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  1. The perfect client monitor?

    I bet you are right, but unfortunately it's not possible to discover all the technical issues like image retention and uniformity without running tests over time. I vote for Sony A1.
  2. The perfect client monitor?

    Hope not, LG got serious issues with their panels.
  3. Flanders just announced a new 60" client monitor that will start shipping in January. What do you think about it?
  4. Davinci Resolve for editing

    I think the advantage of using DR for editing would be for small indie companies or freelancers not needing to have access to anything else than one single software.
  5. 80's look

    Thankful for your answer Mike!
  6. Davinci Resolve Wishlist

    What features would you like to see in future versions of Davinci Resolve?
  7. Copy/paste a clip into a spesific track

    Thank you so much Arthur!
  8. Baselight Wishlist

    What features would you like to see in future versions of Baselight?
  9. Why nobody cares about colorspace gamut?

    The camera manufacturer LUT's that's most often used to "normalize" the image also transfer chroma values and affect the gamut.
  10. Why nobody cares about colorspace gamut?

    Because adding a normalization Lut (Log --> Lin) or using curves whatever to a Lin destination is the same thing. Some prefer using a Lut for this, others to do it manually. You can of course combine a Lut transform with e.g. curve adjustments if you like but there is no point in normalizing with curves first for then to do a Log to Lin conversion with a Lut because you're already there.
  11. 80's look

    Do you have any good references on a typical 80's look? The client is not shooting on Beta tape and is not dressing the set and costumes from the 80's because this is a contemporary piece, but we are interested in tweeking the hue into the the color palette that was typical for that period of time.
  12. Davinci Resolve for editing

    I'm a long time Avid editor and want to know if you have used Davinci Resolve as in an professional editing environment? Performance and stability is crucial for me, and I even find Premiere a bit risky when working fast pace with directors sitting next to me or having a room full of clients and needing to deliver.
  13. 1:1 grid in Avid

    Many great suggestions here, thank you. I know I can add a pilar box effect and change the parameterd, it's just that I have to set the aspect and measure myself instead of simply go to a drop down menu choosing a square defaulted letterbox.
  14. 1:1 grid in Avid

    Most of our projects are delivered in 16:9 only, but sometimes they ask us to do several version of the same spots in 1:1. When working in 16:9, we sometimes apply a 2:35 letterbox or similar and use the conceal effects to re-position the images behind the mask up and down to be able to choose the section of the frame we want. I'm actually looking for the same thing now, just a way to apply a vertical letterbox that are 1:1 accurate so that I can reposition the images. I know my initial question was a bit confusing because I mentioned the word grid. An 1:1 accurate vertical letterbox is actually what I ment to ask for.
  15. Color Matrix/Davinci Channel mixer

    I have found that I can force more noise into the image by differentiate and tweek the different color chanels. That could be useful when you want more grit into the images and could e.g create some really interesting shapes on white surfaces, overcast days etc.