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  1. This video is sort of the follow-up tutorial to the one about frame-based metadata and transcoding to OpenEXR. Today we're looking at how to load and conform an EDL from Avid, and automatically pull the vfx-shotnames, which are included in the EDL as markers (or 'locators' if you prefer) and replace the original clipnames with the new vfx-shotnames, before transcoding the camera RAW incl all its metadata to OpenEXR. Good stuff, people. Cheers! Mazze
  2. Frame-based metadata and how to forward it from camera RAW into OpenEXR. Enjoy 🙂 . Cheers, Mazze
  3. There is something odd going on with NDI under macOS, where it gets a red-ish tint. Has something to do with the YUV conversion as far as I can tell. This is however with any app that uses NDI.
  4. Hi all, SCRATCH and Play Pro are shipping with an integrated patch generator for Light Illusion's ColourSpace CMS. This tutorial shows how to set everything up and run the display calibration 🙂 . Cheers, Mazze
  5. Hi all, this video is interesting equally to post, than it is for virtual production. THe Sync Players feature in SCRATCH simply allows to sync the playhead of multiple SCRATCH systems, and control those systems from one master system, playing back different footage to different screens simultaneously. The remote control feature allows to control playback in SCRATCH via a web browser on the local network - for instance on your smartphone. Good stuff. Cheers, Mazze
  6. Hi all, this tutorial is about one of SCRATCH's strength: Metadata. Static or frame based, in a burn-in or a report, or in export filenaming. Cheers, Mazze
  7. Hi people, this tutorial is about the animation editor in SCRATCH and why it is as awesome as it is. Enjoy 🙂 Mazze
  8. Hey people, I'm happy to announce the new refurbish program for Tangent's Element panels 🙂 ! For many users, the panel's surface has become worn down and/or sticky over the years. What we're doing here is to take the panel completely apart, remove the old soft coating and re-lacquer it with a deep black fine-structured powder coat, which should take a couple of ages to wear down again 🙂 . The look & feel is pretty similar to the Blackmagic panels, if you have come across those. Anyways - here is the link and below are a couple of pictures to check out. ==> ht
  9. Hi people, this tutorial is purely about the SCRATCH timeline (called 'CONstruct' back in the day). What many do not know: It has 3 dimensions 😉 . Once you understand how it works, it can be a huge time saver and organizational help. Cheers, Mazze
  10. Hey peoples, since the original foam inserts for the Element panels (see pictures below) are not being made anymore and have been unavailable for the past 2 years, I am considering to produce them again in a small production batch. Estimated price is 200€ (excl. VAT) + shipping for one set. The original foam inserts were priced at 175€ (excl. VAT). The Peli case itself is not included! I am about to make a prototype in the next couple of weeks, but to actually produce them, I'd need at least 5 pre-orders. If you're interested, drop me a line via PM, or
  11. Precisely 😉 . Well, yes - it does not look great. But then again... it didn't look particularly stellar before either .
  12. About the sticky surface, there's two things you can do: 1) Apply talkum powder (or baby powder - that has the advantage of it smelling nice 😉 ) This however is only temporary, and you need to make sure no powder gets under the rings into the ball bearings. 2) Wash the soft coating down with Isopropyl alcohol and potentially relacquer the fascia. Cheers, Mazze
  13. The Euphonix and Avid panels are 100% identical, except for the label printed onto the device. They should work fine generally with any recent macOS/Windows version. What is unclear at this point is whether they will continue to work with Apple's M1 ARM processors. Avid has not yet updated the SDK for the ARtist Controllers. As not all controllers are EOL (like the ARtist Color is since december last year), I think there is an update to be expected, that will add M1 compatibility. Whether that SDK however then will still support EOL controllers, is yet to be seen.
  14. I can see these questions have already been answered on LGG. But just for completeness: Notes can be added via metadata stack inside ColorFX and the navigation can be switched to navigate between notes. For the panel mapping, go to ColorFX ==> Settings (F5) ==> General ==> Panel mapping. In there, each mapping pair has a scale and an acceleration value. Change those to adjust the sensitivity of any control. Cheers, Mazze
  15. Yep - it's called Reverse Assemble. You would add a frame reference to the tray and from there recall its grade. Cheers, Mazze