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  1. Hey Paul. So you suggest just using a color transform on the SLog clips to make them P3? Is the color transform more trustworthy?? Thanks for you help,
  2. Hi there, So I have a question about the sequencing of LUTs in DaVinci Resolve version 12.5. If I have an "Input LUT" in the Project Settings, does that affect the film footage BEFORE or AFTER the LUT applied by right-clicking on a film clip in the "media/color page"?? I want to grade in P3 and I am converting clips from Rec709->P3 in the "Project Settings" Input LUT. But for the SLog clips (couldn't find a Slog to P3 LUT), I went into the Media page and added a LUT to convert from SLog to Rec709 just for those clips. Do they then become the "Input LUT" after the conversion to Rec709?? Am I seeing this the right way? The footage looks quite "good" on the monitor, but I just don't want to be "twisting" the signal, so to speak, before I get it to the grading step. Thanks in advance for any help, Jeffrey Yaworski
  3. Hey Margus, Wonderful. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate it. That sounds awesome. Unfortunately, I dont have alot of time to test before the Clients arrive, so I think my ACES adventure will have to wait for a project, where there is a bit more time to prepare, and test. But like I said thanks so much for your tips, and knowledge. Until next time, Jeffrey
  4. Hi there guys, Brand new to the forum today. Have a quick question about ACES. I have been working in Post-Production for a few years, but ACES is somewhat new to me. I am grading a Documentary film that is a mix of Sony FS5, Sony FS7, and masses of Archive footage from different sources being delivered in Rec709. The Doc is being graded in P3 in the cinema. Also there will be some exchange of shots with the VFX house. Question: Is there anything that speaks against using an ACES workflow in a situation like this. Not many of my colleagues have used ACES before so if I get in a tight spot, there wouldn't really be anyone who could give me advice. Can anyone see any potential problems? Also: In my understanding, after doing a Cinema grade in P3, to then move over to the HD Mastering, I would just need to swap out the ODT, and do some minor corrections? Am I correct in that? Does the change of ODT also take the gamma change into account? Thanks for any help, Jeffrey