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  1. Really like the tools in development now. Then example in the end he gives is brilliant!
  2. Have you seen Dolby demos about it that ML presenters did? Start here:
  3. Here around 5:30 he talks about clip and timeline section. Seems that is highly usable compared to version 4 as you don't have to go out of the plugin at all.
  4. I wonder if it could be added as a function so we could tag shots in normal usage and later on look to timeline and render plates according to tags but with python as the example shows.
  5. Thanks. This is from where my questions started.
  6. Thanks for the explanation. Appreciate it. In a way that is also my goal in away. Also the access to tool set on lover entry price point is one thing to keep in mind that it gives.
  7. Just looked intro to BL for Avid on FilmLight page and got intrigued a bit. What i mean is usually i get edit from avid and the thing that was mentioned in the end "see grade while editing" is the case some times it would make sense to Harness. My goal would be to learn that workflow and practice some BL on top seems like good idea to me. Am i missing something here or is there just conform bit that is different? Another part would be to allow to do something that would be usable in the end one way or the other that seems to me not possible with student ? (i also always run out of student time frame when i can do something meaningful)
  8. Hi. I have ignored this issue long time now (R15.3) change cache location and close project prefs or even save does not actually save that information at all and leaves it as it was before. Seems like once project is populated it is impossible to change. Just left feature to cache over night for faster render and it went belly up as default cache drive got filled. Anyone have similar experiences or have any solutions to it ?
  9. This rec feel in aces i somehow always fail to relate to. Just find ACES controls much better (log tools) and gives much cleaner results to me faster.
  10. I'm doing VFX plates now with S9 and it is very effective compared to Resolve and all the conform side is extremely fast.
  11. You have to decide from material which way works best for you. There is no wrong if you deliver what client asks you just have to figure out proper way. Have done it in both ways, many many many keyframes or fading recut clips depending your color app.