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  1. You can also use Timespeed with speed set to 0, you can choose the frame with delay parameter.
  2. Luma mix will affect lift-gamma-gain and the curves, because those use the YRGB processing, but offset is pure RGB, and luma mix has no effect on it.
  3. I think the Arri lut causes that shift in the other channels.
  4. You need to connect RGB to alpha, not alpha to alpha.
  5. Looks like you're on mac, so likely the issue is with color management and the wide gamut display.
  6. Yo can also add extra cuts with crossfades where the color is changing, that's usually easier to manage than one shot with lots of keyframes.
  7. I'd do what Lee said as well, stabilize the shot, paint, and then invert the stabilization.
  8. Have you looked into using Nuke Studio as the central hub instead of BL?
  9. I don't worry about viewers gamma and viewing conditions because those are out of hands anyway. What is important with many projects is to make sure that the grades work also on smaller devices like phones and tablets, something that looks moody on a big TV might just look really dull on a small screen, so one would need to find a compromise that works on both.
  10. I haven't seen the keyboard used in real life, but on the demo he kept the trim button pressed down while jogging with the wheel. But I'll check this from some people who are in NAB now. EDIT: Confirmed that this is how the trims work.
  11. Grant said that there will be a left-handed version also. The trim buttons in the bmd keyboard work like modifier keys for the jog wheel, and I think that is quite a bit faster and intuitive than first selecting a trim mode, then adjusting the trim, and then switching to another mode
  12. Single SSD would be fine for the R3D's, but the bottleneck for the playback is the CPU and GPU power, not the drive speed.
  13. If you render out of Resolve with "no ODT", you would bring those shots back as "no IDT". In Fusion you'd use OCIO only for viewing, but not for rendering.
  14. you can create a line with polygon or b-spline, and use that as a mask