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  1. ACES otd - REC709 to SRGB (Davinci Resolve)

  2. Website showcase and career question

    I don't want to judge if you are ready to apply for job in a high-end post production house, but it's easy to read your taste and level of experience based on what you have put on your site. Joining one of the big houses is always a good idea for gaining more experience and learning from the best.
  3. Sony monitors

    Is this typical for OLED in general or a Sony OLED only issue?
  4. 3D Lut attributes

    Great options, I do have a background as a still photographer and 3d lut creator looks very promosing. I will definitely download trials and check out the other solutions as well.
  5. Sony monitors

    After reading the monitor response from the Lowepost FBG I'm a bit surprised that none of the users actually work on Sony monitors. Some years ago I remember they rolled out their entry level PVM range and some high-end ones, BVM (?) and back then it seemed like everyone buyed one of them. What happened?
  6. Screens out of range

    Hey! I just got my z820 back from service and one or my dual screens is black saying 'out of range'. Any idea what is going on? Tried to switch cables and screen and changed the screen resolution in Win 10 without any luck.
  7. HDR monitor

    How about this one for an alternative:
  8. When working with low light footage and sensitive camera chips I sometimes exerience some really bad macro blocking and other artifacts. What are you prefered methods to deal with that?
  9. Canon DP-V3010 (30")

    It's my impression that Dolby and Sony BVM-X300 has been the most common choices in the high-end spectre, but now it seems like many have opened their eyes for this masterpeice. Canon's engineers are among the world's greatest, and 'everyone' resports an extremely accurate colour reproduction with readings down to 1Cd/m2. It also helps that it can display 4K natively, while the Dolby is 2K only.
  10. 3D Lut attributes

    Does anyone of you know if it's possible to visualize the attributes of a 3D Lut? I'm used to Houdini where we can change the translation and rotate around the object to reveal what data is modified.
  11. Grading a car commercial

    A car commercial is like any other product commercials, it's about making the product look great. It could look clean and contemporary, gritty or surreal like the Honda Ignition spot that James walk you through in his premium article.
  12. 3D Lut Creator

    Hi Olga. What do you want to use it for? I have played around with it a while and it works as intended. There are a lot of documentation out there so it's 'easy' to learn and it can output extentions (not only. cube) for all the most common post production tools. If you are looking to buy a LUT creation tool I would probably wait a little if you can. I know Lowepost are talking with some developers about presenting new premium deals on similar packages, just don't know if 3D LUT Creator is one of them.
  13. New v14 features

    Nope, I started using DS when the first Avid DV versions were introduced. That means: When Avid DV came (2002-2004?) I also started to use Avid DS. We were fully equipped with everything Avid had to offer. I don't use DS today, but at that time I felt I had enough tools in my pocket (my DS) to fight world wars. And win.
  14. New v14 features

    Nope, I started using DS when the first Avid DV versions were introduced. I'm suprised that I'm still with Avid but I know it inside our after all these years and I'm probably to lazy to start learning anything else.
  15. GoPro Inspire conversion

    Sure, DR will do fine. Just make sure to check the aspect ratio and change it if needed in the clip attributes. On Inspire footage there will be no need to transcode to anything higher than DNxHD 145 to retain all the color information.