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  1. If it is first time for everybody then sure going usual route would make sense as someone would need otherwise bring many people up to speed (time and mone considerations) Aces usually main two things: 1. wider color gamut 2. standard for some pipelines now. If you do not see or feel many nbenefits then just for coolnes sake dont change. Just my 2c
  2. I would sugest to talk it also over with all the other parties. Assumption is mopther of all evil! I would assume all would be okay if you dont have any specific need for larger gamut then rec 2.4 should work. I would always ask if any otrher method would give any substantyial benefits and if all parties could work in that ways. So start from your objectives first not only complexity level in mind as tech side can be solved if there is actual need. Hope this helps.
  3. Client: Bolt Production Company: Get Shot Films Producer: Kadi Freja Felt Director: Janar Aronija Cinematographer: Martin Venela Colorist: Margus Voll, CSI, ICG Posthouse: Arri Mini, DaVinci Resolve, ACES
  4. I did a feature film that got just released. Shot on Arri and graded in DR 15.3 in aces with some emulations and Nobe Color Remap. Most fun bit was if you look till the end is i managed to get to be dop's right hand man so to say which should be the new norm imho.
  5. A decade and or good experience to be able to lead department perhaps?
  6. Usually in paid sections of the training if you are subscribed.
  7. Why i was thinking Atem Mini Pro is that its separate box that does not live in your machine that i'm after like my Nobe OmniScope now lives in separate computer now.
  8. I hear ATEM Mini Pro is used as server for it as well with good results.
  9. Make aces project, Assuming you get clean aces and not any variation, if variation aces CC, CG, CTT tag input accordinglu, set odt to rec 709. If all looks good jut render.
  10. Some users are using Vimeo Live now but i have not tested it. I assume its similar to streaming to YT from Scrtach.
  11. I calibrate my CG246 with LightSpace just fine.
  12. I probably would get probe and rent dedicated calibration software instead internal probe.
  13. I'm still thinking to use Assimilate Live Looks or similar as streaming station but you would need to rent Red 5 server separately to distribute your "signal" Just have not had time to build d dictated pc yet as have few features at hand currently. My end goal would be clients on iPad or such but in the end if really hard second wave happens then to be able to send one machine with calibrated display to dop to eval colors. So let's say I send from live looks pc over sdi to that machine and server in cloud and machine that is receiver and has calibrated hd display for example. Separate server from streambox should skip the server lag issues I hear but it is a bit more complex to set up at first. From my gut feeling client side station with hd display should be in 4-5k ballpark.
  14. I would also go as far and say that the tools behavior changes are marginal but getting errors due negative values in shadows is more of a reason to use cct. Maybe resolve and some other tools could address that so going under 0 value does not result in negative (pink and blue pixel noise)
  15. Protools rountrip ooptions in render page do not give you that ?
  16. What do you mean not better than NeatVideo?
  17. As i understand filmgrade and basegrade behave differently: Filmgrade adjust + and - to opposite colors like printer lights usually do but Basegrade bump would adjust any given vector without touching opposite side which seems might give much more control overall. Haveto test them out a bit more in practice. Maybe @Andy Minuth and @Daniele Siragusano maybe can chime in here.
  18. Hi. I have a feeling this has been covered before but have no recollection where: I'm looking example or video tutorial on how reconform works on re edit of a film? Why i ask this is while i work on films on TV shows its rather common that over time story gets many adjustment phases and reconforming them might be pain at times. (i'm on different platform currently but educating myself on BL more and more) Lately Mistika demo showed this with impressive results and i was wondering if that is also possible in so efficent ways in BL?
  19. I was looking for the recording this morning allready then i figured it is upcoming event