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  1. I just bought Macbook Air m1 and it's incredible fast and I'm going for a Mac Mini M1 to run DaVinci Resolve next. I need to connect a screen , a calibrated monitor, two speakers and a panel. In addition, I need two usb-c inputs for external disks. Does the Mac Mini have enough inputs for this setup? And I need a UltraStudio to get XLR outputs for the speakers and SDI to the monitor? Sorry for the newbie questions. I have the Mac Pro 2020 and it comes with lots of inputs and a decklink card but want to scale things down for my home office.
  2. Use a film emulations LUT to get the rich contrast. Then, key the blacks and work the lift and gamma against each other to open up the shadows. That leaves the richness in the mids and gives milky blacks.
  3. I don't believe I just watched this... thank you Walter!
  4. Do you know if it exists any wireless audio systems that works with the DaVinci Resolve?
  5. Thanks, think I will go for the last Ultrastudio as it was way more affordable. How do you adjust the audio coming out of Resolve? I used to have a JBL Nano Patch Plus, but there might be other alternatives now?
  6. I'm buying an iMac Pro to run DaVinci Resolve and Premiere Pro. How do I get the video signal and audio out to my monitor when I can't insert a decklink card?
  7. I have a CG318 from Eizo that I took home the other day, but I don't have access to our regular calibration guy this time. As I don't have a clue about how to calibrate, I tried the internal Eizo auto-calibration, set the gamma to 2.4, brightness to 100 and viewing space to rec709. I have a trained eye after working with color for more than twenty eyes and can see that it looks wrong. I know the internal calibration only is supposed to take you 95% there but it looks totally off. For some reason it looks more correct when I switch from rec709 to DCI. Can someone please enlight me why this is
  8. I'm considering buying or renting one of the Boris FX products, but not sure if it will be good value for money to pay more for a new license than going for an annual subscription. On a general basis, would you own a software today when computer tech are going forward in this pace. Will it be outdated in a year or two anyways? Thoughts?
  9. I learned a lot from this course, thank you Lee!
  10. I want to to create a black letterbox on the sides of a clip, but blanking on the input sizing is greyed out. Why is it?
  11. Looks like you need to do some frame by frame work, this isn't complicated in Fusion but it's time consuming work. Or your could consider covering a larger area with a plate or see if you could get away with keying the dust parts and changing its color and luma levels.
  12. Extremely well done course, very useful techniques that can be used on a variety of problem shots.
  13. This is a software bug. Resolve is in general buggy when it comes to PNG images, also in the edit and color module.
  14. Log controls are mainly designed for log images and you can manually set how wide or narrow range you want to affect with your corrections.
  15. In this case he just means working with the log tools when going out of linear.