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  2. Tried Nobe Display and various settings on the iPad Pro and managed to get things looking pretty good (close enough) using Zoom. I tried both share screen and the virtual video input. The virtual video / nobe display combo gave me a much better colour match. Tested on a iPad Pro 10.5"
  3. Hi all, SCRATCH nad Play Pro are shipping with an integrated patch generator for Light Illusion's ColourSpace CMS. This tutorial shows how to set everything up and run the display calibration ūüôā . Cheers, Mazze
  4. Great great great color class!!! Simple approach on grading, creating looks and skin keying that is short, condesed and applicable in real life projects... something that you don't see at other complicated misinformative lessons that are out there! Thanks soooo much for your insights mr Daro and thank you Lowepost for sharing the knowledge in such a nice way!!
  5. Hi everyone! I am selling my micro panel (Blackmagic Micro panel) because I have bought another panel. I have barely used it because I have been using the panel we have in the office. It is in excellent condition. ūüėä Price is $1000 AUS (selling in Australia ONLY/Postage cost is not included) Original price was $1373 I still have the receipt. Contact: I am living in Sydney.
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  7. Looking more into Nobe display you can load a LUT into the monitor so there's potential to create a viewing LUT for different iPads/Client monitors.
  8. awesome thanks, tried this earlier but the screen share via zoom isn't getting close to what I'm seeing. Thinking of trying Nobe Display.
  9. I found zoom to be desat and flat as well. However, I wasn't able to access the higher Res HD version.
  10. How do switch that feature on? or are you sharing the live feed from your second screen via zoom? noticing quite a big colour shift on an iPad when sharing through Zoom.
  11. The CST ofx is not supposed to work from R709 to Log. Go from your Log to Cineon Log and in the next node add the FE-LUT. Grade everything under the LUT and after just tweak. Davinci is supposed to work with the LUT last.
  12. This was such a cool tutorial. I kept looking at the before and after of all three shots and was amazed that I did it. Not because it was too hard, etc. just because it was a completely new approach to something I didn't even know could be done.
  13. Sure! See if it works for you. REC2020_p3_limiter.cube
  14. Kevin, very informative class. I have been making my notes. You touched on something in the archiving projects section. About outputting to ‚ÄúLTO tape‚ÄĚ. I am a budding filmmaker and have been archiving to my NAS but I would love to hear your suggestions for other lower cost options. As I don‚Äôt want to fill my NAS with archived projects. Any recommendations? I started looking at used LTO tape drives on EBay but they attach via scsi. Looking for a more modern connection. Thanks!
  15. Hi Luca. That LUT it¬īs part of the Autodesk Flame library? or did you created in another software?. Cheers.
  16. Hi Oscar, To be honest I don't believe it''s related to data or video levels. At the time the solution was to apply a lut, which was limiting the gamut, inside Autodesk Flame.
  17. Good Day, Luca. I¬īm looking for a solution to this issue as well. Someone on the Black Magic Forum thinks it¬īs related in how Davinci Resolve handles the Data Levels. I also discovered that the gamut in the monitor signal are limited but that the gammut in the the render exceeds the P3 limits, I'm having issues with the ODT P3-D65 St2084 (1000 nits) also, mostly in compressions.It appears that the gamut limits aren¬īt working in the render process and is specially tricky if the container is on Video Levels. So far, the only way I¬īve found is use Gamma Limiter in the last no
  18. Wish I saw this After Effects course when I started out, would have saved me enormous times searching for this information. Thank you Lee!
  19. Hi all, this video is interesting equally to post, than it is for virtual production. THe Sync Players feature in SCRATCH simply allows to sync the playhead of multiple SCRATCH systems, and control those systems from one master system, playing back different footage to different screens simultaneously. The remote control feature allows to control playback in SCRATCH via a web browser on the local network - for instance on your smartphone. Good stuff. Cheers, Mazze
  20. Hi all, this tutorial is about one of SCRATCH's strength: Metadata. Static or frame based, in a burn-in or a report, or in export filenaming. Cheers, Mazze
  21. Hi people, this tutorial is about the animation editor in SCRATCH and why it is as awesome as it is. Enjoy ūüôā Mazze
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