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  1. Nikola Stefanovic

    Baselight, ACES, BLG and Nuke/Flame

    Hi Andy, thank you for answering. Can we break it down more detailed? So, if I understand you correctly, from the Baselight side: - I should use ACES preset for BL project - my working color space should be ASCEcct/AP1 - my DRT should be set to Truelight CAM or ACES RRT 1.0.1? - mastering color space set to automatic from DRT or to something else like REC 709 in case of TVC workflow? - set the correct (or use automatic) interpretation for different camera footage - during the grading add Compress Gamut to avoid negative values? - render Open EXR in linear color space, using stack color space, rendering flat pass? - export BLGs - pass flat pass and BLGs to Flame and Nuke Please feel free to modify/adjust
  2. Nikola Stefanovic

    Baselight, ACES, BLG and Nuke/Flame

    Hello, I'm looking for some clarification, real world examples and best practice of using BLG workflow (in ACES) between BL, Flame and Nuke. Lets say if you have project shot with one camera things are pretty straight forward. Fun starts when you have timeline with Alexa mov, mxf and Arri Raw, few Red shots, little bit of Phantom Cine (that can not be loaded in Flame it seams) and few other exotic cameras and of course shots from CGI. I'm curious how other people tackle this problem. Especially from the Nuke side, since options in BLG for Flame are quite clear. What would be the best way to prep this kind of project? Thanks, Nikola
  3. Nikola Stefanovic

    Post your suite!

    MPC Shanghai Baselight 2 + Blackboard 2, Dolby 4200, Baselight Assist Client waiting area Sorry, I only had iPhone with me.
  4. Nikola Stefanovic

    Ederlezi Rising - trailer

    EDERLEZI RISING is set in a Socialist dystopian future some fifty years from now. Milutin, is an astronaut sent on a long space flight to Alpha Centuri to deliver an ideology to the colony there. However, on this flight he will be accompanied by a female android, Nimani. The film explores the essence of love and emotion between Milutin and his cyborg companion.Official WebsiteIMDB
  5. Nikola Stefanovic

    Blade Runner, color grading

    I think (almost) every shot was capture in camera and every shot was done in DI.
  6. Nikola Stefanovic

    Vuelve al Paraíso

    Thank you Amada, just trying to make it look analog
  7. Nikola Stefanovic

    Vuelve al Paraíso

    Spot for the Government of the Principality of Asturias, campaign Come home to Paradise. Director: Amar Hernandez Cinematographer: Daniel Meré
  8. Nikola Stefanovic

    Beauty Box Video - skin retouching plugin

    Beauty Box is simple and automatic to use. This video plugin automatically identifies skin tones and creates a mask that limits the smoothing effect to just the skin areas. Just apply the filter, let it analyze the video, set a few Smoothing options, and let the plugin render to make skin retouching incredibly easy. Beauty Box Video works in Davinci Resolve, Assimilate Scratch, Nuke, Sony Vegas 12/higher, and other OpenFX hosts on Mac and Windows. Linux support coming soon.
  9. Nikola Stefanovic

    Neat Video

    Still the best denoise tool out there!
  10. Nikola Stefanovic

    Sony Ci Media Cloud

    Upload, collect, and organize footage. Create team workspaces to connect global production teams to your media files. Use innovative WorkSession production apps to review, edit, annotate, and leave feedback in real time. Then use a MediaBox to ship and share securely with your team or clients.
  11. Nikola Stefanovic

    Rec709, practical definition

    I think you overthinking this Look at rec 709 as a viewing conditions and delivery guideline. LogC or any other log flavour is on acquisition side and still to be interpreted in rec 709 (or P3 or rec 2020) environment. How you going to interpret it its completely up to you as long as you and your clients are happy with the result.
  12. Nikola Stefanovic

    Rec709, practical definition

    You don't need to do anything to image to call it rec 709, just flag it in metadata like rec 709
  13. Nikola Stefanovic

    Inside Llewyn Davis

    I had hard time watching this film. I've found look so disturbing and texture so obviously manipulated.
  14. Nikola Stefanovic

    Red or Alexa?

    Lets say like this: with good cinematographer there is no big difference. But if cinematography is not that great, its much easier to deal with images from Alexa then from Red.
  15. Nikola Stefanovic

    Red or Alexa?

    If you want to suffer in the grading, ask for Red.