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  1. It would be great to hear how you deal with skin tones in dark environments. With tungsten light the hue could be too red and in those situations I find it difficult to correct as red or dark orange skin can feel grey and lifeless with redused warmth. I find that lifting the highlights before doing the corrections could help some, but it doesn't always gives satifying results. I understand that DoP's can shoot dark for a reason but that doesn't help when the director is sitting next to me asking me to make the skin look good.
  2. Davinci Resolve + Fusion

    Have anyone of you worked with Fusion, and how well is the integration with Davinci Resolve? I hope to be able to do more compositing without going to Nuke to save time.
  3. Copy inspector settings

    Sometimes the paste attributes function doesn't work properly and you might need to repeat it several times. I have also experienced issues with pasting if the target clip doesn't have the same length.
  4. Best UHD transcoding format?

    We just got our hands on some Sony 4444 XQ 4K footage and they are too heavy to run in realtime. Some years ago we used to transcode to DPX to gain better performance but we need to find some other formats/codecs because we many terabites with footage and the DPX files directory will be enormous. Other suggestions? Remember, this is 4K and we don't work with Prores.
  5. Copy/paste a clip into a spesific track

    I'm not familiar with those, but I've worked professionally as a Symphony editor for over 15 years and it sure doesn't behave the same way as avid. I found that I need to alt-click the square button (with two arrows inside) to solo the track to be able to paste the clip on the spesific track.
  6. Copy/paste a clip into a spesific track

    When I copy / paste a clip from one timeline to another in Davinci Resolve, how do I determine what track it should be pasted into? Now I disable every other track than the one I want to lay it down on, but that seems a bit cumbersome.
  7. Black edits on timeline

    I find it a bit confusing that Davinci Resolve doesn't show black edits in my timeline. It shows the clips before and after only, as default. Are there any settings available so that I can change this? I'm used to editing timelines and like to see what's there and what's not.

    Did they work with the same footage?
  9. Replace footage on timeline

    Hi. I got some revised FX clips and want to replace the original clips on the timeline. Can I simply drag the new files into the media pool replacing the other clips?
  10. FilmLight boosts Baselight for Avid functionality

    Slow development, but the products seem to be pretty solid when first rolled out. Could be a real game changer for FilmLight. Also wondering what Adobe will do now that they have decided to completely discountinue Speedgrade.
  11. Interactive reel

    We are putting the reels of our colorists together in a loop but want to be able to insert an extra layer on top of the reel live on presentation. Any idea how that can be achieved? So... the reel will be playing in a loop on the screen and on our command some graphics (could be the names and images of the colorists) will be inserted on top of the video layer.
  12. Macro blocking on dark images

    Great guys, thanks for the input!
  14. Using DWAA/DWAB compressed EXR

    Similar frame rates suprises me. It could mean that it is a bottle neck somewhere that restricts the full potential. It could also mean that the DWAA/DWAB compression algorithm is not well enough integrated in Resolve. In Nuke the difference is huge.
  15. Housewife

    This looks absolutely amazing, great work! Interesting to see how well the cold and warm scenes play together and I get drawn into the image because of the depth and color separation. I understand that it might be your "secret weapon" but would you mind sharing the Show-LUT with us? Would be forever greatful! That said, I totally understand if you don't want to share it!