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  1. Peter

    Color Space Question

    Where I had RGB, that was supposed to be Rec709! I guess you could add a color space node to the whole timeline instead of individual clips?
  2. I'd be interested to hear from anyone at the larger companies who grade for Cinema and Digital. Do you do separate grades for each medium or do you grade in one color space (P3) and switch to another (RGB) for outputting? Would like to hear people workflows.
  3. Peter

    Film Stock LUTS

    Thanks for the info. I'll check them out
  4. Peter

    Film Stock LUTS

    Hi John, since you work for them, I would love to know how they're created. As in, do you physically have the film stocks there that, through some process, you're able to accurately reproduce the way they work or is it more a guess work to get them to have similar characteristics of the stock? Does that make sense or am I being confusing? :)
  5. Peter

    Film Stock LUTS

    Do the Koji LUTS work in Resolve? The website seems to only mention PPro, FCPX and AE. I've been using Impulz LUTS and find they do a reasonable job.
  6. Peter

    Film Stock LUTS

    There's a lot of LUTS available, both free and paid. Many claim to be accurate but does anyone know which are the closest to emulating actual film stocks? Resolve has it's 'film look' LUTS for Kodak and Fuji. When shooting with film, there is both the camera negative stock itself and then print stock to consider. I'd love to hear any thoughts people have.
  7. Peter

    Media Manage RED footage

    Perfect. Thats exactly what I was wanting. Thanks so much!
  8. Peter

    Media Manage RED footage

    Thanks Abby. Thats what I thought.
  9. Peter

    Media Manage RED footage

    I'm trying to make it so that the client doesn't have to upload full takes to me to color grade. Ideally it would be good to have just the 10 seconds of interview footage used in the edit instead of the full 10-20 min that was shot.
  10. Peter

    Media Manage RED footage

    Does anyone know if it's possible in Premiere to Media Manage RED footage so that you retain the quality of the RED but only have clips with handles? Obviously you could transcode to ProRes but its not the same. I work with Remote clients and sometimes there isn't the time to ship a Hard Drive.
  11. Peter

    Color grading tutorials/training has some high end tutorials. is also good and has some good ones from Alexis Van Hurkman (he wrote the Resolve manual).
  12. Peter

    Playback quality in QT

    I always tell the client to view the videos in VLC.
  13. Peter

    Playback quality in QT

    Makes sense. Thanks for the info.
  14. When I create an mp4 using Squeeze (12000 mbps) and I open that file in both VLC and Qucktime, they look so different. VLC looks close to what it should but QT is washed out and lighter. Any idea why? I've attached a screen shot from each player.
  15. Peter

    Stefan Sonnenfeld

    I'd be interested to know that too. If you take the attached reference clip and look at it on the vector scope, he get a very narrow scope which seems desaturated because the colours seem to compressed but image feels so rich. Is he desaturating the image first then saturating specific narrow Hues? Am I making sense in what I'm trying to say? Also, when you say he keeps it simple with few nodes, is he doing multiple corrections within a node? Eg, log tools, hue vs hue, hue vs sat etc. Has Stefan or any of the other guys at CO3 (like you Tom) considered making a Masterclass on grading?