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  1. Great to see you pop by the forum once in a while @Andy Minuth. How about you and Lowepost agree on doing a Baselight course? 💥
  2. I have done all kind of green screen work on commercials, and in this course there are at least seven different shots and a bunch of different approaches. I get your point, I just think that "real world examples" was a bit loose as the shots are from commercials that has aired on TV.
  3. What are you talking about, all the shots are real world examples. I recognize several of them from quite big commercials aired in my country.
  4. This is really not much of an issue anymore. The motion graphs in both apps will match if the conform is done properly. The AAF generator in Avid is rock solid and handles complex motion retiming very well. Remember, each software has its own motion algorithms so an 100% exact match is not possible but controlling the frame interpolation as mentioned above certainly helps.
  5. This is probably the coolest colorist course I have seen, it felt like I was sitting on a chair next to him in the color suite! Well done Lowepost, you deliver unbetable content over and over again.
  6. Looks like question I should have googled, and I have... I use the Avid subcap and plan to import the text file (*srt), but for some reason I'm completely lost when it comes to navigation on Mac. This is how it looks: Computer / Applications Library System Users MyName Applications Desktop Documents +++ Where should I go to find my two connected hard drives? Think I've been through every folder without finding them. Never had this issue with Avid before but now I'm on a Mac...
  7. I need to position text very accurately, are there any rulers in DaVinci Resolve? I know I can use OFX grid, but it's not a good tool for positioning graphic elements relative to other elements elements.
  8. Is it possible to get the background box of the subtitles to adapt to the width and hight of the text in DaVinci Resolve? I'm using DaVinci Resolve for finishing and si far I'have been doing the subcap work in Avid and it's very time consuming. Sometimes I can use stroke around the text, but I can't always do that.
  9. Just bought a MAC with a Mac mouse... . How do I zoom the viewer and reposition the frame in DaVinci Resolve? Tried to click and drag but it just zooms in and and out.
  10. These days I'm working from home so I don't have any speakers attached to the Decklink. So, I'm getting video signal out on my grading monitor but no audio. Do you know if it's a "button" in Resolve that lets me continue to get the video signal out but at the same time listen to the internal Mac speakers? I usually don't need audio when grading, but sometimes when finishing I need to check the sound mix and see that things are synced. I know I can bypass video in the video and audio I/O preferences to get internal audio, but that will break the video signal. In Avid, I can click a button near the timeline that let me switch between the desktop audio and deckling audio and it doesn't break the video signal.
  11. Looks like Flame 2020 got some new cool color tools! Would try it out if it wasn't for the crazy pricing.
  12. Great! Do they come with different graphic cards? What's in yours?
  13. BTW I'm asking because I don't want to jump on the new 10.000USD iMac, hope I can get things done at home with one of the cheaper ones.
  14. I need to buy an iMac to run DaVinci Resolve from home. What version should I go for? I have the new Mac Pro at my office and understand that there are limitations with the iMac but I don't have clients sitting next to me at home and doesn't need the same performance. What I need though is a Mac with as good performance as possible. I mainly work with footage from the ARRI camera. I also need to know that I can output the montor signal to my external grade monitor. I usually have a Decklink 4K Extreme for this but I guess the iMac doesn't have space for external cards.
  15. Those are two really great courses and the basics are all covered very well, but I agree they aren't very easy to find. Maybe create a flight path or organize the Fusion courses in its own category? It's easy to get lost when the library is growing.