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  1. https://lowepost.com/insider/discounts/popular-post-production-tools-r39/ check this link above for discounts
  2. https://timeinpixels.com/nobe-omniscope/ or https://www.divergentmedia.com/scopebox
  3. About the calibration Lut which is in the project setting it shouldn't effect your scope unless you check the Hide UI overlays in the playback setting. but as @Tom Evanshe said it's better to load your calibration LUT to the monitor and use external scopes
  4. check this in project setting under General option Use S-curve for contrast: On by default, this checkbox sets the contrast control in the Color Wheels palette to apply an “S-curve” to the image, such that the shadows and highlights of a signal will not be clipped when you increase the value. If you would prefer for these contrast adjustments to be made linearly, and for the signal to be allowed to clip when you reach the upper and lower boundaries of the video signal, you can turn this checkbox off. Davinci resolve 16 refrance manual page 165
  5. Very nice work form Benoit Cote to work in Lab color space https://cote-b.com/jacobs-ladder-a-late-introduction/
  6. yes in the fusion node there is 3 dots so the 3rd one in the right is for the output, or you can press 3 in the keyboard.
  7. just expand the keyframe palette
  8. I faced this issue before in Resolve 14.2 when there is a compound node in the node tree.