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  1. So that's how it works, thank you that explains everything. Any idea how I with blending modes can have the blacks be replaced with the yellow node?
  2. I have tried to swap the inputs around but unfortunately with no luck. In this setup the layer mixer is set to lighten and what I expect to see is that the blacks from the top node should be replaced with yellow.
  3. Yes. Both nodes are linked to a node with black shadows + greens.
  4. Post Producer, The Look London

    The Look London need a post producer:
  5. Top node: Black shadows + green image Bottom node: Pink color Both are going through a layer mixer and the mode is set to lighten. Shouldn't the black shadows in the top node be replaced with pink?
  6. I have a single toned image (black shadows + green) that I layer mix with a pink color that I have choosen from the color generator. When I now choose to blend these to layers together with the lighten mode, shouldn't that pink color replace the black shadows of the image? Nothing happens so I wonder if I have encountered a bug.
  7. I got some footage that are shot on Alexa in raw anamorphic. For some reason they have the Sony MXF typing in the browser and inside Davinci Resolve they have the *.wav extention. Any idea what is wrong? The only software I have managed to open the files in are Scratch Play and yes they are not wav files but video files.
  8. Tone mapping and Gamut mapping in Color Space Transform

    I have seen that video but would like some more in depth information.
  9. Can someone explain how to use gamut mapping and tone mapping correct in Davinci Resolve inside the Color Space Transform plugin? Are they necessary to do correct transforms and why aren't they set ON as default?
  10. I have started to look at the Davinci Resolve color management, and it looks promising. But I have noticed that setting the input color space to Alexa Log C for my source footage or applying a Alexa log to rec709 LUT actually yields quite different results. What is the reason for that? A mathematical reason I guess, but why isn't the input color space option set up to mirror the Alexa Log to Rec709 LUT perfectly as that is what is provided by the camera manufacturer? I mean, they provided this LUT because they want footage shot on Alexa to be transformed that way right?
  11. Overlay in Davinci Resolve

    How do you do that in detail?
  12. Overlay in Davinci Resolve

    Same clip but with two different corrections. I want to stack them (blend them together) in the color tab.
  13. Overlay in Davinci Resolve

    What if this clip is a duplicated clip on the timeline and not a separate clip in the media pool?
  14. Make a new clip without rendering

    LOL Thanks!
  15. Make a new clip without rendering

    Is it possible to create a new clip out of the color corrected clip inside of DaVinci resolve, without rendering it? Probably a strange question but I want to stack different version of the same clip on top of each other on the timeline.