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  1. Only vectorized graphics (AI/EPS etc) has unlimited scaling possibilities without compromising quality. If you apply a rasterized graphic element from let's say Photoshop at 100% scale it will look pixelated when it's scaled above its full resolution. That is typically an issue if you apply it at 100% scale on a 1920x1080 timeline and then re-adjust its scale on a new 4k timeline.
  2. Hopefully the light stays consistent throughout the spot. I would start with contrast and exposure and add dynamics to keep it consistent. Then do a color pass on top of that. By using offset controls you adjust the whole picture and doesn't have to think about that it might break into some strange color behaviour when going between rooms or in and out of different lighting conditions.
  3. We set up Scratch because it's significant faster than Resolve when it còmes to setting up workflows and transcode footage. Looking forward to watch this course!
  4. Cool, I will give it a try!
  5. Have anyone tried the grain in FilmConvert? Just as good as Cinegrain?
  6. Can someone please walk me through the process of creating a camera LUT inside of DaVinci Resolve? Can the most common high-end cameras such as RED/ALEXA read Cube files? Anything I should think about when creating a LUT for this purpose?
  7. DaVinci Resolve 16 Studio beta 6 and Fusion 16 Studio beta 6 are now available on our support web site. is a no charge update for all DaVinci Resolve Studio and Fusion Studio customers.For users moving from v15, please back up your database, make drp's of your active projects and restore the DB in preparation for the version upgrade as you can not go back to v15 with a v16 DB. DaVinci Resolve 16b6 readme Support for Fairlight consoles on macOS Improved naming behavior for synced audio clips when round-tripping to Pro Tools Addressed an issue where the primary display would not be persisted for dual screen layouts between application restarts Addressed an issue where trimming or scrubbing audio in source tape mode would show audio waveforms with incorrect zoom in the Cut page Addressed an issue where playing certain Text+ titles after changing timeline resolution to 8K would sometimes cause a crash Addressed an issue where viewing multiple MaskPaint tools in the Fusion page would cause a crash Addressed an issue where enabling or disabling compound nodes would not work correctly Addressed an issue where Lightbox previews would show incorrectly sized thumbnails on the monitoring output Addressed an issue where clips with opacity would sometimes show incorrect levels when in stop mode on ACES projects Addressed an issue where command/control-dragging a grade from a still would sometimes create a compound node with no inputs Addressed an issue where transition levels would sometimes be incorrect in Resolve Color Management projects Addressed an issue where FLAC audio clips would sometimes have incorrect waveforms Addressed an issue where the Bus Format dialog would not show 3D immersive sound formats for new projects Addressed an issue where the Fairlight monitor source selection options would not show external monitor sources Addressed an issue where some AAF files with embedded content would sometimes be imported incorrectly Note: Users working on projects with embedded content AAF files are requested to re-import the AAF in order to see the changes Addressed an issue where capturing Quicktime clips from video tape recorders would not capture the audio correctly Addressed an issue where the video monitoring format in a newly created database would incorrectly default to PAL General performance and stability improvements Fusion 16 beta6 readme Addressed an issue where some tools would show errors on Linux systems when using CUDA GPU processing mode Addressed an issue where mouse pan and zoom would fail to work correctly in bin playback General performance and stability improvements
  8. I have watched a couple of the seminars with Dado and I just want to state my opinion on them. They are pure sale hallelujah meetings for a plug in this guy has made and I feel a bit angry that I have scheduled time to look at this nonsense. People in the chat asks questions about how to do this and that and you never get a qualified answer, it's more in the line of 'its not possible to get a great result with the built in color management system in Resolve, you need to get my plug-in'. Dado, if you see this: A big shame on you!
  9. Second that. Good to see training by someone who knows the in-and-outs of the other color tools.
  10. Not necessarily. Your output space should match while you are grading, but as explained in the course, you can switch upon delivery. That's kind of the whole point of applying the output LUT or ODT at the very end.
  11. I watched the color management course and DaVinci process the RAW files input color space automatically. Does it work that way in Scratch too?
  12. This is the best course I have seen about color management in Resolve. It's a lot of bits and pieces on other sites but here everything is covered in one class and it's extremely well put together. Thanks Lee and Lowepost for always delivering top quality!