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  1. Thanks Bruno! What if I want to keep it 50fps, but edit in a 25fps project? I normally transcode in Resolve, copy the transcoded files into the Avid media folder and drag the database files into the bin. I can do it the same way?
  2. The DOP shot clips in 50fps (slow) but the edit will be done in 25fps with most of the clips in 25fps. 1. How can I change the rate to 25fps pr clip (not on timeline)? Because I want to edit directly from bin and have it all in 25fps. 2. How do we match audio on set in this case? Recorded on an external device.
  3. This is by far the best color grading course I have ever seen and these techniques has already changed both the way I think about approaching images and how I work. I realized that the compression techniques does the magic that I have seen in high-end work, and it was a big eye opener to me how the colors find its place in the tonal range of the image by building nodes this way. I can't thank you guys enough for this course.
  4. I have a few DV cam tapes that I need to capture. The output is DV (FireWire 4 pin) but I don't have access to a FireWire card in my machine. Any idea how I can capture it? FireWire to USB adapter doesn't exist because it can't transfer the video signal all the way through.
  5. How would you go that in Resolve? Hue Vs hue with a garbage mask? You can do the same thing in Baselight. Even combine it with vector brightness for deeper colors.
  6. It behaves totally different when you drag the line down, try for yourself.
  7. Do you know what is the difference between the Hue vs. Sat when it comes to global saturation changes? I would believe that lowering the whole line in Hue vs. Sat would be the same as lowering the global saturation but it seems to behave a complete different way. Any idea how this works?
  8. You handle the color management inside of DaVinci Resolve when you create the working files. Set it to Log3G10/WideGamut and render the files. In AE I would simply not modify the clips, simply turn off the color management and I/O same as source.
  9. Back in the days I switched between two Mac Pro's (with a switcher) because I wasn't able to get both Avid and Resolve to work properly on a single Mac. I could edit the GPU configuration file in Avid to use the same graphic driver as Resolve but I think it was early RED days so I had to fit in a Rocket and the space was limited without a Cubix expander etc. So, I went to the store and got back with a HP Z820 and it worked fine the first year. Then it started to shut down whenever it wanted to, the auto updates started to drive me insane, the graphic drivers screwed up everything all the time, I got a lot of connection issues and HP could never figure out the reasons for my problems and fix them. With the years it got slower and slower and now it's finally time to get a new machine. This time I will look into the new MAC and hopefully never look back. What did you pay for your configuration? I hope to get a decent performance out of it without going for the most expensive build.
  10. Finally a course that focus on masks and rotoscoping, thanks guys!
  11. What is the best software to convert a film from 25fps to 29.97fps? Can that be done in Avid or DaVinci Resolve? Any quality difference between them?
  12. Backup your database that van be found in the following folder on Mac iOS. (/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Resolve Disk Database.) I would do a clean install anyway and open the old database.
  13. From the sideline I would suggest that you watch lesson 26 in the editing course just to ensure that the basics of DCP creation is taken care off.
  14. Yeah I've seen that one thanks, just prefer a more general one.
  15. Any introduction courses on HDR and Dolby Vision planned for Lowepost?