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  1. You can download @Walter Volpattos node tree here
  2. Great guide, the mesh tracker looks fantastic!
  3. That's a very debatable panel and is missing on the list for good reasons.
  4. I do agree with Santiago, start with matching the exposure and contrast levels, then level up the overall saturation and then go in and tweek.
  5. I do agree, but I feel that's the point with these - to get in their minds more than learning what buttons to push.
  6. Maybe rephrase the questions a bit? Not sure I get what you are asking.
  7. If you want to include shots on your reel from this site or others you will have to ask and probably credit too.
  8. That would require a combination of techniques. I would start with luminance keys, but for the top part I'm afraid you will have to sharpen up your roto skills. Watch Lee Laniers rotoscoping course for some great roto techniques.
  9. Just to make sure you are using the correct phrasing to avoid confusion... the display color space should be set to rec709 but he recommends that you set the working colorspace (timeline colorspace) to Arri Log C.
  10. I'm working on a full length documentary from a slow disk and want to copy only the camera files used on my timeline in full length over to a faster SSD disk. Any smart way to do that?
  11. Hmmm... the link on the front page is ,and that's without FrameIO.
  12. I agree! @Anfisa Zelentsova, you should partner up with Lowepost and have them create workflow videos for you. Will buy if they can demonstrate how it can be used in a professional workflow and recommend your product.
  13. Where do you see FrameIO, I can only see a discount for FilmConvert on the discount page?
  14. Just connect and you're good.