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  2. Hey everyone, so I am a beginner in the world of color grading and there is something that's just very confusing to me. So on the Nvidia control panel of my computer I can find an option to switch between full and limited RGB, it was limited by default but I switched it to full when I read some reddit threads saying one should always set that option to full (not color grading related). But now in my color grading process I wonder if I should keep leaving it on full? Is there any time in which I have to use limited? what about the Resolve export functions in which I can also set it to full or limited? P.S: I dont own any calibration device, also I just have a humble HP monitor but I want to get as close as possible to a faithful image with what I have.
  3. Hi Walter, May I ask you to clarify how you propagate/ripple the changes. The way you describe it seems a very fast operation : Perform the change, select the shots to modify, propagate. But since you don’t use pre/post groups for this, neither shared node. How do you concretely copy and propagate the changes that fast on so many shots at once ? Thank you very much for your time.
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  5. Hey guys,I had the same problem as you-GPU error with code 702. But luckly,I solve the problem with changing the GPU driver from the latest version to the version which came out on December(15.12.2020. maybe.)It's better to use the studio drivers and do not use the latest version( versions on January) guys,there might be some problems with them. Good luck guys. If you have some problems or you solve the isuue by my suggestion,welcome to send emails to I will reply you immediately. Glad to make friends with you guys. List of my computer below: GPU: RTX3070(8G) CPU:AMD 3700X RAM:32G
  6. Thanks so much Walter and Lowepost, I really appreciate you share your experience with us.
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  8. Great! I have had wayyy too much excitement this year! 😆
  9. He is the best!! I really hope he will do a masterclass
  10. I am Marco Antonio, a NYC based photographer and retoucher who has worked for brands like TIME magazine, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, FORTUNE magazineand InStyle to name a few. I am transitioning into video. I absolutely LOVE DaVinci Resolve. I had previously used FCP and Adobe Premiere but both those programs failed to excite me or capture my imagination like Resolve. I want to take my retouching, photography skills and color expertise  and apply them to video and motion graphics, I shoot, edit and grade my own original content and look forward to learning from and being inspired by other more experienced members here. 

  11. Love the #honest and no nonsense approach employed by Walter V. Bravo! More like this!!! Please
  12. If you use RCM, make sure the Input Color Space is is set to your camera log space. Set the Output color space to Rec. 709. Then, it's up to you if you want to have the Timeline color space (the space your grade in) set to your camera space or Rec. 709. Lesson 7 will walk you through RCM.
  13. Hi, Thanks one question. If I want to work in rec709/2.4 for tv but to match the logarithmic hero camera (the log space I'm working on) How would you setup that?
  14. Hi Kamil. Thanks for reaching out about this, the old project files are uploaded on the link.
  15. Victor Riley

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    I'm really liking your minimal approach, @Walter Volpatto. I feel like with the broad set of tools available to colorists, it's easy to complicate things and go overboard with "corrections" and "looks".
  16. Hey everyone! There's a new license upgrade in Dehancer plugin. You can upgrade any valid license to a more expensive one, whenever you like. You only pay the difference between the price of your license and the price of the license you are upgrading to (based on prices at the date of the upgrade). To upgrade: 1. Deactivate your current License Key inside the plugin. 2. Login to and go to License Management section of User Profile, find the License you wish to upgrade, then click ‘Upgrade License’ button. 3. In the checkout page, select the product you intend to upgrade to. Here you can apply a promo code if you have one. 4. Proceed to payment as usual. 5. After the payment is accepted, you’ll get the e-mail with your new Activation Key, and the new License will appear in your User Profile. Old License will be revoked. 6. Download and install your new plugin from Downloads & Buy section. 7. Activate the plugin as usual with your new Activation Key.
  17. All Good Friends❣️Happy Coloring🌈
  18. @ryan brown Thanks for info. i guess i'll do the same. @Lee Lanier Thanks a lot. I guess i'm not only one and there will be other folks who are workin' on older versions
  19. We are in the process of re-uploading the old project files, so stay tuned.
  20. I’m runnin 16 & 17 beta on same machine so I can work with both...
  21. At home I use lightillusion, at work I have to ask the engineer team, but the most difference is fine by the probes we use, those are 20k... Yes rec709/2.4 for tv, P3D65/2.6 for cinema (usually), p3PQ for hdr Now, if you're talking about the setting in the resolve color management, that match the logarithmic hero camera (the log space im working on)
  22. Hi Im wondering if you using Calman to calibrate your monitors? Do you use Rec 709 Gamma 2.4 in the Timeline Color Space in Resolve? If the client dosent ask for anything else.
  23. Is there any way to download old project files from DR15 or 16? When i'm trying to import them an error appears that says that i'm unable to import project from newer version. I'm still using 16 version since i've got some unfinished projects and don't want to update yet.
  24. The tips in this course are excellent. I have not seen most of these techniques before. Thanks for putting it together and allowing us to play along too!!
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