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  2. Teal and Orange

    Time for this look to be discussed I think... Seem to remember a great amount of blockbusters were influenced by Stefan Sonnenfields Transformer look, but haven't seen much of this lately. What do you think of the teal and orange look, does it appeal to you?
  3. Last week
  4. Hi everyone! We want the best collection of color grading tutorials online, but since our time is limited we need some help to gather the best ones out there. PM us if you want to help us find tutorials online for our tutorial section and get yourself a well deserved free one year premium membership. Best, The Lowepost team
  5. New ColorReel For Film and Commercial

    Nice and clean, I'd definately make it shorter with that content.
  6. The perfect client monitor?

    Now that looks interesting for that price!
  7. Colorist job in Mumbai?

    Description: Required Colorist with good knowledge of Blackmagic RESOLVE Requirements: Good operating Knowledge of Resolve Color sensibilities in the right place Knowledge of grading full length feature films/tv/video (the more the merrier) Knowledge of Autodesk smoke a plus Knowledge of After fx/photoshop a plus English speaking and communication skills are important Apply here or amitjalan@imagedevices.com
  8. The perfect client monitor?

    I bet you are right, but unfortunately it's not possible to discover all the technical issues like image retention and uniformity without running tests over time. I vote for Sony A1.
  9. The perfect client monitor?

    LG might be the only manufacturer of big OLED panels... But FSI is picking the best (and expensive) panels, and test each of them for quality and performance. And the rest of the monitor is their own electronics.
  10. The perfect client monitor?

    Hope not, LG got serious issues with their panels.
  11. The perfect client monitor?

    The Flanders website are saying this is a 65" monitor. Since it's OLED, I'm wondering who's panel it's using. LG?
  12. Flanders just announced a new 60" client monitor that will start shipping in January. What do you think about it? http://www.flandersscientific.com/XM650U/
  13. The end of Mac?

    There is news of a new iMac Pro Workstation, but after looking at the specs and the price, I'd have to say it's too little, too late... https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/12/apple-imac-pro-launches-december-14th/
  14. Red or Alexa?

    Can you elaborate more on that please
  15. New ColorReel For Film and Commercial

    Hi everyone, this is my new color grading reel for film and commercial , I use davinci resolve and Baselight for Avid . Let me know what you think about my new reel Thank You. https://vimeo.com/246968414
  16. Red or Alexa?

    If you want to suffer in the grading, ask for Red.
  17. The end of Mac?

    The end of Mac? "Apple mentions the Mac less and less at its big events. The company knows that the machine is a drain on resources that detracts from its new core business, iOS and its mobile devices. I know that Mac users do not want to see this reality, but the Mac is not a money maker. When you go into the Apple Store, you see the phone and the watches front and center, then the iPads, then the Mac. There was some talk a few years ago about iOS on the Mac. That chatter largely subsided with the arrival of the iPad Pro, which changes the focus and solves the problem of having to develop two separate and distinct OS code bases. Even Microsoft was not about to invest in parallel code development to this extreme. Google is almost doing something like this, but basing it on Linux kernels. Apple does have some Unix in the guts of macOS, but iOS seems scratch-built. On top of that, the company is doing extensive custom chip engineering with its ARM licensing and the A9 chip. This is a lot of heavy lifting at the most complex levels of design. Do not get me wrong. The Mac is not dead tomorrow. But I've seen this exact scenario before and it does not bode well. If Apple rolls out some odd and out-of-place extravaganza for the Mac, you can be sure the end is near." - PC MAG
  18. Tangent Element Panels Kit for Sale

    item sold
  19. Playback quality in QT

    Just my opinion, VLC player to complicated. Puts millions of files on the system. In the old days MPEG Streamclip was great for HD. ( Nice and basic and did the job well) There are good players you pay for and are accurate but not everyone has them. I prefer MPV player, matches Vimeo nicely and an iPad quite well. ( No calibrated monitor, use an iPad, the closest you'l get.) The art is to use a Codec type that reflects full range then to tweak your playouts so they look good in the player they will be most destined to be played with.. I normally match my playouts-uploads to Vimeo bck to my Masters on the system playing each side by side on their own accurately calibrated monitor, a must. .
  20. Drama vs feature look

    8-10 days to shoot 42 minutes of TV vs 30-100+ days to shoot 100 minutes of a feature. Similarly you might grade a 42 minute show in a couple days vs spending 1-3 weeks on a feature. TV budgets are getting bigger, but you've just got more time to light sets in features and then more time in the grade to refine things.
  21. Red or Alexa?

    I'll take an HD ProRes file from the first ALEXA body over anything out of a RED. Not even a question.
  22. Red or Alexa?

    in DR you have to set the raw debayer to RedWideGammut as color science and LogG10 as gamma curve, then use one of the red lut downloadable from here: https://www.red.com/downloads/58de98eff77f300ebe00053f
  23. Red or Alexa?

    Can DR be set to Ipp2 like a color spavece or does this require any processing prior to the conform in a grading app?
  24. Red or Alexa?

    Image Processing Pipeline 2 http://www.red.com/news/upgrade-your-workflow-with-ipp2-reds-new-image-processing-pipeline
  25. Red or Alexa?

    Ipp2 pipeline?
  26. Red or Alexa?

    Between the two i prefere Alexa, i like better the color rendition and the general feeling, plus is much more forgiving (to my eyes) to the mistakes made in set. Said that since i'm working with the new ipp2 red pipeline i have to say things are much better
  27. Red or Alexa?

    One of the most frequent questions I get in pre production meetings is what camera I prefer them to shoot with and the choice is often between a Red and Alexa package. What do you prefer?
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