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  1. Thomas Singh

    Text in Fusion

    Delete what you wrote and write it again in capital letters? Or convert your text using a third part service as I don't think you can change existing text without using expressions.
  2. Thomas Singh

    Text in Fusion

    That's not s Fusion issue is it?
  3. Thomas Singh

    Optimize media for realtime playback in Davinci Resolve?

    Maria, this made it for me. Thank you for your help and welcome to this forum, great to have you here!
  4. Thomas Singh

    Optimize media for realtime playback in Davinci Resolve?

    I have been coloring on heavy Linux systems and have never had any performance issues earlier. 8K is too much to handle so I need to find a solution, hopefully without transcoding to another finishing format. I have read about the cache methods but can't really see any big performance difference when activating the smart or user cache. The optimize media option should generate some kinds of HQ proxies to ensure realtime playback? Doesn't seem to work to me.
  5. Thomas Singh

    Optimize media for realtime playback in Davinci Resolve?

    It also seems like I can get closer to realtime playback when playing through the timeline in the Edit Tab instead of the Color Tab.
  6. Is it possible to optimize the media for realtime playback in Davinci Resolve? Working with some 8K footage and can't get more than 16frps.
  7. Thomas Singh

    Red Footage offline in Media browser/pool

    Please post an image of your media pool.
  8. Thomas Singh

    Fusion in Resolve vs. standalone version

    First of all I want to say thank you for creating the Fusion Essentials Series, I enjoy every minute, and I have already started to experiment and create some basic things. It's incredible useful to have this toolset available inside of DaVinci Resolve. I know the built in version is not so stable and speedy as the free standalone version of Fusion, but are there any other differences?
  9. Thomas Singh

    Merge clips after scene cut detection

    In Dacinci Resolve I have divided a sequence into many single clips with the scene cut detection. Unfortunately, when I started to work on the clips on the timeline I realized that I made too many clips. Is it a way to merge the clips together again?
  10. Thomas Singh

    Shadow glow

    I would say that the shadows are clean, and that the glow are in the lighter areas such as the mids and highs.
  11. I suddenly got a problem with dragging media files from a bin into the timeline in Davinci Resolve. It works from some bins/folders but not from others. Why is this happening?
  12. Thomas Singh

    Fixing makeup in grading session.

    In this case I don't think you would want a credit. Colorists get blamed for bad footage. If the skin looks bad, you haven't done a good enough job. Stay away.
  13. Thomas Singh

    stylize a grade, how and when

    When I started out I always wanted to impress the directors and took the first opportunity to go in extreme directions. I soon started to realize that it was shot the way it was for a reason, and most directors were more happy when I presented a well balanced copy of their images. Lesson learned. It is always room to enhance the images in the second pass but getting the most out of what is shot without any extreme tweeking is always what I'm aming for.
  14. Might be a stupid questions but the thumbs has dissapeared from my timeline in color mode. I did right click the timeline button on top left and selected show icons but they still doesn't show up. Am I missing something?
  15. Thomas Singh

    Render at source resolution gone?

    I have some UHD clips and want to render them with the source resolution, but I can't find the option in the delivery menu? I'm on Davinci Resolve 15.