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  1. It's a bit confusing that all the sequences in the project is accessible through the drop down menu above the player window. Sometimes I just want to see those who are in a specific bin. Is that possible?
  2. That made it, thank you! Another thing, but any effect that can be added to blur the edges of a matte only?
  3. Thanks for getting back to me Lee, I'm a big fan of your work. Do you mean I should add a translate node and down scale to 1920x1080? Didn't know I could input the exact values.
  4. I'm wrapping my head around the corner positioned in Resolve Fusion, but it seems like my issue with making it work is related to different resolutions. My footage is 2K, 4K and the inserts are HD 1920x1080. Do I need to down scale the footage to make the corner positions match?
  5. Thank you for this great course Lee. The Fusion chroma keyers looks super solid, I will definitely give it a go on my next green screen job!
  6. Do you know if I can copy/paste the subtitle track style in DaVinci Resolve? Like copying the attributes and paste it onto subtitles on another sequence.
  7. A log2rec709 is to transform your footage into the rec709 color space. You can do the "same thing" with curves or any of the other controls. You don't need a LUT. What you see is what you get. You don't need to change the timeline color space either, it just changes how the color controls feels. Just grade on your P3 monitor and be happy, don't complicate things.
  8. The academy recommend scene referred because their system is based on it. It's perfectly fine to work display referred, that's what most people do. You don't need to work through a LUT either, even though I personally prefer to do so for creative reasons. With display referred, what you see is what you get as long as your monitoring is set up correctly. I recommend watching the color workflow course on lowepost as it covers both methods and also the IPP2 workflow for RED.
  9. Is it possible to have both the player windows and the inspector panel open at the same time? I'm working on a title in the main player window and want to compare it with the title on the offline version in the left player window.
  10. I'm on the newest Mac Pro and it's super fast, but the playback speed in the edit tab is very slow and laggy. Any reason for that?
  11. Yeah that's really annoying, it forces me to apply grain on clip level or on an adjustment layer because I don't want it to affect the graphics.
  12. Click on the disconnected database and it will display the original path.
  13. I have an issue when setting in and out points on the timeline in the edit module in DaVinci Resolve. It looks like I'm not hitting the exact start and end of the clip. Is the frame divided into subframes? What's the point with this, and how can I change it?
  14. Seems like the issue is because the graphic is scaled down and re positioned. I have changed scaling from sharper to smoother but it doesn't help much. It looks find when still but looks really bad when hitting play.