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  1. Lately I have been editing in Resolve. It's quite a transition from Avid, but I'm starting to like it, and I save so much time with everything around such as the conform tools, audio syncing, rendering and so on. I have one newbie questions though. In Avid I have a button at the bottom of the timeline that lets me switch the timeline between the player and source. How do I do that in the edit module of Resolve? It's very useful when editing source audio.
  2. To deliver the job, I rendered the 16:9 clip out and brought it back into the square timeline.
  3. That could be a workaround, the problem is that the original timeline contains so many unwanted elements such as subtitles. I applied a resize (stretching it back to 1920x1080) after the polygon (and prior to the media1) and that seems to work in this case. I have done some more testing with copy/pasting fusion comps to different timelines with different aspect ratios, and it seems that if I copy the original fusion comp and paste it into a new 1:1 resolution timeline, it will crop everything outside of the square and it seems impossible to retrieve the lost pixels. The trick with applying a resize prior to the media1 doesn't work in this case, in the example above it only stretched out the polygon shape to the original format (1920x1080) it was made in.
  4. After having looked closer to it, it looks like the scaling and crop matches, but that the roto of his hand (the polygon) is twisted. I have wired the polygon directly to the Media in, if that can have something to do with it?
  5. You can by going to the subtitle settings on the render tab and choosing burn into video just like Sergey explains above.
  6. Sometimes it's not possible to "mark in" or "mark out" or move the markers (in/out-points) in the delivery tab. Probably a bug, but it's been a around for a while? Any workaround? I have also noticed that if I choose the default "protools" option the in-point automatically sets itself to the first frame of the timeline, and it's not possible to move it.
  7. Do you know if it's a shortcut to center audio on clips in DaVinci Resolve? Most dialogue sound I get is either on the left or right audio channel and in Avid i simply click 0 in the audio mixer to center it.
  8. I have the worlds most annoying problem that I hope you can help me with. I have a HD 1920x1080 timeline with many effects that I have done inside of the Fusion tab in Resolve. Everything works well until I copy the Fusion clips and paste them into timeline with a different aspect ratio such as a square or vertical one. Then all of the sudden, the effects such as a roto of a hand with that is composited on top of the clip below in the main timeline goes crazy, re-positions, twists and turns in all direction. What is going on here? I have tried to manually just reposition the clips but it's not that simple.
  9. I do deliver square (1:1) and vertical videos (4:5, 5;4, 9:16) from DaVinci Resolve for social media all the time. Are there any settings inside of Resolve that let's me downscale the image on monitor so that I can see the full frame?
  10. Thanks Az, this works! Not very accurate for me that is used to change timing and in-points in the composer window but this is much better than not being able to work this way at all.
  11. Hi Az! I know I can paste the selection with Copy+V but the point with the Avid workflow is that you can modify the selection (make it shorter etc) in the composer window before inserting again. With this workflow you can also make a selection on the timeline prior to pasting it down again to only use parts of what you have saved in the composer window. Hopefully the developers look to common editing workflows used in the other major applications so that it will be easier to jump ship. Do you know if it's possible to paste the copied clips on different tracks than they were copied from originally? I have tried to copy a selection from v1 and mark v2 but it still will be pasted on v1.
  12. Coming from an Avid Mediacomposer background I'm used to do a selection on the timeline and click alt+c to copy the selection into the composer window (left source window) to re-use the selected part a different place on the timeline. Is this possible in DaVinci Resolve?
  13. Can I ask how you create or define this master timeline? I'm only used to bring in AAF's from the NLEs.
  14. Yeah, I could save it out a different extension but it would be faster and better if Resolve could read PNGs natively without any issues.