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  1. Jussi Rovanperä

    This is DaVinci Resolve 16

    I haven't seen the keyboard used in real life, but on the demo he kept the trim button pressed down while jogging with the wheel. But I'll check this from some people who are in NAB now. EDIT: Confirmed that this is how the trims work.
  2. Jussi Rovanperä

    This is DaVinci Resolve 16

    Grant said that there will be a left-handed version also. The trim buttons in the bmd keyboard work like modifier keys for the jog wheel, and I think that is quite a bit faster and intuitive than first selecting a trim mode, then adjusting the trim, and then switching to another mode
  3. Jussi Rovanperä

    Best way to run Raw footage?

    Single SSD would be fine for the R3D's, but the bottleneck for the playback is the CPU and GPU power, not the drive speed.
  4. Jussi Rovanperä

    ACES workflow between DaVinci and Fusion

    If you render out of Resolve with "no ODT", you would bring those shots back as "no IDT". In Fusion you'd use OCIO only for viewing, but not for rendering.
  5. Jussi Rovanperä

    Open Splines for Masking

    you can create a line with polygon or b-spline, and use that as a mask
  6. Jussi Rovanperä

    Resolve windows bug

    Same here.
  7. Jussi Rovanperä

    Fix node structure

    Walter posted an earlier version in facebook, and wrote a little breakdown of the nodes. I saved it because I thought this is an interesting approach.
  8. Jussi Rovanperä

    Fix node structure

    For projects with hundreds/thousands of cuts, it makes sense to have a fixed structure. I've been using 16 serial nodes, and "Switching clips selects" is set to "same node", so when you change clips, the same node stays active. For short projects it doesn't really matter.
  9. Jussi Rovanperä

    Decompose a Fusion clip

    AFAIK you can't.
  10. Jussi Rovanperä

    From RED to Alexa color transform

    I would transform to redwidegamut/3g10 and then color transform from that to awg/logc. Going to DG/RG4 or DG2/RLF might clip some values.
  11. Jussi Rovanperä

    USB3 transfer speed from internal disk

    Single HD speed is in that range, so that's the bottleneck if you're not using ssd's or Raid's.
  12. Jussi Rovanperä

    Colour literature

    You should check "If it's purple someone's gonna die", here's a link
  13. Jussi Rovanperä

    Printer Lights

    Mistika has keyboard shortcuts for RGB Gain, Lift and Gain+Lift (offset)
  14. Jussi Rovanperä

    Resolve Gamma 2.4 vs Rec709 (Scene)

    In Resolve, rec709 gamma is bt.1886 formula, srgb is the srgb formula, gamma 2.2 and gamma 2.4 are pure gamma functions, like gamma 2.2 is linear^(1/2.2) and gamma 2.4 is linear^(1/2.4). gamma 2.2 is very close to srgb formula, but gamma 2.4 is quite different from bt1886.
  15. Jussi Rovanperä

    BL and aces pushing hard

    Most of the Aces issues seem to be caused by AP1, it's small compared to camera gamuts like AWG or RWG, so colors that are out of gamut for AP1 end up in strange places.