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  2. that is pretty cryptic I would say. anything that is possibile to know before the 10th?
  3. Hi Amit here I Need help. I want to know that HDR Dolly Vision workflow in Filmlight and master out for NETFLIX , could u plz share screenshot . Color Managed Workflow in Baselight I attached some screenshot of reslove ,
  4. It's a bit confusing that all the sequences in the project is accessible through the drop down menu above the player window. Sometimes I just want to see those who are in a specific bin. Is that possible?
  5. I am not a Fusion expert by no means, however I think the technique described in these tutorials could be adapted to deform your sales bubble, and create a page curl. hope this helps cheers Dylan
  6. I want to create a typical sale bubble on a commercial and wipe it in with a page curl effect that throws shadows. How would you do that in DaVinci Resolve? In After Effects I would normally add a solid, shape the bubble with a circle mask and add the page curl effect. have to go into Fusion to that right? I can't add masks in the edit module to the solid color effect? And how would you solve the curling? I'm trying to solve more of my graphic and finishing tasks in Resolve these days as it saves a lot of time.
  7. Hi everyone, as RED recently released their new metal-decode SDK, I found it a good idea to make a quick video about which settings you can tweak in order to maximize performance for playback and transcoding. Cheers, Mazze
  8. Hi all, here's the recording of our recent webinar about live streaming with an introduction to the basics about live streaming as such and then setting up a live streaming session via Youtube, or a custom streaming server - enjoy! Greetz, Mazze
  9. Hi all, just catching up on posting videos 🙂 . Here's a little overview of the most important new features in SCRATCH 9.2. First and foremost the new annotation tool, which can be used for review sessions (also via live streaming) and the new Soft Clip toolset. Cheers, Mazze
  10. 10 June. Everything will change. Independent colorists guild (ICG)
  11. You can force a Blur node to only operate on the alpha channel (turn off the RGB buttons). Add a Color Curves after the Blur, and adjust the Alpha curve and it will erode/dilate the matte edge.
  12. اريد الاستفسار عن اسلوب تطوير هذا الفيلم؟ كيف كان التطور؟
  13. That made it, thank you! Another thing, but any effect that can be added to blur the edges of a matte only?
  14. Thank you. You can add a Resize node and choose the exact 1920x1080 resolution.
  15. Thanks for getting back to me Lee, I'm a big fan of your work. Do you mean I should add a translate node and down scale to 1920x1080? Didn't know I could input the exact values.
  16. You can use the Crop node as a final step, but you also have the option to choose different standard resolutions when rendering through the Deliver tab. Each render format supports various revolutions through the format settings.
  17. Mismatching domains cause problems when applying the Corner Positioner. One trick is to scale the inserts to the project resolution before connecting them to the Corner Positioner.
  18. The legacy roll off is harder. the ranges are at different places (high range 0.67 is really high for log footage. lot of times the whole signal is under that) Also the default 0.5 pivot is too high. The processing is different, the legacy master shadow/mid/highlight controls feel a bit more like Y-controls. I kind of like that.
  19. Our next webinar is 'Store, Render, Automate with FilmLight' Thursday May 21, 18:00 BST We dive into the latest hardware & software solutions that we offer to expand storage, render, automation & productivity strategies in post. Register now:
  20. I'm wrapping my head around the corner positioned in Resolve Fusion, but it seems like my issue with making it work is related to different resolutions. My footage is 2K, 4K and the inserts are HD 1920x1080. Do I need to down scale the footage to make the corner positions match?
  21. This is exactly how i have imagined it as well. Thanks!
  22. I haven't thought this through, but something more geometrical would make sense I guess. Maybe something that represents the movements we can see in the histogram.
  23. Lesson 13 Domain and transforming Introduction to visual effects in DaVinci Resolve Fusion All my videos are 1920 x 1080 If I see on fusion that a video is not 1920 x 1080 I have to crop it or Resolve will do it autmatically at deliver panel?
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  25. Hi, there, my first post over here. I want to know how this function in resolve "Use legacy Log grading ranges and curves" affect the way of color grading my footage in ACEScct, because I feel is more "agressive" . Thanks
  26. you should be able to go To the time line in color room and alt + click the video track you dont want to change but only see . (eg subtitle tiffs etc) so, throw them in one track and try this. i think the clips don‘t show up in lightbox view as well!
  27. Hello Looking to buy a used Tangent Element Bundle please if you have send me an email to
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