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  1. Thomas Singh

    Loop grain clip in DaVinci Resolve?

    Great, thank you for taking your time to answer me!
  2. I need to deliver some shots from my graded timeline in DaVinci Resolve to VFX. How do I disable the grade? I have tried Shift-D and it disables them but not on render.
  3. Thomas Singh

    Loop grain clip in DaVinci Resolve?

    How do I loop a grain clip in DaVinci Resolve? I know it's possible, just can't remember how.
  4. Thomas Singh

    SCRATCH Essential Training

    I think the only software I have on my system that opens faster than this is Text edit 😂
  5. Thomas Singh

    Corner pin tracking

    I have stacked two clips on top of each other and brought the top clip into Fusion. I've added the corner pin tool to the image and the background is transparent. I need to see the bottom layer in the transparent area. How does that work? When I go back to the edit module the bottom clip is filling the transparent area but not inside of Fusion. Any help very appreciated.
  6. Thomas Singh

    Calling all FCPx editors

    You can ask him to click the match frame button twice on the multicam clip. That will load the original clip in the source monitor which he then can insert from the same frame count. Yes that takes time to do on a zillion clips, but seriously... it's a reason why Avid is used on 99% of the features in the world.
  7. Thomas Singh

    Sky Replacement in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

    You don't need to, but if you want to key on a normalized image you can apply a technical LUT to the log image inside of Fusion and disable it when the work is done. That's a pretty common workflow. If you want to do it your way, you can apply a input LUT on clip level inside of the edit tab, do your VFX in Fusion and disable the LUT when the work is done and you are ready to color it.
  8. Thomas Singh

    Sky Replacement in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

    You simply work with the log image all the way instead of a linear image.
  9. Thomas Singh

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    Lowepost promise to release one new lesson every week on both this course and the beauty course. That means 8 new lessons every month and on top of that they just announced a completely new course that will start later this month. Then the number will probably increase to about 10 quality lessons every month. I think that is quite good for niche site that doesn't cost more than half the price of a single course at any of the other sites - for a full year! To me it makes perfectly sense that they post new content on-the-go than to wait several months until everything is ready.
  10. Thomas Singh

    Bleach Bypass Tutorial

    Works fine in Chrome here.
  11. Thomas Singh

    Bleach Bypass Tutorial

    It's sound here.
  12. Thomas Singh

    PixelTools PowerGrades for DaVinci Resolve

    Ok I wonder because some of the before-references you use is out of balance and that gives a wrong impression on how the preset will look on a proper balanced image.
  13. Thomas Singh

    PixelTools PowerGrades for DaVinci Resolve

    Are you using the Kodak LAD image as a neutral reference to build your presets on?
  14. Thomas Singh

    In-camera LUT applied to RED footage

    When I receive and import RAW camera footage, the clips are always log, but not this time. When I load in the files from the RED Dragon camera, the in-camera LUT is applied automatically. Any idea why?
  15. Thomas Singh

    Calling all FCPx editors

    Have you guys seen the lesson overview of the new coming conform course? Kevin is an award winning editor with extensive FCP experience, so I bet these roundtrip lessons will cover what an editor need to know to prepare a messy project for Resolve.