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  1. Tom Evans


    I watched the color management course and DaVinci process the RAW files input color space automatically. Does it work that way in Scratch too?
  2. Tom Evans

    Color Management Workflow in DaVinci Resolve

    This is the best course I have seen about color management in Resolve. It's a lot of bits and pieces on other sites but here everything is covered in one class and it's extremely well put together. Thanks Lee and Lowepost for always delivering top quality!
  3. Tom Evans

    Blackmagic Micro Panel vs. Tangent Wave 2

    Personally I don't use most of the controls in the panels and bought a Wacom pen instead after owning several of them. I'm more into entering numbers and precision than turning the wheels wildly in all directions. That said, I buy the speed argument.
  4. Tom Evans

    ACES or Color Space Transform?

    You can use a color space transform at the end to go to P3 but you need to watch the transform on a P3 projector/monitor and do some adjustments if necessary.
  5. Tom Evans

    Standalone Fusion will continue

    Many people ask if BlackMagic Design will continue to develop and support the standalone version of Fusion. Now they confirm that that they still will keep it alive. It will be interesting to see if they can lift Fusion to the next level and really start to compete with Nuke.
  6. Tom Evans

    This is DaVinci Resolve 16

    It will definitely eat from the Premiere market.
  7. Tom Evans

    Rec.709 vs DCI P3

    That's a completely different discussion and a complicated topic, but if you don't have an established P3 color workflow with proper P3 monitoring you don't need to think about these things at all.
  8. Tom Evans

    Rec.709 vs DCI P3

    No it is not, don't make your life harder than it is.
  9. Tom Evans

    Rec.709 vs DCI P3

    Then you deliver ProRes 4444
  10. Tom Evans

    Rec.709 vs DCI P3

    Ask the festival for their specifications. Normally you can deliver DNxHR/ProRes as their setup isn't neccessarily professionalized enough to receive DCP's and treat the signal the way it should. Most cinemas today even create a hybrid 5.1 from stereo tracks. The digital age is evolving, not neccessarily for the best.
  11. Tom Evans

    NAB rumors?

    I do understand the marketing hype around having different modules such as Fairlight and Fusion but I think the tabs should be named VFX and Audio because it would give the feeling of it actually being a part of the same software. I have started to learn Fusion and it's already well integrated but I understand that new users can get frightened to step into the new world.
  12. Tom Evans

    Introduction to visual effects in DaVinci Resolve Fusion
  13. Tom Evans

    Grading Red footage and Black Magic Braw in one session?

    Color space transform on the second camera to get it into the main color space.
  14. Tom Evans

    SCRATCH Essential Training

    Looks really cool! How common is Scratch in the high-end facilites @Mazze?
  15. I need to match some RED footage that is shot on Dragoncolor2/Redgamma4 with Alexa footage shot with the standard log2rec709 LUT. I transformed the RED footage to REDlog Film and Dragoncolor2 in the project settings to transform it to log. Is that a correct way to set it up before adding the color tranform node? If so, what are the correct settings? Or should I not change the project settings (not transform the RED footage to log) and do the entire transformation in the transform node?