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  1. Hi Kristine, I suggest you have a look at the professional color grading techniques here on Lowepost. It goes really deep into how to build contrast curves and manipulate colors.
  2. It seems to be a bug in Resolve 16.2 when choosing "book" font face in any font as it jumps to the the thinnest one. Any workaround that you are aware of?
  3. Thanks guys, haven't had the chance to test but will do next week.
  4. Unfortunately I can't have him download Resolve but Livestream looks interesting. Have you tried it?
  5. Hey all. Can you recommend a software only solution for a color grading session with the director? I know it's not how it should be done, but the director can't be at the session and asks to follow on his MacBook so I need to find a solution for that.
  6. I have a sharpen node in the timeline panel but want one of the clips not to be affected by this. Is it a way to tell a clip to not see the nodes in the timeline panel?
  7. Amazing! you have managed to explain the most complex in color grading in a way that is easy to understand, and I must say that this course is in its very own league. I'm also happy to see that you did a whole course without pulling keys (except tonal keys which is a must) and unnecessary use of secondaries. This truly is a best-practice course that values the base grade and the lessons are super tight!
  8. Do you know if it's possible to mark two points on the custom curve and move them simultaneously with the arrow keys on the keyboard? Em
  9. If I understand you correctly, the footage is deleted both from your hard drive and the camera cards? Then recovery software is your solution. There are some risks involved with self-recovery so if the footage is important you should might consider contacting professionals.
  10. Playing around with the different frequencies is very common, you can see Lee demonstrate it in the Beauty Retouching series. It's often a combination of tools that gives the best result and it's smart to learn a variety of beauty techniques.
  11. Great work Lee, very to the point and a lot to learn here.
  12. Uniformity issues means you see color splotches on the screen. Load a white solid to test the panel before you buy or mount it on the wall.
  13. No, but might be for clients if you can find one without too much uniformity issues. Look at Eizo or FSI for cheaper monitor alternatives.
  14. If you want to make a trim pass for YouTube watched on a mobile device or whatever, simply turn on the lights and make a simple trim pass at the end. Some people tend to be completely obsessed with gamma, numbers and complicated things too much.