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  1. Great news for you! On June 20, 2020, the official resource of the Colorist Awards 2020 became available to apply for participation in the Awards. This is a great opportunity to be the first in this big event for the colorists world. Apply for registration today, and start preparing your work to become a winner in the nominations! Acceptance of payments, as a registration fee for participation in the Colorist Awards 2020, from bank cards registered in the USA, and PayPal service will be available after June 27, 2020. This feature is caused by a number of technical difficulties in organizing the correct Internet acquiring in this direction. official website: Team of the Colorist Awards
  2. Dear Colorists! Independent Guild of Colorists (ICG) is glad to announce the first international Colorist Awards. We would like to invite all the members to take part in this competition and get the opportunity to be nominated. Colorist Awards is a unique event, because it hasn’t held before, despite the long history of cinematography and television. But we believe that colorists play an important role in film-making by enlivening it with the color. Colorist Awards allows to demonstrate the best colorists’ works, that will be sent by participants from all the world. Colorist Awards Nominations in 2020: • The Best Color Grading of an Advertisement; • The Best Color Grading of a Feature Film; • The Best Color Grading of a Documentary; • The Best Color Grading of a Music Video; • The Best Color Grading of the TV series; • The Best Color Grading of a Short Film. The award ceremony for winners of 2020 will be held in March 2021 in Moscow, Russia. Among the jury there will be world-famous masters of color grading, as well as masters of camera art, talented directors and producers. They will evaluate the submitted works. For more information about the Colorist Awards, the rules, terms and conditions of participation, we recommend to visit our official website Our ICG team is proud to be a part of the global industry of the production of film and video content and make our contribution to the development of the colorist community around the world. Become a part of this unique event now by sending an application for participation in the Colorist Awards! Best regards, ICG Crew
  3. 10 June. Everything will change. Independent colorists guild (ICG)