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  1. From the sideline I would suggest that you watch lesson 26 in the editing course just to ensure that the basics of DCP creation is taken care off.
  2. Yeah I've seen that one thanks, just prefer a more general one.
  3. Any introduction courses on HDR and Dolby Vision planned for Lowepost?
  4. Scratch is a great tool, thank you for keeping these quality courses coming!
  5. Yeah, don't watch with Safari it's crap for videos.
  6. Work in rec709 if you don't have a P3 environment. Have you checked the cinema spec? ProRes or DNxHD is often all that is required.
  7. Grading controls bites different on different footage. I'm used to how the image react when swinging the controls on the most common camera formats, and Sony feels strange. Just never liked working on it and the look of it. Not a very scientific answer I know.
  8. Robert, you are asking if anyone have experience with the XAVC and R3D. I have, and I like R3D better. My system works faster with R3D, and it gives me access to the RAW data controls of the files. This might not be the answer you are looking for, but I don't know how to answer this question more objective. You also ask if shooting R3D is a better choice than shooting XAVC. 16 bit and less compression is good but as Amanda states; what is a better choice boils down to what you prefer really but usually you want to have access to as much data as possible.
  9. I just think the promo was dull and it was difficult to read from it what you really learn. I also don't know the guys behind the courses. But listen to Bruno, he has watched the course and you can trust his review.
  10. Judging the promo, I would stay away.
  11. Good to see an editing series by a well respected editor. This is very solid, probably the best one I have seen.
  12. I'm using paint techniques on almost every project I'm working on, because the directors are getting used to that tasks like that can be solved inside of DaVinci Resolve. It's so many new techniques in this course that are very useful to me. To be honest I have never used the tracker in the color tab the way that is demonstrated here and the planar tracker is insane.
  13. I have been waiting for this, bravo!
  14. Guess you have tried that, but after you have generated the optimized media you need to hit "use optimized media" from the playback menu on top.