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  2. Yes, I found the same solution 3 days ago and it worked. Thank you.
  3. Cross fades are your friend. I did a an entire one-shot 90 min feature film like that. (Resolve 14). But since you are doing a commercial, which is shorter in length, keyframing multiple dynamics could also be an option. Or a mix of techniques. It really depends on the amount of power windows involved. You could also consider using multiple adjustment clips too. Resolve 16 or newer 😉
  4. Hey Tom Thanks for the reply! I actually used a vector Graphic and it still does the same thing for some reason. Would there be a reason this would be happening? One of the settings in the macro creator that is stopping it from scaling properly?
  5. Only vectorized graphics (AI/EPS etc) has unlimited scaling possibilities without compromising quality. If you apply a rasterized graphic element from let's say Photoshop at 100% scale it will look pixelated when it's scaled above its full resolution. That is typically an issue if you apply it at 100% scale on a 1920x1080 timeline and then re-adjust its scale on a new 4k timeline.
  6. Hey! So I made a social media lower third but when i put it into a higher resolution time line the logo doesnt scale like the rest of the macro does. Does anyone have any clue how to fix this?
  7. What is the best software to convert a film from 25fps to 29.97fps? Can that be done in Avid or DaVinci Resolve? Any quality difference between them?
  8. Backup your database that van be found in the following folder on Mac iOS. (/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Resolve Disk Database.) I would do a clean install anyway and open the old database.
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  10. hello guys, Need help asap. I pressed the auto save button in davinci resolve 15. Suddenly, it crashed. Now I cannot even open resolve so I can backup my Projects , and I cannot find the directory of the project files. Please help! It's a long and important project. Davinci resolve 15 studio Using macbook Pro 2017
  11. By the way this applies to anything that you want to copy attributes too...not limited to text blox. The trick is to... ...just stretch the first text clip with your new text attributes or settings in the Inspector. Stretch off how many seconds you need for your duplicate, and then slice that much off of the original. An example would be drag and drop a text clip onto the timeline, dial in all of the Inspector attributes on the text, and then stretch the text clip out 25 seconds long. Now slice at each 5 second mark to make 5 text clips total or 4 copies of the original...all being 5 seconds a piece. The original text clip when you first drag and drop it on the timeline is 5 seconds long. You can simply double that by stretching, slice, and there is an instant dub. After you make a duplicate/s with your attributes already therein, then you can stretch each to fit any time frame.
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  13. Why do you need the background clips? I took the full course using still images that I had on my desktop, and that was all I needed to follow along.
  14. I agree, weird you only shared one file when you require all 3 to finish the final project
  15. I'm looking for a used and well-taken-care-of Tangent Element panel. Is anyone selling?
  16. I haven't seen that particular rendering error. I would try rebooting and restarting Resolve. Also, test different parts of the tool network and see if there is a problem with a particular tool. You can export a 3D LUT of your color grade from the Color tab and apply it as a View LUT in Fusion.
  17. Getting some pretty bad rendering issues (in the program, as well as on export) : I have tried a few different settings, switching between CUDA, OpenCL, proxies, etc... I know it's the actual rendering engine because these weird artifacts appear at different frames every time I reset the render cache. Is there a way to individually re-render problematic frames? Or any other workaround? Thank you! PS. Is it also possible to bring in a clip into Fusion once there is a color grade over it from the color tab? I'd like to do a film grain pass over it in Fusion.
  18. Disconnect the Tracker tool from the Transform tool. It looks like you have the Tracker connected to the Effect Mask input of the Transform. There is no need to have a direct connection between those two tools.
  19. Having an issue where my frame does not overlay on the blank part of the screen. When I create the crop after it cuts off the image like this. I feel like I'm missing a little check box somewhere.
  20. Hi Jed. We would need some more information to be able to help you with your problem, but I recommend to watch the media offline lesson in the conform series as it covers most of the media offline issues you can come across.
  21. I am new to resolve (16) and I cannot get the media not to show as MEDIA OFFLINE. I have tried multiple file types (MP4, H.264, H.265, .MOV) and it always says my media is offline. I have also tried to OPTIMIZE MEDIA and that hasn't worked. I am using my iPad Pro 11" shooting in 4K 60fps, Please help as I am loosing my freaking mind spending days in forums and trying a million fixes and none have worked (Yes I have uninstalled and re-installed Davinci Resolve 16)
  22. This rec feel in aces i somehow always fail to relate to. Just find ACES controls much better (log tools) and gives much cleaner results to me faster.
  23. Lovely! Hope to see more recordings of Tyler's grading sessions! Really inspiring and nice! What I observe here is, Tyler actually keyed the colors from the Log(the red color of the jacket, skintones and etc) but not after the Balanced/Rec709/LUT. Interesting!
  24. Why not really work in ACES? The controls are not that hard to understand, they just feel different.
  25. I'm doing VFX plates now with S9 and it is very effective compared to Resolve and all the conform side is extremely fast.
  26. You have to decide from material which way works best for you. There is no wrong if you deliver what client asks you just have to figure out proper way. Have done it in both ways, many many many keyframes or fading recut clips depending your color app.
  27. Well it seems I have to admit my own defeat.. Jumped the gun too fast! My BLE track was shifted up due to some graphics and it was the reason I was being thrown off and unable to F5/F6 to the next clip. Cheers! Happy Grading!
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