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  1. Thomas Singh

    Shadow glow

    I would say that the shadows are clean, and that the glow are in the lighter areas such as the mids and highs.
  2. I suddenly got a problem with dragging media files from a bin into the timeline in Davinci Resolve. It works from some bins/folders but not from others. Why is this happening?
  3. Thomas Singh

    Fixing makeup in grading session.

    In this case I don't think you would want a credit. Colorists get blamed for bad footage. If the skin looks bad, you haven't done a good enough job. Stay away.
  4. Thomas Singh

    stylize a grade, how and when

    When I started out I always wanted to impress the directors and took the first opportunity to go in extreme directions. I soon started to realize that it was shot the way it was for a reason, and most directors were more happy when I presented a well balanced copy of their images. Lesson learned. It is always room to enhance the images in the second pass but getting the most out of what is shot without any extreme tweeking is always what I'm aming for.
  5. Might be a stupid questions but the thumbs has dissapeared from my timeline in color mode. I did right click the timeline button on top left and selected show icons but they still doesn't show up. Am I missing something?
  6. Thomas Singh

    Render at source resolution gone?

    I have some UHD clips and want to render them with the source resolution, but I can't find the option in the delivery menu? I'm on Davinci Resolve 15.
  7. Thomas Singh

    MIDIGrade (Fantastic DIY Resolve Controller for Mac)

    Interesting things you have going on there Dermot.
  8. Thomas Singh

    Sony F5 RAW LUT?

    I could, but that would apply a different tonal curve than the one that was designed from Sony.
  9. Thomas Singh

    Use built in LUT in Davinci?

    On the project I'm working on now, the DOP shot with a in-cam LUT. Any way to activate that in Davinci Resolve?
  10. Thomas Singh

    Sony F5 RAW LUT?

    I need to normalize some footage shot on Sony F5 RAW, does Davinci Resolve come with a built in LUT for that?
  11. Thomas Singh

    Reduce edge contrast

    Why bother to adjust the sharpen? Would be more interesting to see those two filters without any additional sharpening.
  12. Thomas Singh

    Reduce edge contrast

    What smoothing filter are you thinking about?
  13. Thomas Singh

    Read clip names from AAF

    I guess that should be put on the request list. Anyway, the EDL trick is a good one.
  14. Thomas Singh

    Davinci Resolve clip matches but don't link

    Thank you Abby, that solved the issue!
  15. I have an AAF with the exact same file names as the clip in the media pool. For some reason the AAF on this particular clip doesn't link up to the one in the media pool. Any idea what is going on?