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  1. There are Fusion tutorials that explain spill suppression (using that max value of two channels to suppress the third). Search Simon Ubsdell. He's a Fusion instructor who goes into detail about that.
  2. Can the RBG Mixer be considered an alternative to using PPL? It, too, offers precision.
  3. Some grabs from a boxing vid I am still working on.
  4. Feel free to grade the DPX and upload it, if you wish. Curious to see what you come up with.
  5. Hi, Can anyone tell me if this looks right? It's a 16-bit DPX log file. It was originally shot on 16 mm film and scanned on ARRISCAN. Just curious. 0357900.dpx
  6. Thanks, Jussi. Just trying to learn, is all. What specific numbers do you set them to, if I can ask?
  7. Jussi, do you set ranges to the same values all the time, regardless of the clip, or on a per shot basis? Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question.
  8. Track the face so you can limit the correction just to that area.
  9. top right corner of your scopes - click on the icon and then click again on 'Y'.