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  2. My debit card is not supported in lowepost website. are there any other options
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  4. Good day everyone, New Dehancer 5.2.0 update is out! What's new: OFX performance improvements Memory optimizations New Options group New Quality selector (Normal – Fast / High – Slow) Target White in Print section fixes OFX Overlay Vignette Interaction fixed New Bloom default parameters This is a free update for the license owners. Download and get 2-week FREE trial:
  5. The 2022 edition of the ESFF with more short film screenings in Edinburgh, International Film Festival showcases, trophies, awards and industry networking. We're also programming showcases of our best films for our international film festival partners across Europe. Max Length 25 minutes, international films welcomed, all genres eligible. Early Bird Deadline: Monday Feb 28th Regular Deadline: Monday May 16th Late Deadline: Monday June 20th Open for entries online ESFF 2022 ENTRIES
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  7. Timeline color space only affects how your color controls works, not the end result or anything else. I prefer to leave it set to Arri Log C when working with any type of footage. For Red Workflow in general, watch this course:
  8. Hi there, selling my AJA T-Tap. Works 100% - barely used. Has also been tested with latest driver v16.1 on M1 Max / macOS Monterey using a TB2 ==> TB3 adapter. Asking 190€ - free shipping inside the EU. Device is located in Munich, Germany. Cheers, Mazze
  9. I'm really enjoying your videos! Only thing is this whole websites sometimes crashes my browser and it's using way too much RAM! Every time I see a video my RAM almost runs out. I hope you can OPTIMIZE your website as is very nice information. Thank you and continue updating!
  10. Hello. You could change the streaming bitrate to something lower. The videos of all the master classes are quite cut and lagging. I have an internet connection of 100 Mbps. The other courses are fine
  11. Hello. You could change the streaming bitrate to something lower. The videos of all the master classes are quite cut and lagging. I have an internet connection of 100 Mbps. The other courses are fine
  12. Hi , everyone ! i grade RED footage in Resolve on a MacBookPro, and i have a question: Is it best to work with Red Raw footage in Resolve by setting my Timeline Color Space to REDWideGamutRGB/ RED Log3G10 ? My Input Color Space: Bypass My Output Color Space: P3-D65 /sRGB (As i grade on a Apple Screen) Thank you! Alex.
  13. Hey Marc and Kurt! Thank you for all your answers. I will read everything. The problem was inside my Nvidia settings. Tonal range was set to 16-235. I chaned it to full 0-255 and everything works perfectly right now.
  14. Hi, I’m trying to define a “as accurate as possible” workflow to send 709 “proof” files to remote clients (or parts of agency than will never get to my callibrated display) as a mean to get them a general idea of our work in the suite. I’ve been gravitating towards an h265 file and encouraging its review on an ipad (as I consider these screens as close to 709 as possible without active callibration and seem easy to obtain. Am I’m missing something better? Is there any kind of preferred method for this? Does some kind of test chart (ala color bars / macbeth / pluge) exists as a callibration guide for consumer devices? Cheers, jose
  15. I am going to be working on a show that will be in Dolby HDR. I'm planning on using ACES so that the DIT can have an easier time with my LUT, even though I love DaVinci Wide Gamut. It seems a lot of DIT's are not accepting that yet, and they may never do so. The DP wants a fuji emulation. Of course, there's a lot of flavors of that. And every "emulation," even of the same supposed stock, is very very different. I have a few custom power grades, and I've also grabbed one or two from the Juan Melaras site based on a recommendation. To make the LUT I usually export a CUBE with the necessary nodes turned on. My plan is to then apply whichever LUT is used on set, but instead with my power grade as a compound node which I can then customize in the final sessions. I am curious to know if anyone else has a story or workflow to share to a custom LUT that can be used later in an HDR workflow.
  16. I'm having problems with extracting the Project files from this lesson
  17. Thanks for the feedback Brandon, completely my mistake. It's fixed now 🙂
  18. Hi there, I think lesson 14 is titled incorrectly, might want to check it out!
  19. Hi Andreas. We have a few hundred pre-orders that will get access to the Plug-in next month and we'll work with them to improve all aspects of it. Currently there is no plan of when a public version will be released, price, and if a trial will be available at that point, but the documentation will be good enough for anyone to take an informed decision whether to buy or not.
  20. Will there be a trial version of Ravengrade?
  21. Hi James. If you pre-ordered, you will get your copy in February.
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