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  1. Some users use it but say it is not fully optimized yet.
  2. Log tools affect mainly mid tones and a bit high and low depending how you have set tolerances. Try Primary in last node or after log and see what it does. Seems to me that it is less gentle and affects images more harsh which also seems to be the thing you are after. Just try it out as it is my subjective feel to do that like this. It might not be "correct" but usually works in situations where i use it.
  3. Have you tried after balancing with log tools make another node and use primary tools to see how that behaves for shadow and whites? IN a way that is ACES feature to be softer on those areas and not clip insanely but do it more organically. At lest this is how it seems to me.
  5. I think there is something up on Dolby site, let me see the link.
  6. Will any recordings be visible on later date ?
  7. On paper it seems interesting. Lamp life is short but rather cheap device. Any experiences?
  8. This seemed like very interesting uni but did not find pricing on it yet. Any ideas?
  9. It seems like 40 k model ?
  10. Could you push other colors back under it with some selective saturation and blending ?
  11. Yes like Mix mode in some other platforms. Helps a lot.
  12. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
  13. Some speculate Scope box update might come in near future. IBC seems to be behind the corner or year end. I'm exited about it a bit. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  14. This is those moments when "of i see" in life.