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  1. Hi Marvin! Thanks for your thoughts and input. We have several high-end courses in production, and will make an announcement later this month.
  2. There is currently a technical issue with our domain registration partner and we are working with them to resolve the issue as soon as possible, our apologies for the inconvenience. All current licenses will keep working without disrupting, if you are a license holder and wish to re-download Ravengrade please contact us at support@lowepost.com with the e-mail address that you used to purchase Ravengrade and we will provide you with your download.
  3. Cullen Kelly has developed a super useful plugin for DaVinci Resolve users called Master Tone. It basically mimics Nuke's ColorCorrect node, which separate Lift/Gamma/Gain operators for shadows/mids/highlights. Available at Ravengrade.com for $49.
  4. Hey all! We're pleased to announce that Ravengrade.com is now open. Ravengrade brings a mix of advanced color science technology, accurately emulated film print stocks, creative looks and grading tools to DaVinci Resolve users through Cinelook, MIRA PowerGrades, Master Tone and John Daro's film look collection. We hope these tools can make you work smarter, faster and improve your grades. You can find details, videos and samples on Ravengrade.com.
  5. Hi Virgil. Unfortunately, this is only possible in the RCM/ACES versions as the transforms are handled by the color management systems in those versions.
  6. Hi Orash. Thanks for using Ravengrade, looking forward to see what you create with it! You should be able to use the color controls only and completely bypassing the look by setting main to zero. Will send you an email to see if we can figure out what is going on.
  7. Hi Seth. If you download and unzip the project files, you'll find 2.2GB with DPX files and footage and they are named after the lesson to which they belong. That's all you need to follow the training.
  8. We are super excited to finally show you our new Masterclass with Mark Todd Osborne. This is a 90 minute class with tons of valuable insight. Available now here. Enjoy! mark-todd-osborne-masterclass-promo-lowepost.mp4
  9. If you have pre-ordered it should be in your mailbox now.
  10. Hi Andreas. We have a few hundred pre-orders that will get access to the Plug-in next month and we'll work with them to improve all aspects of it. Currently there is no plan of when a public version will be released, price, and if a trial will be available at that point, but the documentation will be good enough for anyone to take an informed decision whether to buy or not.
  11. Hi James. If you pre-ordered, you will get your copy in February.
  12. In Resolve YRGB Color Management set the input to you camera and output to rec709 2.4, and the printer lights will be applied in camera space (log).
  13. We're proud to announce the videocast "Masters of Color". Cullen Kelly is the host and we have invited some of the most renowned colorists in the industry to share insight about the high-end world of color grading. Subscribe for weekly episodes on your favorite podcast platform, or watch video version of all episodes instantly on Lowepost.com/Insider. Enjoy!