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  1. Hey Andrea, Thank you very much for the response. Very helpful!
  2. David thank you very much for that info. Very interesting, particularly that nots on the PCC software. In the past I have seen definite constant offsets. 3hrs comes to mind. But not with this lates job we had. This one was all kind of random. And so it appears that resolve was not the system used to generate the transcodes that the editor used. Our solution going forward is going to be to not only get the raw cine files but the transcodes used. This way in resolve we can assing the code from those transcodes to the cine so we can use the client xml to conform the spots. Not the greatest solution but it works. Thanks again!
  3. Thank you for the response David. I didnt do such a hot job explaining. Sorry. This is all about timecode and conforming. I'm supplied an XML and ref pic from the editorial company. When I try to conform my spot with that xml and ref pic- no files link on resolve. . It seems to me that the resolve does not "read" (for lack of a better word) the timecode correctly off my cine files. As an example file 4662_P5_8 when that file is dropped in resolve the start timecode on it is 19:45:22:02 Same file on baselight and phantom cine player the timecode on that file is 23:45:22:02 And that 23:45:22:02 is the code that is in the clients XML. So its a bit of a hassle to conform these spots on resolve. So I was just trying to figure out why resolve reads the timecode on that file differently than its read on cine player and baselight. Thanks.
  4. Hi. Relatively new resolve user here. Had a .cine job the other day and it looked to me like resolve was not reading the code off the .cine files correctly. I did a couple searches and I saw some threads from years back about there being some issues with this but nothing really recent. Still an issue? I tried switching the raw file settings for cine in resolve prefs but nothing changed as far as the way the code was being read. Baselight and Phantom Cine Player read the code the same and that matches what was on the client edl. Ended up just changing the code for each shot in the resolve media pool to match the way the code is read by baselight and that worked. running 17.2.1 Any other work arounds? Thanks
  5. Glenn

    RDC folders

    Great! Thanks for the responses. Much appreciated!
  6. Pretty new to resolve. So I have all my red ftg on my storage in RDC folders but when I browse on resolve and add to the media pool I don't see the RDC folders..only R3D file. Sorry if this is a total newb question. Is this normal?