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  1. Hello , I have project for film restauration in my contry and I want to now how its price for one film restauration 90 min without scan and b&w to color in europe?? Thanks
  2. This is my sleeping room Mac Pro 24TB Harddrive Fsi Flanders LM-241W Monitor Tangenr Elements Panel and more.
  3. Hi everyone, this is my new color grading reel for film and commercial , I use davinci resolve and Baselight for Avid . Let me know what you think about my new reel Thank You.
  4. Hi , thank you for your help, what you think for this projector model for post production ?? Thanks
  5. Hi everyone, can you sugest me for projector for color critical, 3 x 1.5 meters screen, my buget is 2K-5K. Can i work with DLA-RS500E D-ILA from JVC for color grading ? Becouse is in my buget and have more new option HDR,REC709,THX certification. Thanks Bledi
  6. Hi every one.I am looking for the best website for online jobs regarding to: 1] Video editing 2] Color grading (Davinci Resolve and Avid Baselight 4.3) 3] Audio mixing and mastering 4] Vfx and 3d animation 5] Rotoscoping and 2d tracking with Mocha and Digital fusion 6] Motion graphic Ae + C4d I am looking forward to your suggestions Thanks Bledar
  7. Bledar Cili


    how to use the lut template??
  8. Hi everyone, Can you help me how to export adobe project to avid media composer 8, i am new user in avid media composer. Thanks Bledi
  9. Thanks everyone for your help, i am looking for basic training for baselight, can you hepl me?? Thanks
  10. Hi everyone. I want to ask you which soft is the best in film industry for color grading. Baselight or Davinci? I have been using Davinci for 5 years and now I'm interested to work with Baselight as well. Thank you in advance.