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  1. Reduce edge contrast

    This is really helpful! Is there any way that I can "see" the effect in 02 while working without stringing it to the output? And shouldn't it be a way to feed the blurred edges directly from 02 to the main stream? As it is set up now it seems like if I blur 02, the effect is not passed on. I only see the final effect if I blur the 01. node.
  2. LUT numbers

    Do you know what the four numbers after Kodak/Fuji etc stands for in a LUT?
  3. Lut vs Lut

    Are there any difference between the film luts provided by Davinci and film luts with the same four numbers from other packages such as Light Illusions'?
  4. 16-bit Open EXR

    Interesting thought that linear images can hold more information than log.
  5. Reduce edge contrast

    Blur, then sharpen? What do you accomplish with that?
  6. Reduce edge contrast

    Great techniques, and nice to see that you are actually aware of this and have solutions. Has Davinci Resolve similar texture tools?
  7. Reduce edge contrast

    One observation when studying film images and comparing them against digital is that film got less local edge details. The edges blend into each other in a way that makes the image look softer. Do you have any advice on how to reduce local edge contrast?
  8. 16-bit Open EXR

    Strange that a 'linear format' got that popular. Guess it means you need to de-linearize it as most color approaches today starts with log. Do you happen to know why EXR is linear and not log @Andy Minuth? Not proper terms I know.
  9. Online client screening in DaVinci Resolve

    Good point, I just don't feel that confident in using anything else than Avid for client playback yet as it is rock solid and reading the DNxHD files native from its own generated folder structure. But great to se people are starting to use Resolve for client screenings.
  10. 16-bit Open EXR

    Do you handle them differently than cineon DPX files? Is there anything I should know about or prepare before receiving them? Waiting a batch next week.
  11. 16-bit Open EXR

    I'm curious if 16-bit Open EXR is a part of your workflow?
  12. Blackmagic Advanced Panel - price

    Can you chime in on this one @Peter Chamberlain
  13. Dynamics between clips, Davinci Resolve

    Seriously... sometimes my brain doesn't work. Thanks!
  14. Dale Grahn, Color app

    Can't find the app, isn't it available anymore?
  15. Supression LUT

    Peter Doyle mentions suppression LUTs in one of his interviews. Do you know what that is?