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  1. thank you for this nice short and very informative video. I laughed out loud at your reasoning for the Hail Mary node.. been there too.. and cleaning up. great info. the bigger node structures make a lot of sense to me now!
  2. So are you offering people work? i thought this board was for jobs being offered, not for people looking to post resumes and reel.. otherwise, we'll all be posting here.
  3. Marc Fisher


    These stories are why I gladly pay my subscription.. and now they even do tutorials.. here.. take my money! My only question is, the reference to Avid being new and early days.. in 99. It may just have been the one the BBC had to use for you, but I was already cutting in Avid DS in HD in 2001, so in 99, we were using Avid MC Meridien 9000. Which is still one of the most rock solid systems I ever used. I know that's just a minut detail. In those days, I bet the BBC moved much like Hollywood, very slow to upgrade and use new tech.. And it's funny how many times I've been asked to do the BOB look too.. of course, with Resolve these days, so much more can be accomplished, it's a mental fight to keep it simple. Excellent story Stuart! Thank you.
  4. Nice quick tutorial. sweet and to the point. Easy to understand and not too heavy on Color jargon.
  5. Drove me nuts too.. I'd love to hear how to straighten these out and not have bouncing objects.
  6. Sorry Thomas, your post is a it confusing, or maybe I'm not awake.. You say DS, but then reference Avid DV. And if you are still using DS, then Bravo sir. Thats awesome. I wish more shops in Post would've found there way to it, and stuck with it. But most believed in Avid's marketing and sales pitches. Avid DS. (which they bought from Softimage) and could do anything and everything all the way up to 8k. was EOL in 09. No longer available. Avid Symphony. the "big" brother to Composer, really only difference was the color corrector and the "universal" output. Avid Media Composer. the editing worlds bane of existence. Premiered in the early 90's after Avid killed Matador and a few other products. Avid DV is a derivative of this. As was Newscutter and Avid Free. (Avid Film Composer). Disappeared sometime in the late 90's.
  7. You said Serious Compositors. some of the best are Fusion Compositors by choice.
  8. you mean the first Avid DS versions? that was in 2000/2001. Not Nitris. just to make sure we're on the same page. The color corrector was way better in DS, even though it was the same as Symphony. there was no Jumpy bumpy in DS, like Symphony. And, you could composite with there was unlimited things you could do.. not like this goofy Step In/Out stuff Avid MC and Symph have held onto for so long.. Seriously, still using Hi-Cons and Matte fills, and can't properly read and display an Alpha Channel, what year is it?
  9. Hmm. I don't think any of the compositors at Prime Focus in Hollywood would agree with you. And just because Black magic made it free, doesn't mean it's not as good as Nuke. Eyeon suffered from being a small company without the resources to market itself like The Foundry did with Nuke. The first time I used Fusion on a TV series, it cost $3500. and it did wonders for the show. And the Post house that bought it. Nuke at that time, Also cost 3500.
  10. If you never had the chance to work on DS, which i did for 10yrs. It was stellar. (For all those who weren't Avid Fanboys and stuck in their ways.) I worked on so many 2k and 4k 2004-2010, before 4k was a household name. How the West was Won, was remastered in 6K on the DS. It had the tools, and the speed. And in the right hands, there wasn't anything it couldn't do (ok, except 3D animation-unless you had XSI) The closest thing now to it is Flame. And even then, Flame is not as user friendly. And certainly not as fluid. I'm dying for the day when BMD gets Fusion inside Resolve, and there will no longer be the need for the Multi-App approach. again.
  11. Sadly, Avid had a jump on everybody. Avid DS in 2009 is pretty much where Resolve 14 is getting close too.. granted, things like the collaborative stuff, and the plugins weren't there, But High level Compositing, Sub frame Audio, Color grading, editing, output, remote render stations.. all were there. Resolve needs that compositing built in yet, then it'll be a 1 stop shop. Hopefully, they won't kill Resolve in a few years because they don't know how to market it like Avid did.