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  1. When you switch between the interpolation alternatives in Avid, you will see a slight difference as it generates some offset values in how the motion appears on the screen. You can also choose between a couple of interpolation alternatives in Resolve so my bet is that the slight differences you describe is cased by this.
  2. It depends on the choice of frame interpolation of the re-timing process as the algorithms are different.
  3. Conform timelines from Avid using AAF and you will be fine, they will transfer over. When you hear people shouting about timewarps not transferring correctly it's because they think EDL's can transfer timewarp information or because they are conforming timelines from Premiere (with AAF or XML).
  4. Do you want to learn how to do speedwarps in Resolve or how to conform a timeline with speedwarps delivered from an editor? That's two very different things.
  5. Thank you Derek. I really do admire your work and think you had one of the most interesting reels over at The Mill those years. The looks you created was always inspiring and I often bring some of the old frames up for reference in my work.
  6. Strangely, I woke up the 10th and nothing did change in my life. How about yours @Ilia Ivanov?
  7. Do you guys have any idea about how to disable the built in ARRI LUT after enabling it?
  8. Ah, should have figured out myself. Thank you Lee!
  9. Hi Lee. I know I can do it with the Planar Transform, but the questions is if I can output the screen only with my setup that is not using the Planar Transform. Using the planar transform method isn't a good method to do planar tracking inside of Resolve I think because you will have to deal with differences in resolution in your source clips and the graphics.
  10. I have done a planar track and want to judge the result. The red corner pin lines are distractive, is it possible to turn them off?
  11. I have done a screen replacement and fed the screen graphics straight into the planar tracker. So, the node three looks has the phone fed into the background of the planar tracker, the graphics fed into the foreground of the planar tracker, and the planar tracker itself is fed into the media out node. With this setup, how can I output ONLY the screen graphic to the color tab? As I see it, the planar tracker works as a "merge" in this case so I don't understand how to output only the graphics.
  12. I want to create a typical sale bubble on a commercial and wipe it in with a page curl effect that throws shadows. How would you do that in DaVinci Resolve? In After Effects I would normally add a solid, shape the bubble with a circle mask and add the page curl effect. have to go into Fusion to that right? I can't add masks in the edit module to the solid color effect? And how would you solve the curling? I'm trying to solve more of my graphic and finishing tasks in Resolve these days as it saves a lot of time.
  13. Is it possible to hide clips from the Lightbox in DaVinci Resolve? I have a bunch og visual effects that is very distracting when evaluating the overall color palette in the Lightbox.
  14. I have some effects done on an adjustment layer in Resolve that I want to copy and re-use in an another project Blur, zooms and things like that. What is the best way to "save" them and move them over?