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  1. Advanced Copy and Paste Techniques Thursday, September 10 Covering multi-paste, grouped grading, and using camera metadata and Shots View filters for efficient grade transfer. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1241661298439157007
  2. Register now for the ‘Delivering Dailies with Daylight’ webinar Thursday June 18, 18:00 BST This webinar takes you through every step of using Daylight on a production to manage media, sync audio, colour grade, generate reports, and render. https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1986165908360908303?source=Web
  3. Our next webinar is 'Store, Render, Automate with FilmLight' Thursday May 21, 18:00 BST We dive into the latest hardware & software solutions that we offer to expand storage, render, automation & productivity strategies in post. Register now: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/3158673013083841040?source=Twitter
  4. Join colourist Raúl Lavado for an introduction to Baselight, FilmLight’s colour grading, VFX and finishing solution. This one-hour live webinar covers the core fundamentals of colour grading, colour space and media management in Baselight. . Project creation in Baselight . Introduction to the user interface and workspaces . Media import and scene navigation . Introduction to colour space management . Baselight most popular Baselight tools During this educational session, Raul will guide colourist apprentices using Baselight STUDENT, FilmLight’s software-only macOS application developed for training purposes Register here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4400053525954356235 +++ Iniciación a BASELIGHT, seguido de Q&A Martes, Abril 21. 12:00 CDT Únase al colorista Raúl Lavado Verdu para una introducción a la corrección de color en Baselight, VFX y la solución de acabado de FilmLight. Este webinar en vivo de una hora cubre los fundamentos básicos de la corrección de color, Etalonaje, gestion y administracion de color en Baselight. . Creación de proyectos en Baselight . Introducción a la interfaz de usuario y espacios de trabajo. . Importación de medios y navegación de escena . Introducción a la gestión del espacio de color. . Baselight más populares Baselight herramientas . Panel de Render Durante esta sesión educativa, Raúl guiará a los coloristas utilizando Baselight STUDENT, la aplicación macOS de FilmLight desarrollada con fines de capacitación y entrenamiento. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4400053525954356235
  5. Jim Bracher, Senior Colourist at Youngster in London, is joined by VFX Artist Robin McGloin to showcase their collaboration on recent projects. https://vimeo.com/391271883
  6. https://bit.ly/2TDUhU4 Rejoignez nous le 28 Janvier à partir de 14h pour des sessions dédiées à tous les créatifs et techniciens en production et post-production ; et en soirée autour d’un cocktail dinatoire au ‘Nord Marais’ privatisé pour l’occasion. -------- Nos spécialistes workflow, Matthieu Straub et Thomas Eberschveiler, dévoileront les nouveaux outils couleur des solutions FilmLight tel que l'outil de correction de déformations optique, le nouveau Hue Angle, la nouvelle version de T-Cam, une introduction à l’API FilmLight, et la gestion des versions VFX dans le Baselight. Nos invités partageront leur expérience de terrain: Dans un premier temps, l’étalonneur Stéphane Azouze présentera le documentaire à venir ‘Woman' bientôt en salles, et discutera de sa collaboration avec les metteurs en scène Anastasia Mikova et Yann Arthus-Bertrand, ainsi que de son travail sur Baselight. Puis Florine Bel, ‘colour scientist’, parlera de son expertise de l’image, avec un focus sur le développement de l’esthétique du film, les espaces couleurs et leurs conversions.
  7. Improving production processes and enhancing pictures with efficient renderless workflows, with Colourist Stephen Edwards, Finishing Editor Tom Chittenden and Head of Post Production David Williams:
  8. With a live presentation on stage from FilmLight Colourist and Workflow Specialist, Andy Minuth, you can explore some of the next-generation tools in Baselight v5 for colour grading and spatial shaping, and discover why the colourist community has adopted them:
  9. Meet with French Digital Imaging Technician Karine Feuillard ADIT, who worked on the latest Luc Besson film ‘Anna’ as well as the TV series ‘The Marvelous Mrs Maisel’, and FilmLight Workflow Specialist Matthieu Straub.
  10. Coding of sensory information changes depending on the stimulation and the environment. Visual adaptation is a highly dynamic process, and we are continuously adapting to the current viewing context. It is continuously regulating our perception and visual experience. Understanding the process of adaptation will tell us not only about our visual system but also about the natural world, because adaptation is highly optimised for natural images. FilmLight Image Engineer Daniele Siragusano will try to put this topic into the context of content creation and colour grading for multi-delivery projects:
  11. With Martin Tlaskal, FilmLight. In this final segment, explore the new input versioning feature in Baselight. Input versioning – either via filenames or making use of the Open Clip XML format – means that a scene can be updated with new versions of shots, providing massive time savings in quick-turnaround VFX jobs where new versions are constantly arriving:
  12. With Martin Tlaskal, FilmLight. In this segment, find out more about the timeline improvements in Baselight. Baselight’s enhanced timeline features collapsing stacks and multiple tracks.
  13. With Martin Tlaskal, FilmLight. In this segment, find out more about the FilmLight API, the new programming interface to the Baselight colour grading platform and Daylight, FilmLight’s dailies management and transcoding system. The FilmLight API is designed to automate common but time-consuming tasks, such as VFX transcoding and retrieving/setting metadata.
  14. Colour on Stage: Eric Weidt Creating the unique look for ’Mindhunter’ In this video, Eric Weidt talks about his collaboration with director David Fincher – from defining the workflow to creating the look and feel of ‘Mindhunter’. Eric will break down scenes and run through colour grading details of the masterful crime thriller:
  15. Join FilmLight and Light Iron for an introduction to Baselight, FilmLight’s color grading, VFX and finishing solution. This free one-day course covers the core fundamentals of color grading, color spaces and media management in Baselight v5. The course combines demonstrations of techniques and features as well as hands-on exercises. Register today: https://filmlightnewyork2019.eventbrite.com