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  1. New video showing what FilmLight was demonstrating on the show floor at NAB2019 - including the next generation grading tools in Baselight 5.2 and the upcoming 5.3 release, a first look at the new FilmLight API (allowing advanced automation for managing media and Baselight scenes using Python, Javascript or Java), and the debut of the Blackboard Classic panel. NAB2019_Highlights_graded_v2_with_titles.mp4
  2. Hello everybody. I have long wanted to ask, but could not. Why DaVinci? Because - Price? Quality tools? Flexibility? Accuracy in color? Capabilities? Support? After all, once the company BM lowered the prices of their program (Davinci), then immediately appeared thousands of "colorists" in the world who "can" create "wonderful" images. Yes, of course, BM has made available to many people, the world of color correction. But BM did not create these people colorists! Now almost every other editor thinks he "colorist" and that he is able to do the work of the Colorist. It reminds me of the transition from foto-film to digital photography. When I could for a long time to build the shot and choose the composition of the shot, before you take the picture. And then I selected the frame I want to print it already. Now, I see the thoughtlessness and empty, without life pictures on the Internet. So, "Why DaVinci?" Alex.
  3. Hello everyone.I am a professional freelance-colorist for over 5 years (Future film, advertising, commercial video and TV projects) I'm willing to do remotely for you color correction to your projects. I live in Russia (Moscow).I have professional work skills programs Resolve, Lustre, Baselight. My contact: Skype: alex-prohorushkin Email: Tel: +7 916 301-2727 RegardsAlex.
  4. Hello everybody. I have long asked how it is possible not expensive to organize the system unit for a colorist. Now I attach nesolko photos from my station. Now it 45Tb raid and a lot of interesting))) Alex
  5. I'm looking for a colourist who works with Da Vinci Resolve to grade my new short film. Preferably someone based in the East Midlands of England, though anyone outside of that can still be considered. It was shot on a Black Magic in 2.5k RAW, giving us a wide scope and versatility with the grade. The film is a 15 minute drama about two old university friends who meet up again years later only to discover they no longer have anything in common. I can pay £200 for your time, I'm looking to have it finished by the end of September. If interested please email me at, thanks!