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  1. Tom Evans

    Greens in skintones headache

    Use the tint control to bring it back to balance The tint control operates on the green/magenta axis.
  2. Tom Evans

    Where to look for work as a young colorist?

    I recommend that you read this article from Parker Jarvie from Company 3. You can study the craft, learn to color and develop your taste on any system, and technicalities such as HDR deliveries etc should not be a focus at the level you are right now.
  3. Great, this worked like a charm!
  4. Tom Evans

    DPC Creation Davinci

    Is the DCP creation a straight forward process in DaVinci Resolve now?
  5. Tom Evans

    Remove middle UI panel

    Trying to figure out how I can remove the middle panel (curves/key/windows/track) etc from the DR UI? I know it's possible because I have accidentally removed it once.
  6. Tom Evans

    Waveform color

    I can click the R, G, B, Y curves on and off but they are white - not colored.
  7. Tom Evans

    Waveform color

    The three color channel curves in the waveform are white by default. Do you know how to set them to red, green and blue? I have seen that it's possible in some videos online.
  8. Tom Evans

    Strange grey scale behavior

    I have generated a grey scale but it's not possible to click the clip in the timeline. Is this a bug? It doesn't have a thumb either, just a track line next to V1. The other strange thing is that it's only visible on the timeline if I have another clip on the timeline as well (but still not clickable). The other clip has a visible thumb and is visible.
  9. Tom Evans

    Media Manage RED footage

    Can't you just ingest the clips you need and switch to high rez when the edit is set? Then you will be able to work with low rez media and have all the handles you want available.
  10. Tom Evans

    How is he achieving this look?

    What do you like about this? Most of it looks like straight out of cam, many bad balanced clips, the saturation levels are jumping all over. This is not colored by a professional and it's nothing that can't be recreated in two clicks here. A couple of basic tutorials would get you to a level that let you judge these clips yourselves.
  11. Is it poosible to adjust tint with accuracy with the offset controls?
  12. Do you know if the temperature slider affects the luminance levels?
  13. Tom Evans

    STL subtitling in Premiere?

    Do you know if Premiere did abandon *STL files on the lastest versions? Is SRT the new golden standard for subtitling?
  14. Tom Evans

    FSI Dm240 password lock

    I haven't seen that option, but fire away an email to Flanders to be sure.
  15. Tom Evans

    Release of DaVinci Resolve 15 beta 5

    Thank you Peter! Do you plan to reintroduce the old stabilizer? I find it quite useless now that I can't add and delete tracking points anymore.