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  2. Hi Carl. Thanks for letting us know. Not sure what happened but new files are uploaded. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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  4. Hi everyone, want to learn more about color grading and found this website "Demistify Colorgrading". Does anyone tried this ? Is it worth it ? 🤔 Thanks
  5. Downloaded the project files trice already but could not find the footage file for tablet and phone A, is it missing or intentionally not included in the downloadable project files? thanks
  6. Hey thanks for your response! Well I found that my monitor does have an option to set between full and limited range, but nothing happens when I change between either. So anyways I left it at full on the monitor and full on nvidia settings too.
  7. How are people using the RAW controls in grading workflows? I'm working with primarily Canon Cinema RAW Light footage and am not sure what the best approach is. I can normalise the image using the RAW controls, but bypassing them (or just adding a minimal adjustment to contrast and saturation) and grading behind the Arri Rec709 LUT seems to generate a more pleasing image, espcially when it comes to skin tones. I'd be interested any insight. Thanks, Sandeep.
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  9. Blackboard I for sale in Germany. For details please pm me.
  10. Make aces project, Assuming you get clean aces and not any variation, if variation aces CC, CG, CTT tag input accordinglu, set odt to rec 709. If all looks good jut render.
  11. Hi there. I wish I was more technical or had a technical person in my household. I'm doing a project where I get ACES 2065 EXRs in and I need to output dpx rec709 in the end. What would be your colour journey in Resolve? The shots looks decent and flat when I use: color managed input color space ACES timeline color space rec709 2.4 output color space rec709 2.4 Just want to be sure I do the right thing here. Cheers!
  12. This is super helpful insight. Thank you so much Walter
  13. Some users are using Vimeo Live now but i have not tested it. I assume its similar to streaming to YT from Scrtach.
  14. Hell yeah! Whatever gets the job done
  15. Ive just used the Live Feed out of Resolve. I haven't messed with converters and what not. CPU is fine this way and seems to do the trick just fine. *poor man's remote:)
  16. Psyched to see new activity on this thread! In an unexpected turn of events I’m stuck abroad for the coming months, and Nobe display / NDI has been a lifesaver for my remote workflow. Now I can use my iPad Pro (paired with a custom LUT captured with Color Munki) as an external monitor, and send a feed to clients tuning in via Zoom, OBS, etc. Not to mention their support team is quick with response and quite friendly - shoutout to Tom Huczek for building me a beta version of Nobe Display for my new M1 on short notice. Can’t recommend them enough:
  17. Oh nice, yeah before I had the Decklink Card I had a spare studio monitor thunderbolt to HDMI converter laying around and I popped that in to spoof a third monitor basically. I found the screen share to be pretty taxing on the CPU though. And since I pay for Zoom and host the sessions I don't think there's any limitations there. It's pretty cheap a month. I kinda hate Zoom and their security practices so definitely not advocating for it, but it's working for now. And it's just receiving that SDI signal Resolve is outputting like it would send to a monitor or the Teranex. I'm output
  18. I have a 3rd monitor (dell UltraSharp) I use for a live feed out of Resolve and screenshare that. I tried the above recommendation for discord, which I find has better color quality. However, if you upgrade to nitro, you can output HD. Downside, Client needs to upgrade as well to actually view in HD. With the deck link, are the clients able to view the higher rez or they are seeing the mpg version of it. I guess it depends if they are using the paid Zoom, no?
  19. Popping back in too- most clients don't have calibrated displays at home so Zoom has been getting us by. I have the 8K Decklink card that I just loop back into itself and Zoom recognizes the input as a camera feed so it works pretty well to send a signal like that. As long as client knows the limitations of their displays and quality loss they're fine and it's cheap and something they're all used to using at this point. I supplement the feed with postings and high res stills.
  20. Just wanted to add to this in case others are browsing with the same question. Parsec is free and works great for basic editing. If you pay for the full version, you can get 10-bit and dual monitors which makes it somewhat usable for coloring. For a serious solution, it's worth checking out Teradici PCOIP or other lossless remote desktop software. PCOIP will require hardware and not be cheap, but will provide extremely accurate colors (sacrificing frame rate a little). This is going off recommendations from the colorist subreddit.
  21. Hi there Anybody knows when the resolve 17 studio non beta, with few bags fixed, it'll be available? Cheers
  22. Try change settings of Resize Filter. Select Clip - Edit Tab - Inpector - Resize ind Scalling - Resize Filter. For me it worked on Bicubic mode
  23. Precisely 😉 . Well, yes - it does not look great. But then again... it didn't look particularly stellar before either .
  24. Good evening everyone, I hope you all are well!A short walk with my nieces in the snowthat we had to see 4 years inarea of Kavala and specificallyin the plain of Nestos.As you can see, it made sense for us to play a little!Here is the relevant video
  25. Kevin is amazing !! I love all his tutorials many thanks indeed!!!
  26. Kevin is amazing !! I love all his tutorials many thanks indeed!!!
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