looking at the Oscar's nominated films, most of it were shot using Alexa Mini, XT, and 65, and it looks damn amazing. My grades with the alexa looks subpar compared to these films, is it the contrast, the lighting, the workflow, the production design, etc. Here is my workflow: I balance out the image first,then grade it, and lastly client's and director's nitpicks. Still, I feel like it looks video-y, compared to what I see in foreign films and commercials. Thanks!
  4. Good evening to all, This is my first post here so I'll try to keep it short and relevant. After reading the article about the grading of Mad Max: Fury Road, I tried to re-build it myself using some production stills found online. Needless to say, the results are pretty bad, so I wanted to ask your opinion on how to better recreate the grade and whether I'm headed in the right direction. This is the plate I started with: This is the original grade (+VFX) : And this is where my grade is at the moment: This is my node structure: (As you can guess by the thumbnails, I worked on an image containing both the clean plate and the graded image, which in retrospect was a bad idea) I'm not happy with both the hue of the sand and the shadows, which seem to me a bit more on the blue side in the original grade. If you have any tips on these issues, and/or on other issues I missed, feedback is most welcome!
  5. I've made a little reel from my last project on which I worked as DP and Colorist...
  6. Hey guys, I don't know if this makes sense, but I've come up with a workflow that I think is plausible in matching A7S with Alexa footage. I used color space transform ofx to convert slog to to log-c and matched the color of the a7s with the log-c of the alexa footage then applied the same settings that I used on the Alexa to the a7s. What do you think about this?
  7. Where do you go to find before and after case study examples of a colourist's grading process?
  8. Mumbai based post production company Nube Studio, requires a fulltime Mid- Level Colorist to join our Color grading team. We are based in Mumbai, India and we specialise in color grading, mainly Television Commercials. We are looking for someone with a strong creative background in Television Commercial Grading and have a reel. This is an excellent opportunity for someone looking to build upon their existing reputation and become one of the premiere colorist in the Indian Advertising market. Requirements: ▪ Ability to handle high pressure situations with a calm and cool demeanor. ▪ Strong artistic and technical background in Baselight and Resolve ▪ Proficiency in Baselight is a significant advantage. ▪ A friendly and warm personality. ▪ Can work well with challenging schedules ▪ Can work in flexible hours ▪ Generating LUT ▪ Experience with color grading for at least 3 years Please send your Resume and reel to: Here’s a little about us:
  9. Hey! I am currently editing and coloring a Christmas commercial for an e commerce business. During our shoot we used a Sony a7rii, and a Canon 5D Mark ii. Im currently trying to match the footage the best I can so I can begin to color properly. I used the sony's slog profile on the a7rii, and a neutral profile on the 5Dii. I have attached some stills of the two different cameras and their look straight out of camera. If anyone has suggestions, resources, or would like the files to mess with to try and help that'd be awesome! I should also mention I am editing everything in adobe premiere. Canon on top, Sony on bottom Thanks!
  10. Olga Sunny

    3D Lut Creator

    Hello guys! Is here anyone who use 3D LUT Creator software ? What do you think about it ?
  11. Hi everyone, I shot, edited, graded this short piece three days ago. l was looking for some more constructive feedback instead I got only likes of dislikes. So, once again I would love to hear some input from you all if possible. Here is the video link: Thank you in advance! Peace Jairus Nouvel
  12. Hi every one.I am looking for the best website for online jobs regarding to: 1] Video editing 2] Color grading (Davinci Resolve and Avid Baselight 4.3) 3] Audio mixing and mastering 4] Vfx and 3d animation 5] Rotoscoping and 2d tracking with Mocha and Digital fusion 6] Motion graphic Ae + C4d I am looking forward to your suggestions Thanks Bledar
  13. We are a equipment rental and post production services company based in Manhattan looking for a resident colorist who would like a room to develop and grow his/her color correction business. The ideal colorist has the ability to bring clients to the facility for projects and also work on some internal corporate client work. We have a DaVinci Resolve system with full panels, 2 EIZO monitors and a SONY BVM 250 as well as a LG OLED 4K TV for screening. Happy to offer a tour of the facility to anyone who could use the equipment and facility.