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  1. Tom Evans

    SCRATCH Essential Training

    Looks really cool! How common is Scratch in the high-end facilites @Mazze?
  2. Tom Evans

    From RED to Alexa color transform

    I need to match some RED footage that is shot on Dragoncolor2/Redgamma4 with Alexa footage shot with the standard log2rec709 LUT. I transformed the RED footage to REDlog Film and Dragoncolor2 in the project settings to transform it to log. Is that a correct way to set it up before adding the color tranform node? If so, what are the correct settings? Or should I not change the project settings (not transform the RED footage to log) and do the entire transformation in the transform node?
  3. Tom Evans

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    Different techniques in different lessons. If you watch the offline reference lesson you see that he use the reference clip to overlay instead of stacking and blending the clip on the timeline.
  4. A reel like this can say something about if you are into music videos, local spots or do Hollywood blockbusters etc. From your reel I can tell that you do local work because of the texts. Indie projects and probably some shorts and narratives because there aren't many money shots in there. Definitely not into high-end features and commercials. If that is what you want to say with your reel, keep pushing it. If you want to get into more higher end, this might not be the best way. It's all about what you want to communicate.
  5. Tom Evans

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    I got promoted to + when I reached 100 reputation points (those next to your name) but they don't tell you about this. A way to reward active users I guess, quite normal in online communities.
  6. Tom Evans

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    The same thing was discussed when they published the first lessons of the Fusion Essential series and the response was that they give full early bird access to the premium+ members (most active forum members) to get feedback on the lessons prior to the final release. Personally, I would rather see four lessons a month if the alternative is to wait two months for the whole thing to be published.
  7. Many clean and good looking shots there. Personally, I prefer a well presented selection of videos as that tells me more about about your color grading skills than a bunch of single shots put together.
  8. Tom Evans


    So an OFX node taking us from Alexa log to rec709 would draw the same curve as the standard log2rec709 Alexa lut, just with cleaner math?
  9. Tom Evans


    Can someone explain to me the concept of using transform functions instead of LUTS, what is the difference?
  10. Tom Evans

    3D LUT Creator OFX Plugin is out!

    Have you tried it, is it fast?
  11. Tom Evans

    Fusion tutorials?

    Looks like Lowepost is pushing Fusion tutorials hard now, thank you!
  12. Tom Evans

    Saturation vs. Luminance

    Any reason you can't use a lum vs sat curve for this? Lowering the overall density will get you access to more filmic red but you will need to twist it with a simple hue adjustment to create the specific red you would want.
  13. Tom Evans

    Greens in skintones headache

    Use the tint control to bring it back to balance The tint control operates on the green/magenta axis.
  14. Tom Evans

    Where to look for work as a young colorist?

    I recommend that you read this article from Parker Jarvie from Company 3. You can study the craft, learn to color and develop your taste on any system, and technicalities such as HDR deliveries etc should not be a focus at the level you are right now.
  15. Great, this worked like a charm!