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  1. Jussi Rovanperä

    From RED to Alexa color transform

    I would transform to redwidegamut/3g10 and then color transform from that to awg/logc. Going to DG/RG4 or DG2/RLF might clip some values.
  2. Jussi Rovanperä

    USB3 transfer speed from internal disk

    Single HD speed is in that range, so that's the bottleneck if you're not using ssd's or Raid's.
  3. Jussi Rovanperä

    Colour literature

    You should check "If it's purple someone's gonna die", here's a link
  4. Jussi Rovanperä

    Printer Lights

    Mistika has keyboard shortcuts for RGB Gain, Lift and Gain+Lift (offset)
  5. Jussi Rovanperä

    Resolve Gamma 2.4 vs Rec709 (Scene)

    In Resolve, rec709 gamma is bt.1886 formula, srgb is the srgb formula, gamma 2.2 and gamma 2.4 are pure gamma functions, like gamma 2.2 is linear^(1/2.2) and gamma 2.4 is linear^(1/2.4). gamma 2.2 is very close to srgb formula, but gamma 2.4 is quite different from bt1886.
  6. Jussi Rovanperä

    BL and aces pushing hard

    Most of the Aces issues seem to be caused by AP1, it's small compared to camera gamuts like AWG or RWG, so colors that are out of gamut for AP1 end up in strange places.
  7. Jussi Rovanperä

    Linearize between Colorspace Transforms

    If you set the CST input gamma to 709 and output gamma to cineon, the footage will be linearised between the transforms, and if you do a color space transform in the same node, that is then done in linear - between the gamma transforms.
  8. Jussi Rovanperä

    Merge clips after scene cut detection

    If you delete the clips from the media pool, and bring in the original clip, it should link to the timeline and then you can merge the cuts.
  9. You're talking about base grade here? I think a important point is that the tone curve is tweaked in Lab, so even if the curve becames quite flat at some areas, it doesn't affect the color. The same curve in RGB would gray out those flat areas.
  10. A typical normal exposure would be around 0.4-0.45, darker shots would be 0.2 - 0.3. But there are a few different methods of how to set the exposures and ranges in a grade.
  11. Not a stupid question Usually I set it where the mid gray is, and keep the same range settings for the whole scene. If the pivot is set to same region, then the contrast control and the log shadows / highlights work together nicely.
  12. IMO those resolve default ranges for the log tools are useless, I set both ranges to the same value, so the curve is softer, and only use shadows and highlights. It beats me why they haven't added an adjustable rolloff.
  13. Jussi Rovanperä

    Shadow glow

    key shadows, blur the key and drop the gamma.
  14. Jussi Rovanperä

    DeckLink Video Delay

    I have a small delay with PCI Mini Monitor, both with Hdmi and SDI out, maybe 1 or 2 frames.
  15. Jussi Rovanperä

    Tint with offset controls

    You could think of the R and B channel as white balance, and G channel as tint. With printer points in Resolve you could adjust color balance by pressing (at the same time) 7 and 6 (warmer) or 4 and 9 (cooler), and then separately adjusting G for tint.