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  1. Hi Michael, If your budget permits -- and it seems it does since you were considering the Apple XDR monitor -- get a Flanders instead. I spent months and months (more like a year) looking into alternatives but in the end I bit the bullet and purchased a DM240. Don't regret it.
  2. Yes, that's what I meant. Thanks.
  3. Hey Ryan, Thanks for the feedback. I found a used one online and was debating pulling the trigger on buying it. Is the CM series still supported by Flanders?
  5. Hi, Is anyone using an FSI CM171 as a reference monitor for grading? Your thoughts on it would be appreciated (I am looking to pick up a used one as a budget monitor).
  6. Hi, Is anyone running Baselight Student and/or Daylight on a (trashcan) 2013 Mac Pro? If yes, what are your specs and how does the program run on it?
  7. I also find this guy's tutorials very useful.
  9. Fusion may seem daunting to learn at first but once you wrap your head around nodes (especially if you are coming from AE, like i did), everything falls into place. Once you get that 'a-ha' moment, you'll never look back.
  10. Check out Vito LaManna's Confusion channel on Vimeo and/or Patreon. He is the Andrew Kramer of Fusion. One of the best. Highly informative and fun.
  11. Hello, Reviving an old topic -- but can someone explain rendering in Baselight in version 5?
  12. Hi Andy, Thanks for the response. Yes, I realized this was an old workflow soon after posting. Cheers.