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  1. Emily Haine

    The New Arri LUT

    I asked, they are aware of it but have not updated.
  2. Emily Haine

    Color couch podcast

    Love your brilliant color work at MPC, Vincent. Looking forward to listen to your podcast.
  3. Emily Haine

    The New Arri LUT

    Seriously, I didn't know this, but I have noticed that some footage looks different with the LUT built into the Alexa footage and the one I apply manually.
  4. Any comment on this @Bryan Gordon?
  5. It's actually read as 6-8000 kilobits per second which is correct.
  6. I'm sorry to say you are wrong. The last node in the chain (the log2rec709 transform) needs to be a part of the LUT generation in DaVinci Resolve and any transform happening inside of your monitor must be disabled.
  7. Not sure what you really want to do, but you can get a long way by working the contrast to get good separation followed by tweeking the different hues to add some more life.
  8. Thank you so much for your insight @Douglas Delaney, love that you compare the scopes with your parents 🤣
  9. Normal procedure is to watch through a log to linear transform on set in form of a look up table. Skipping this step means you have no clue how your footage looks until you're in post, and you might be surprised. I'm sure you will find a list of LUTs for your Black Magic Camera in Resolve, and that will be the closest representation of how MBD think your footage should look. Technically, that should be your starting point as it's designed for your camera, but if you prefer throwing on a different LUT - that will be entirely up to you.
  10. Sure about that? Have you shot log and watched log on your monitor without any log to linear transform?
  11. You can experience some gamma issues on DNxHR 444 but if Adobe Media Encoder interpret it properly, why not go that route. If the final delivery is 1920x1080 you could go with DNxHD185x (10 bit) instead as that matches Prores 422 quite good and carries the gamma properly between the apps.
  12. Hi @Justin Oakley. Kevin is using the ArriK1S1 LUT because the footage in course is shot on ARRI with this LUT. When you apply the workflow demonstrated in this course with your own footage, you should switch the Arri LUT with the LUT that that your footage was looked through on set.
  13. Very nice write-up and, and I also love the sweet monitor on that top pic. Is mapping different functions to the buttons and knobs a straight forward process on the Elements? Considering a buy because I'm jumping a lot more between apps now than earlier.