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  1. Great tips guys, but unfortunately it seems none of them are compatible with Huawei. I might have to switch to something else anyway now.
  2. I am looking for a software to edit films on mobile. Just to do simple cuts of existing films. Any good recommendations here? It must be possible to render the edited film out in MP4 with a good enough bit rate to keep the quality close to the source film.
  3. I have watched a couple of the seminars with Dado and I just want to state my opinion on them. They are pure sale hallelujah meetings for a plug in this guy has made and I feel a bit angry that I have scheduled time to look at this nonsense. People in the chat asks questions about how to do this and that and you never get a qualified answer, it's more in the line of 'its not possible to get a great result with the built in color management system in Resolve, you need to get my plug-in'. Dado, if you see this: A big shame on you!
  4. Second that. Good to see training by someone who knows the in-and-outs of the other color tools.
  5. Not necessarily. Your output space should match while you are grading, but as explained in the course, you can switch upon delivery. That's kind of the whole point of applying the output LUT or ODT at the very end.
  6. I watched the color management course and DaVinci process the RAW files input color space automatically. Does it work that way in Scratch too?
  7. This is the best course I have seen about color management in Resolve. It's a lot of bits and pieces on other sites but here everything is covered in one class and it's extremely well put together. Thanks Lee and Lowepost for always delivering top quality!
  8. Personally I don't use most of the controls in the panels and bought a Wacom pen instead after owning several of them. I'm more into entering numbers and precision than turning the wheels wildly in all directions. That said, I buy the speed argument.
  9. You can use a color space transform at the end to go to P3 but you need to watch the transform on a P3 projector/monitor and do some adjustments if necessary.
  10. Many people ask if BlackMagic Design will continue to develop and support the standalone version of Fusion. Now they confirm that that they still will keep it alive. It will be interesting to see if they can lift Fusion to the next level and really start to compete with Nuke.
  11. It will definitely eat from the Premiere market.
  12. That's a completely different discussion and a complicated topic, but if you don't have an established P3 color workflow with proper P3 monitoring you don't need to think about these things at all.
  13. No it is not, don't make your life harder than it is.
  14. Then you deliver ProRes 4444