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  1. thanks Morgana my email is I will write you of course. talk soon, Stefan
  2. Hi Morgana, Sorry for my late answer. I am still interested in, but I finished my studies back at the time with an communication tool between director/dp and colorist. So at the end it was another topic. During the last couple of month I was thinking about the remote grading. Please let me know if you still interested to chat. I have some points from the remote grading in my studies as well. Best Stefan
  3. Hello, Regarding my future bachelor degree work of Remote Color Grading, I have to get more details for my statistics. Can you help me out to have some contacts or more details for my research? I will compare the communication from a normal session to a remote session in daily business. And as well, if this technology will be a standard soon in future. Maybe you know some colorists, which already do remote color grading daily. Thanks for your help. Stefan