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  1. @Thomas Singh I have followed the same procedure, The issue is still same.
  2. Yeah I have full version of resolve, and I just set it to 2048 X 1080 DCI.
  3. 1 & 3 are DCP format while 2 & 4 are normal MOV. Is it a issue related to Data Levels or Project Settings
  4. I mastered from Resolve only, After conversion It looks all faded and highlights are converted to yellow orange jitter
  5. I was working on mastering DCP of a feature through Resolve, I used inbuilt free Kakadu Format. When i went to theatre for DCP preview, it all looks faded and highlights are clipping alot. Some red colors have shifted to green. Plz help me, i need advice on how to master dcp without any color conversion error since the release date is scheduled in 2-3 days.
  6. Has anyone ever faced issues, while grading where they sometimes push skin tones to lil red or green and later notice that it's not a perfect skin tone. What is the best way to notice these changes and what should be the color of skin tone? I know there is a skin tone indicator in resolve but that never works accurately.