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  1. We would be happy if you introduced a product that works. Why do you ignore questions like Keidrich's?
  2. You don't have to, but in many cases you simply do re-track because it's faster or you don't care to look for the last good frame. Absolutely no wrong about doing that.
  3. I work primarily in DaVinci Resolve Fusion and After Effects, do I need Mocha Pro to get a good track on skin and clothes?
  4. I use the DM240 as my main reference monitor and CX for clients. We have swapped the CX several times, but have decided that we can live with the percentages of uniformity issues on the one we have now. What I don't like with it is the motion.
  5. Wish I saw this After Effects course when I started out, would have saved me enormous times searching for this information. Thank you Lee!
  6. I would suggest posting the questions in the comment field below the actual course, it will help to know what course you are talking about.
  7. You need to be more specific in what you want to do before asking people here in the forums. If you want to even out the colors to get a flat more even look you can try to bring the hues closer together. It's a good lesson on exactly that on the professional color grading course here on Lowepost. For specific skin work, removing blemishes and imperfections, that's typical tasks that can be resolved inside of Fusion and I suggest the Beauty Retouching in DaVinci Resolve Fusion training for that.
  8. What a great masterclass, thank you Douglas!
  9. Hopefully, Resolves rotobrush improves over time but considering how poor the auto-roto solution in After Effects is after all these years I have no big hopes. Anyway, for now, see how much you can get away with using the luma keyers and then pick up the rest with manual roto.
  10. Yeah, color trace is nice. It's an automatic process and you can do manual adjustments.
  11. That's a cool build and a very informative post! Would you recommend Z CAM E2-M4 or the Z CAM S6? Is the upgrade worth it?
  12. I have just finished coloring a drama episode and the editor delivered an AAF for a shorter version of the same episode that I have to adjust. I have no experience with these things and need to take care of the conform myself this time. How do I do this the fastest way?
  13. How do I change the background color of the UI in DaVinci Resolve?
  14. Thanks guys! It looks like this is addressed in DaVinci Resolve 17 as they have included a new function called "remove gaps".