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  1. It will be adjusted accordingly and it will look spot on.
  2. Hi. I wonder what others use for remote sessions? Streambox seems like a good solution but a bit pricey for small shop like mine. Chroma models are around 10k sender and 7k receiver units so that got me thinking a bit as session frequency is not that high now. I know there are some older models as well. Usually we do offline remote as we work on a job, send it in for comments but sometimes it seems that having agency wants to be in as well.
  3. Thanks! What is the current gen version 6 or something more? I also wonder if RTX Titans are implemented already ?
  4. Hi. Sometimes it happens that clients ask delivery back in cam original resolution. I wonder if and how One would handle that if at all ? Some other platforms usually die on the task but i wonder how it is handled in BL. Usually gpu vram is the limiting bit specially if any NR is done to the material. Any experiences ?
  5. I have feature now from Resolve to nuke and back over aces and ocio on nuke side. Seems to line up perfect.
  6. Nuke can work very well with ACES just you need to know what you are giving out as plate it seems. Now i do not know what BLG gives forward in that regard as this might be the issue point. I work still in another app and there we have issue over that specifially as export and import spaces are different and it is not documented. I do feature now and we have mapped what my app gives out and what it expects back and it seems to work fine just the question is when plates leave your app and what the BLG assumes it sits on. Like Andy already pointed with linear (709, AP0, AP1, E-Gamut, etc.) the same goes with ACES imo you need to know wahat you are passing on and what you are expecting back. With VFX it is also good idea to keep whip in your hand if no color scientist at hand as usually VFX guys ask linear files but disregard 709, AP0, AP1, E-Gamut side totally as if they do not care. Mess comes out later. Sometimes Nuke users just do not know much about color management as well.
  7. "Perfect" is also really wide and variable concept depending on story and mood and so on. Longer one lives more he knows that there is perfect somewhere out there
  8. Nobody mentioned Mad Max here? Would be good in comparison..
  9. I have been now mainly on cc. I remember this from the demos you gave me ate IBC the gentle approach. This was the thing i tried to hint as well "gently". :) I will try with next job how it would feel with cct.
  10. Maybe it is application based then as well not just system based?
  11. Hi. I wonder if you see ever material breaking up while using aces? What i mean is if shadow gets rather deep i get insane snow of super saturated pixels like noise in another platform. So i wonder if BL does the same thing or if it is handled better? My assumption is that non aces tools do not do that because of the clever math.