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  1. Are you tried to add monochromatic noise on your plates? It will help a lot for 8 bits renders. We do that all the time at my workplace.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm trying to build a flicker effect in Fusion. I know there a tool for it but it doesn't behave like I want. (Or I don't know to use it properly) I want a random change of the exposure or the gamma but between a min and max value I can choose. I want the values to only go lower than the original exposure. (never higher) Do you know a expression for that? I've tried few things and I've looked online , I've also compared it with the tools in Flame and AE but I failed... Thank you very much. 🙂
  3. Hi guys, Is there any solution for monitor calibration when you are living in a country where there are no calibration professional? An automatic calibration solution? (with there own spectrometer and such) I was thinking about the Eizo CG279 X with the integrated calibration tool. My budget is $4000-$5000. Thank you. ^^
  4. Here is my colour grading reel and the link for my website! 😊 I've been working in France, New-Caledonia and Australia. (editing, colour grading and a bit of VFX) Have a look!
  5. Hi everyone,😊 Looks like the CG248 4K monitor has been discontinued. I need a self calibrated monitor because I might go in a country where there are no experts and proper calibration tools. I can see there are others Eizo monitor which could do the job but there are HDR. It might be a bit overkill for me. I will mostly do REC709 grade. Should I invest in an HDR monitor like the ColorEdge CG247X or the ColorEdge CG279X? My budget is $4000 Do you know other brands who offers Self calibrated solutions for video colour grading? (up to UHD) My budget is $4000 (Australian) A lot of questions I know ^^ Thank you!!!!!!!!!🙂
  6. Hi everyone, I'm using the Davinci Resolve for many years and I noticed it's missing a major "feature" that was in previous versions. (since version 14) When working in projects with a MASTER TIMELINE, I often grade within an AAF/XML timeline and render the master timeline. What's happening now is that when I'm in the AAF timeline, and I need to see the current clip in the MASTER timeline, I used to be able to just switch to it via the drop down over the record monitor. However, when I switch to the master timeliine now, it just goes to the head of the master timeline instead of the selected clip. No sync between the playhead of the timeline I'm working in and the master timeline anymore. I have already ticked the box "Sync master timeline to current frame" in the user preferences (I've also tried to restart resolve or build brand new projects) It is happening since version 14. I have tried this on PC, mac and many computers. I really don't know what I'm missing. Thank you for your time and sorry for the grammar. Cheers,
  7. Really prores on windows???!!! Working properly? Thank you very much.
  8. Amazing way to do the job! But I think having a lunch break (or step outside to breath - 15-20mins) is important. For the body and the mind. To "reset" the eyes. In my case, If I don't do that, I'm less efficient. Thanks for sharing your experience!