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  1. I also find this guy's tutorials very useful.
  3. Fusion may seem daunting to learn at first but once you wrap your head around nodes (especially if you are coming from AE, like i did), everything falls into place. Once you get that 'a-ha' moment, you'll never look back.
  4. Check out Vito LaManna's Confusion channel on Vimeo and/or Patreon. He is the Andrew Kramer of Fusion. One of the best. Highly informative and fun.
  5. Hello, Reviving an old topic -- but can someone explain rendering in Baselight in version 5?
  6. Hi Andy, Thanks for the response. Yes, I realized this was an old workflow soon after posting. Cheers.
  7. Hello Where can I find custom profiles, such as LogC2video, to download? Right now, when I select Truelight > customs the list is empty.
  8. Second what Anton said. Always work in linear when compositing. In AE, under Project Settings > Color, check the Linearize Working Space box to work in linear.
  9. There are Fusion tutorials that explain spill suppression (using that max value of two channels to suppress the third). Search Simon Ubsdell. He's a Fusion instructor who goes into detail about that.
  10. Can the RBG Mixer be considered an alternative to using PPL? It, too, offers precision.
  11. Some grabs from a boxing vid I am still working on.