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  1. Nicolas Hanson

    Color Correction of Projected Images

    Hi Lewis. You should have a professional calibrator to calibrate your projector. Then you should probably color correct your image by looking at the output of your protector.
  2. Nicolas Hanson

    Render burned-in subtitles DaVinci Resolve

    I have subtitles on the second timeline track in DaVinci Resolve, but it doesn't burn-in when I render a MP4 h.264. Any idea why?
  3. Nicolas Hanson

    Premiere Pro templates for commercial use?

    Is the graphic templates that follows Adobe Premiere Pro free for commercial use?
  4. Nicolas Hanson

    Morph Cut in DaVinci Resolve

    Ok, so that's what Resolve calls "smooth cut"?
  5. Nicolas Hanson

    Morph Cut in DaVinci Resolve

    Premiere got a Morph Cut feature, anything similar in DaVinci Resolve? In the edit, The morph cut effect is used to morph between two close-ups to hide a jump-cut, and I need to recreate the effect.
  6. Nicolas Hanson

    Filmic image possible just by grading?

    Input = Log Node 2 = Draw an S-curve Node 1 = Adjust lift, gamma gain What Emily is telling you is that the adjustments made on node 1 will be altered by the shape of the curve on node 2, and this way you will get to more interesting results than the single tools alone.
  7. Nicolas Hanson

    Tracking a light beam matte overlay in Resolve

    Hi Jeremy. You are not doing anything wrong by adding the mattes to a top track and using the blending modes. The only difference from adding the matte as a matte clip is that that latter lets you loop the clip. Copying track data from node to node on the same clip is possible, but from clip to clip is not possible. It makes no sense that this should be possible in the color module. Tracking the way you want to use it is an important part of visual effects worl and In Davinci Resolve this feature belongs to and is possible in Fusion.
  8. Nicolas Hanson

    Please help me find the color!

  9. Nicolas Hanson

    Scene cut detection and dissolves

    Sometimes clients only deliver a submaster like a ProRes with dissolves. I run it through the scene cut detection tool inside of DaVinci Resolve but I always struggle a bit when I need to color clips before and after a dissolve. What would be yours approach on that?
  10. Nicolas Hanson

    Interview with Maxine Gervais–-full/video/5835518663001/ibc2018-full-interview-with-maxine-gervais-technicolor?autoStart=true
  11. Nicolas Hanson

    Greens in skintones headache

    Use the offset wheel to dial in the color balance and use the skin tone as the reference of interest. That works 99% of the times.
  12. Nicolas Hanson

    Duotone tutorial

    Great tutorial, I learned a lot from this. I haven't thought of using the channel mixer this way earlier. Clever method.
  13. Do you know it's possible to disable all the nodes in the timeline without doing it manually on every clip? Need this to render a clean version.
  14. Nicolas Hanson

    Fixing makeup in grading session.

    Why would you need make-up artists or gaffers on set if you could fix makeup and relight the set in post? If the scene is lit poorly and the make-up is bad you should tell them to put some more money into production next time. I hate the word budget, and especially when problems are routed to post. To be nice, I would probably not give them the speach but let them know that skin replacement is a job for the VFX department and that colorists mainly handle colors. You could reduce some midtone details, draw the attention elsewhere in the shot or try to use color smart ways, but nothing can beat bad make-up. The OFX beauty mask could be worth a try as well.
  15. Nicolas Hanson

    DeckLink Video Delay

    Don't let anyone tell you that this is normal. It's not.