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  1. Teal and Orange

    Time for this look to be discussed I think... Seem to remember a great amount of blockbusters were influenced by Stefan Sonnenfields Transformer look, but haven't seen much of this lately. What do you think of the teal and orange look, does it appeal to you?
  2. Colorist job in Mumbai?

    Description: Required Colorist with good knowledge of Blackmagic RESOLVE Requirements: Good operating Knowledge of Resolve Color sensibilities in the right place Knowledge of grading full length feature films/tv/video (the more the merrier) Knowledge of Autodesk smoke a plus Knowledge of After fx/photoshop a plus English speaking and communication skills are important Apply here or
  3. The end of Mac?

    The end of Mac? "Apple mentions the Mac less and less at its big events. The company knows that the machine is a drain on resources that detracts from its new core business, iOS and its mobile devices. I know that Mac users do not want to see this reality, but the Mac is not a money maker. When you go into the Apple Store, you see the phone and the watches front and center, then the iPads, then the Mac. There was some talk a few years ago about iOS on the Mac. That chatter largely subsided with the arrival of the iPad Pro, which changes the focus and solves the problem of having to develop two separate and distinct OS code bases. Even Microsoft was not about to invest in parallel code development to this extreme. Google is almost doing something like this, but basing it on Linux kernels. Apple does have some Unix in the guts of macOS, but iOS seems scratch-built. On top of that, the company is doing extensive custom chip engineering with its ARM licensing and the A9 chip. This is a lot of heavy lifting at the most complex levels of design. Do not get me wrong. The Mac is not dead tomorrow. But I've seen this exact scenario before and it does not bode well. If Apple rolls out some odd and out-of-place extravaganza for the Mac, you can be sure the end is near." - PC MAG
  4. Red or Alexa?

    One of the most frequent questions I get in pre production meetings is what camera I prefer them to shoot with and the choice is often between a Red and Alexa package. What do you prefer?
  5. Keyframe editor reverse

    On one of the clips on my timeline, the keyframe editor actually plays backwards. When I click the thumbnail, the keyframe position starts at the last frame and when I scroll the clip the keyframe position moved towards the first frame. Have you seen this before?
  6. Focus methods

    I'm dealing with some back focus lense issues and hope to find a way to sharpen some elements. Is the regular and built in sharpen tool the best option?
  7. The Farm LA, Assistant

    Full Time Job The Farm LA is looking for an Assistant Editor with a love for Color + Online to join its team! WHO WE ARE: The Farm LA is the US branch of The Farm Group, which is a large international post production facility. Based in the heart of Hollywood, The Farm LA offers a one-stop post production solution in a relaxing, spacious, and modern working environment. Our offline, color, online, and audio facilities boast cutting-edge technology with creative and technical teams working collaboratively on a wide range of TV formats and feature films. The Farm LA opened in Hollywood in late 2011, offering both video & audio post production facilities under one roof. The facility boasts an amazingly spacious environment, along with exceptional creative talent & support staff for both picture & sound post. Our one stop facility caters for all your requirements; Offline, Online, Color, Re-Recording Mixing, Sound Editing, Deliverables & Duplication. Recent projects span a variety of genres: documentary, feature film, reality, scripted, comedy, entertainment, sport, music videos, concerts & events. THE POSITION: We are looking for someone who is quick, and technically savvy. Must be detail oriented, have a keen interest in color grading, online editing, extremely detail oriented, quick to learn. Must also have the ability to work on your own or with a producer. Typically, an assistant is required to multi-task, and depending on the phase of the project you may be doing anything from transcoding, loading/breaking down footage, EDL prep, file compressions/postings, to animating supers/titles, and more. The Farm LA is a tight-knit team which provides an excellent level service in a very encouraging and forward thinking environment. We like team players who are fun, enthusiastic and have a passion to create the best possible products. JOB REQUIREMENTS: *Proficient in Avid Media Composer (all of our editors cut in Avid, this is necessary) *Full understanding of tapeless workflows including RED, Alexa, 5D, Phantom, P2, XDCam, and more *Must be familiar with digitizing, transcoding, logging, syncing and grouping *Skillful in After Effects & Photoshop *Excellent Mac and PC troubleshooting skills *Must have experience with EDL's, OMF/AAF's, various quicktime codecs, etc *Working knowledge of frame rates, formats, and codecs *Ability to work in a fast paced environment calmly in front of clients/creatives *Extremely organized and focused on attention to detail for things like file naming and media management *Must be a team player. *Positive attitude a must!
  8. How do I best replicate the Dodge and Burn known from Photoshop?
  9. From the Bl 4.4m1 some Grade looks are not Exporting

    @Andy Minuth, @Andreas Brückl, @Daniele Siragusano could might help you out here.
  10. Graphic card

    What is the best graphic card available today? Looking to replace a Geforce 690 dual and a M2000 for improved speed.
  11. Tom Poole, HPA

    Giant congrats to the %#!# genious @Tom Poole on receiving the Hollywood Professional Association - HPA Award for Outstanding Color Grading, Commercial, for his beautiful work on Jose Cuervo "Last Days"!
  12. No more Rushes London

    Mike Seymour: Unfortunately we have been told by reliable sources that Rushes staff have been informing their clients that the iconic effects and post house is closing shop. We have contacted Rushes for official comment, while they initially said they would comment, they later declined to add anything further, but they did not deny the story. Founded in the middle of the creative explosion that saw The Sex Pistols channel teenage angst and Vivienne Westwood's work come to the fore, Rushes opened its doors for the first time in 1977 taking its place amongst the creative dynamic cultural changes happening in the late 70's that still shape our lives today. Creativity, pushing boundaries and developing imaginative concepts is still Rushes USP, known for not only outstanding work but exceptional client services and brilliantly talented people. For 40 years clients, creative staff and working professionals around the world have kept an eye on the English company for inspiration and trailblazing innovation. One cannot over stress how influential Rushes has been in the world of visual advertising and break through communications. Broadcast Now is reporting, that Rushes 60 staff are currently in consultation with management. Deluxe is “looking at all opportunities within the company where employees can be redeployed.”Rushes’ turnover for 2016 was £4.7m with a pre-tax profit of £23,000. In 2015 it made a loss of £1.7m.In a statement, Amanda Cupples, the president of International for Deluxe Entertainment Services Group, said, “As the global ad market continues to evolve, the economics of maintaining a local commercials post facility in London is not proving a viable option. Our wider Creative Services division offering a full suite of post-production services by leading brands Encore, Company 3 and Editpool is still very much a core part of our business and going strong.”
  13. Premiere video output

    The problem is most likely that the Black Magic Dektop Video driver was installed BEFORE Premiere was installed. You need to delete and reinstall the driver after your Premiere installation and your ouput card will be recognized in the preferences.
  14. No more Rushes London

    Rushes was one of the top Soho studios back in the days when I entered the industry. I remember flying over to treat a bunch of music videos over many years as their colorists were known to be top notch. We couldnt afford more than three rolls of s16mm film for each video and we didn't have much money for the development either. Remember we used to do a one light while the negatives were running through their systems. Could never afford post treatment but the result was always better than what we could imagine. Think one of the colorists we worked the most with was Joel? Jules? Joe? Sounds familar?
  15. Tips for Assistant Colorists

    Hi Monica. Just read one of the many color assistant requirements in the job section to get an overview of what is expected. Basically you should be able to conform and deal with all kinds of technical issues at a high level to make sure the colorist can focus on the job. And, It's not uncommon that the colorist set the look and leave the rest to the assistants.