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  1. Great write-up! I made the switch last year and I have not looked back once because the color science is another level and helps me get better results without that much more effort. Also agree that the interface is a bit old school, but you'll get used to it.
  2. Yeah that's one of my fav features too, I used to key the highlights and decrease contrast within that range but now Ravengrades Vol/Ratio handles it for me - with a roll of that makes it look good every time.
  3. If you have access to Ravengrade for Resolve, there are several film print emulations there that will work perfectly as a starting point for these types of looks. The rich and bold film contrast, tinting and strong restricted primary colors.
  4. Ravengrade is insane! Got it yesterday.
  5. I'm using the remote grade feature on a documentary where an interview is recorded on multiple clips. Any way to "link" those clips together someway, so that my grade applies to all those clips and not only the particular clip that belongs to the one I apply the grade too?
  6. They just announced their largest masterclass so far coming later this month.
  7. Mitch is on the contributor list now, so it's reasonable to think that his film print emulations are implemented in the Plugin. I'm first in line to get my hands on that product when the official sale opens.
  8. You can't delete parts of an audio clip embedded in a video clip. Do you mean to automatically delete parts of an audio track on the timeline where the sample plot is not bouncing? Not possible.
  9. Resolve is full range internally, so what you see on your desktop monitor is black at zero. The MP4 file you are looking at is legal range in QT, so what you see on your desktop monitor is black at 16 IRE. You should not work this way, but watch your grade on a proper color grading monitor. What you see on the grading montor will match what you see on your QT if set up correctly because of the way it handles the video signal.
  10. Yeah, even out of my comfort zone. Filmlight is a company that regularly speak and promote in channels where 90% can't afford their products. If they want to honor the craft, they should change their pricing model or bring an affordable product to the table.
  11. I suggest you guys use your time on writing a product that people actually can afford instead of arranging events like this.
  12. I think they are quite similar really when it comes to silver. You could try to de-connect the RGB channels and draw a luma curve. It will increase the silver. You could also use the top part of the curve to compress the highlights or flatten them out. And, play with the midtone details slider to reduce sharpness.
  13. Would need to see how the lighting is on the shots you are working on to determine which techniques to use to get there. Need to know what's already taken care of and what challenges you face.