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  1. The third part of this tutorial series covers scene, job and global formats as well as metadata burn-ins.
  2. Part 2 of this three-part series covers the process of creating a centre-extraction format mapping.
  3. The first of a three part series on Baselight and Daylight formats. This video explains how formats are mapped and how to create a new format with a specific mapping.
  4. Hello. Now ICG (Russian-department) finished test-drive BenQ SW320. If you speak Russian, its well done. Alex. Benq_SW320_test-drive_from_ICG.pdf (for register members) (for unregister members)
  5. Good day colleague. Are there any recommendations or requirements for the organization of the workspace when working with HDR? For example: - The use of multiple monitors for monitoring (HDR and SDR) - Lighting the room. What and how? (After all, probably the light can or should be present as on the brightness of more than 300 nits the eyes of the colorist will die)) - And other aspects of working in HDR Thank you. p.s. Maybe you have some photos with it.
  6. Hi everyone. Maybe do you know about device same topic? Alex.
  7. Hello Colourists. From 03.03.2018, we opened for joining the Independent Colorists Guild (ICG). If you are a colourist and have proven experience, then the Independent Colourists Guild (ICG) is open to you. ICG is an international, independent, open and free professional community, whose goal is to support and hold professional communication for all colourists. The organization will arrange events in different countries. Every Member ICG must have minimum: - 3 feature films or - 10 short films or - 10 serials or - 20 commercials or - 10 documentaries Now ICG is available through our Facebook page, but in May, we will open our official site. Please send us information about you, if you want to be accepted as a member.