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  1. Tom Evans

    How is he achieving this look?

    What do you like about this? Most of it looks like straight out of cam, many bad balanced clips, the saturation levels are jumping all over. This is not colored by a professional and it's nothing that can't be recreated in two clicks here. A couple of basic tutorials would get you to a level that let you judge these clips yourselves.
  2. Is it poosible to adjust tint with accuracy with the offset controls?
  3. Do you know if the temperature slider affects the luminance levels?
  4. Tom Evans

    STL subtitling in Premiere?

    Do you know if Premiere did abandon *STL files on the lastest versions? Is SRT the new golden standard for subtitling?
  5. Tom Evans

    FSI Dm240 password lock

    I haven't seen that option, but fire away an email to Flanders to be sure.
  6. Tom Evans

    Release of DaVinci Resolve 15 beta 5

    Thank you Peter! Do you plan to reintroduce the old stabilizer? I find it quite useless now that I can't add and delete tracking points anymore.
  7. Tom Evans

    Disable LUT preview function

    In Davinci Resolve 15 there is a preview of the LUT's when I use the mouse to hoover over the different them. Can I disable this function somehow?
  8. Tom Evans

    The GPU failed to perform image processing because of an error

    The three dots on the top right side @Alexander Alfonso
  9. Tom Evans


    Remember that GIF can only show 256 colors so don't expect the result to be very good.
  10. Tom Evans

    Integrate scopes in the main UI

    I need to do a small job on a laptop next week. I seem to remember that it was possible to map the scopes to the bottom panel to integrate it in the UI? Instead of the keyframe window maybe?
  11. Tom Evans

    Import settings Premiere Pro

    I'm a long time Avid user but are learning Premiere. I'm trying to figure out how to get more control over the imported clips. I can't find any global import settings or detailed settings in the interpret option of each clip. To be specific; In Avid I can choose the source levels such as RGB or rec709 so that I can make sure that the clips will be interpreted as rec709 if that is what I want. Do I have this control in Premiere? I also want to decide to import my clips "untouched". In Avid I can choose to not touch an image when importing or scale it to fit. How does it treat Alpha channel import? Can I choose to invert or ignore alpha? Tom
  12. Tom Evans

    Studio rent LA

    Sim International is a great studio, looks like they are attracting many of the top colorists in the city and around.
  13. Tom Evans

    Working on Rec2020 and P3

    Some will might advice you to do different, but I would grade in 709 and do a DCP at the end. If you are not set up for full P3 with projector.
  14. Tom Evans

    Chroma key in Davinci Resolve?

    I need to do a simple chrome key on a green screen backgroun to visualize how the final image will look like when doing the grade. How do I do that in Davinci Resolve?
  15. Tom Evans

    Stabilize tips?

    I don't understand what they are thinking... One core feature in stabilizing is to be able to manually add and remove tracking points. That option is like Bruno says only available in the classic stabilizer. It can be a slow process but it's worth the effort most times. Personally, I tend to go to After Effects' warp stabilizer as it often gives more pleasing results.