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  1. Hi Baron, I have a potential buyer but if the deal falls through I will let you know.
  2. I second the Flanders. I own a DM240 and it's a great monitor. It won't lie to you.
  3. No, not really, which is why I said create the matte in Rec 709, then import it and use it a log color space, if that's what you wish to do.
  4. All you're doing by keying is creating a matte which can then be used to perform targeted corrections in whatever color space you wish to work in, so what does it matter if you create that matte in Rec 709?
  5. I've been using Colorlab for a few months now and am really impressed with it. I've also tried Dehancer, another great film emulation plug in, and liked that one as well. It feels like the market is starting to saturate with PFE plugs ins, no? You could try creating your own negative stock and combing than with one of the PFE luts that ships with Resolve.
  6. You my get lucky with pulling a luma key on some parts of the subject. You'll also have to do some good old-fashioned roto. Just break it down into parts and start roto'ing. Having said that, I once tested an AI plugin that works directly in Resolve which does all the roto work for you. It's not perfect, but it helps. If I remember the name I will post it here, but the man who created it is out of Australia.
  7. Thanks, but I think I will wait until there is an official fix for this. BTW - will this resolve the issue with OWC SoftRAIDs not being recognized by the M1 running Big Sur 11.2? Right now, the only fix this is to revert back to 11.1.
  8. I purchased the M1 Mac Mini and UltraStudio Monitor 3G and Resolve Studio (v 17) does not pick it up.
  9. This is a great tutorial, but I find that a more comprehensive "how-to" video is missing, explaining how to use the plugin from beginning to end.