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  • Now that this community has started to get some users I thought it was time to encourage you all to post an image of your suite? 
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  • Hi everyone. I want to ask you which soft is the best in film industry for color grading Baselight or Davinci.I have been using Davinci for 5 years and now I'm interested to work with Baselight as well.
    Thank you in advance.
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  • I came across this Scratch tutorial about beauty retouching. In still photography, retouchers often tend to use cloning, healing and B/D techniques. What is your approach to beauty work?

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  • In a blockbuster film or tv series what is the average time of color correction?

    Sometimes I think we run so much due to the term of the channels and producers here in Brazil.

    How do you work when you receive a material to create the look?
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