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Found 5 results

  1. I've recently written an article for the blog about vfx workflows with Nuke, Flame, After Effects and Resolve/Fusion. Would love any feedback or perspectives on the information: Thanks, love this site!
  2. Hi! Maybe this is discussed earlier in this forum but I couldn't find it on the page. If you, like me, come from Nuke and need to do comp in fusion one big problem is that the shortcuts are not the same which makes life a living hell. Found this on github which solves this problem: This works with Fusion standalone and Resolve with integrated Fusion. Just copy the folders from the zip to both: /users/xxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/Fusion/ /users/xxxxxx/Library/Application Support/Blackmagic Design/DaVinci Resolve/Fusion/ Works Like a charm! E
  3. Hi folks, almost forgot to post this one - a new tutorial that shows how to setup the Python bridge between SCRATCH and Nuke 🙂 .
  4. Hello, I'm looking for some clarification, real world examples and best practice of using BLG workflow (in ACES) between BL, Flame and Nuke. Lets say if you have project shot with one camera things are pretty straight forward. Fun starts when you have timeline with Alexa mov, mxf and Arri Raw, few Red shots, little bit of Phantom Cine (that can not be loaded in Flame it seams) and few other exotic cameras and of course shots from CGI. I'm curious how other people tackle this problem. Especially from the Nuke side, since options in BLG for Flame are quite clear. What would be the best way to prep this kind of project? Thanks, Nikola
  5. Hi. Have not posted long time here but now i feel to need to spread some words on my digital desktop. I wonder if anyone has lately some experience on subject? I'm doing one job now where 90% is VFX in one way or another and now i do all the versioning manually. Sure we could set up fusion connect to all of this but we have not done this yet. Probably will test with next job. As all VFX come from post house using mainly Nuke then it would be reasonable to have a go on Generations but as there is not much information about it at the moment floating it got me wondering if it would help me at all? Any ideas or experiences would be helpful. Maybe i'm also barking under wrong tree and should go with some other grading platform that would connect better to Nuke or Nuke Studio? Ideally i would like at tool that would plug in to Nuke somehow or Fusion in that matter but non of this seems to exist now or possibly i'm missing it somehow. There has been a link for video that describes this clever way of getting Nuke to render directly to Resolve timeline as Fusion connect asset but i can ot find that video now. The basic concept was that nuke could render to pre set folder structure that had version number in file or folder name and in Resolve those would pop up as new asses on premade place. So in that way it is really doable it seems. One thing that comes to mind is that way would not update external matte and would still need some manual hand holding but all other aspects would be covered like versioning from shot to shot. Sure BM has long way to go on that matter i would say. I'm not really keen to go with Nuke Studio for now. I i'm really hoping that i could one day grade on the VFX assets directly somehow in one way or the other. Now it is done either layering or external mattes which also works but not that super fine as i would like it to be. I have done both commercials and features that are really vfx heavy and in a way it is a mess every time if you do it manually. Sure it is not that super bad but annoying still. My vfx house was nice in that sense that all the naming and lengths and color science were spot on and clean. Then again i come to another matter. RED settings in nuke is another layer of things you have to manage if you do not render out plates yourself. We will see if aces will make that part better for us next time. All the ideas pointers and discussions are very welcome here on the topic despite the origin doing it in Resolve.