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  1. Craig Harris

    Beauty retouching

    Hey, Abby. Could you explain how you do this?
  2. Craig Harris

    Color Space Question

    Hey, Dermot. Can you explain?
  3. Craig Harris

    DaVinci Resolve Beauty Retouching

    Great tutorial and looking forward to the remaining. I'm curious if you'll be covering the use of multiple shapes with tracking/perspective tracking? Many thanks.
  4. Craig Harris

    Calibration tools for HP DreamColor Z27x Studio Display

    Getting an accurate calibration on an HP Dreamcolor is pretty much impossible. I've never seen two Dreamcolors next to each other that match. Better off getting an Eizo or FSI.
  5. Craig Harris


    Trish, your work is amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Craig Harris

    Fusion Background Replacement

    Quick update: I was able to get a good track by expanding the tracking boxes like you suggested in the second video.
  7. Craig Harris

    Fusion Background Replacement

    Thanks, for this tutorial! Very helpful. I'm having a hard time getting a track and am wondering if it's a software issue or if I'm doing something wrong. I've attached a screen grab. I can get a solid result with only one tracker, but not more than one.
  8. Craig Harris

    Fusion Monitoring via SDI

    Thank you!
  9. Craig Harris

    Fusion Monitoring via SDI

    Is it possible to monitor the output from Fusion via SDI?
  10. Craig Harris

    Fusion Essential Training

    Excellent tutorials!
  11. Craig Harris

    Post your suite!

    One of the old greats and it's still looking awesome. I wish they still made them.
  12. Craig Harris

    Post your suite!

    Early days in my new room but loving it. Running an FSI for my monitor and rocking a Panasonic Pro Plasma for clients.
  13. Craig Harris

    Media Manage RED footage

    I've used this workflow for most of my projects. You take an EDL or XML into RedCineX, set your export to R3D Trim, set your handle lengths, and the export. It creates trimmed R3D files that you can easily manage and import into your grading app of choice.
  14. Craig Harris

    Printer Lights

    The DaVinci menu simply shows you what hotkeys control the various printer light steps. With Stream Deck, you can configure that any way you like with deep menus. Hope that helps.
  15. Craig Harris

    Printer Lights

    Once the Printer Lights hotkey's are turned "ON" you can use hotkeys to make full, half, and quarter adjustments. I recently added a Stream Deck to my setup and programmed the printer lights to it, which makes the process much faster.