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  1. Mazze

    SCRATCH Essential Training

    Hey Tom - it depends on how you define high-end . A lot of studios use it for review sessions and screenings, vfx houses use it as vfx reference player and asset management system in combination with FTrack, Shotgun and NIM. As a finishing system it's mostly used by smaller boutiques (which doesn't mean it's not high end, though πŸ˜‰ ) and some bigger companies, which use a so-called site-license (annual all-you-can-eat). And then obviously we have a pretty big DIT community that use it for dailies. Lastly, when it comes to high end live streaming (more specifically high end VR live streaming), I think there's nothing else out there that lets you stitch incoming camera streams, do the geometry conversion, grade, comp, add OFX-plugins, Matchbox shaders and output through SDI, DisplayPort, LiveStream (to Facebook/Youtube/Custom server) and Headset at once and it realtime on a single GPU. πŸ™‚
  2. Mazze

    SCRATCH Essential Training

    Kevin really does a great job on these videos - he's an amazing instructor!
  3. Mazze

    Scratch 9 asking for openCL drivers

    Cool πŸ™‚ . Let me know if you run into anything else! Best, Mazze
  4. Mazze

    Scratch 9 asking for openCL drivers

    Hi Bruno, SCRATCH mainly works on OpenGL (i.e. all color transforms applied inside the app, etc.) . However, debayer (for all raw formats), YUV-conversion, scopes and blurs (from a certain threshold onwards) are calculated using OpenCL. You do not need specific "OpenCL drivers" as such. I assume this is what happened: Windows Update broke the Nvidia driver (it loves to do that) and as such, OpenCL support is missing. If you start SCRATCH and click into the upper half of the screen, an info chart should fold down and show some details. Amongst those you'll probably read "OpenCL: not supported" or something along those lines. SCRATCH will obviously run without, but then revert back to CPU for all OpenCL tasks - which makes things rather slow. Fix is fairly straight forward: Download and install the latest Nvidia driver (or any older version you prefer) and install that. After a reboot, all should be good. Cheers, Mazze
  5. Hi folks, almost forgot to post this one - a new tutorial that shows how to setup the Python bridge between SCRATCH and Nuke πŸ™‚ .
  6. Mazze

    Calling all FCPx editors

    Pretty stable I would say. Not much growth from what I can see, but solid user base and happily chugging along... πŸ™‚ . However, I don't see it being used for edit much (which you can do inside Flame perfectly fine), but really more for online (conform, comp, finishing).
  7. Mazze

    Lustre ACS Panels (2x)

    Hi everyone, we have once again two sets of Lustre ACS panels in stock. Both sets are fully functional, ship with power supplies, Wacom grip pen and keyboard stand. Overall condition is good, although they do have their marks and scratches on the soft coated surface. Sets are located in Germany. Please PM me for pricing and/or more information and pictures. Set 1: Set 2: Greetz, Mazze
  8. ... and as per popular request, here's a darker shade of grey. We might actually go with that, after all πŸ˜‰ .
  9. Here's a little update. I was wondering wether I should also offer the rings in silver - had two prototype sets made. One in plain silver: The other one in a somewhat darker shade (for the sake of fancyness, lets call it 'spacegrey'): Here's black, spacegrey and silver in comparison: What do you all think? What'd be your preference and why? Thanks! Mazze
  10. Mazze

    Blackmagic RAW just announced

    Forgot to add: Blackmagic RAW support has meanwhilst arrived in SCRATCH and Play Pro: πŸ™‚
  11. Hi all, in SCRATCH you can add OFX plugins and Matchbox shaders in two ways: Either onto a layer of a shot (i.e. pipe the plugin into the shot), or add it as a new node into the node tree downstream of the current shot (i.e. pipe the current shot/node into the plugin node). More so, you can add plugins and Matchbox shaders to individual shots in your timeline, but also to the complete timeline in the form of an output node (or layer on an output node). Here's how: Cheers, Mazze
  12. Hi all, in this fresh tutorial we're explaining how to send shots from SCRATCH to After Effects and back with just a single click. Enjoy! Cheers, Mazze
  13. Selling a BE8110 HD H.264/AVC Broadcast Encoder for 220 Euros.It's used but it still works just fine.More details here: in Groningen, The Netherlands.Can be shipped EU-wide. PM me if interested. Cheers, Mazze
  14. Selling 3 original packaged 3Ality Stereo Image Processors for 19" rackmount. All 3 are in perfect working condition, as new, hardly used. They can also be used as a video switcher for SDI (two inputs vs. one output through either SDI or HDMI). Price (180 Euros) is per unit. Located in Groningen, The Netherlands. Can ship within EU. PM me if interested πŸ™‚ .