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  1. I have a brightness/contrast node after the mediaIn2 and the third node is a merge that is connected to MediaIn1. When I adjust the brightness it affects the whole image. Why is it like that? Shouldn't it only affect MediaIn2? How can I force it to only affect the brightness of MediaIn2?
  2. Is there any way to get DaVinci Resolve to float? Now it's either minimized or full screen so that I can't reach anything on my desktop. I'm on Mac.
  3. You mean importing the external clip with a loader and output the alpha to the color module?
  4. And what if I want to grade the external clip?
  5. For some reason is works if I tick the loop button...
  6. What if I want to change the grade after the comp is done?
  7. I'm trying to sort out what is the best way to set up a simple composting workflow in DaVinci Resolve Fusion. I have my main color graded shot and a couple of external shots that should be brought in and comped in on top of the main shot. My main concerns are that I'm prevented from creating a "new fusion clip" from the edit tab because (1) My main shot is graded and I want to be able to continue grade on it after the comp is done. (2) When I enter the Fusion tab I'm presented with the log shot but I want to do the comp one top of the graded shot (3) I want to be able to change what part of the external clip to use in the comp. So, That leads me to working inside of the Fusion tab without merging the clips using the "new fusion clip" command in the edit module. Then I can import the external clips with the loader node instead which lets me adjust what part of the external clips to use. It also allows me to regrade the main shot after the comp. But, I'm still can't comp on the graded shot. I know I can load a LUT but that will not do it in this case. I understand that comping a log shot with external log images is the preferred method sometimes, but what about those cases when you have linear images such as a jpg to be tracked onto a bus etc? Then I guess it would be better to comp on a graded image etc and not apply a grade on top of everything. Any thoughts?
  8. It looks like this is just an issue with the b-spline. When I add one of the other masks to the alpha input of the input node it doesn't change the scale. Is this a known bug? Workaround?
  9. I want to scale down the image and draw the shape on top of the scaled down image, sounds quite simple but I can't wrap my head around how this is processed. I scaled down the image with a transform node , and now I want to use a b-spline to create a mask. When I draw the shape and connect the b-spline to the media input it automatically scales down the shape. It's like it's applying the scale data from the second node (transform node). Why is this happening and how can I avoid this? I know I can add the spline after the transform (on the merge node) but that doesn't allow me to go back and change the position of the shape and the image simultaneously later on if I want that.
  10. Not sure what's the issue here, but for some reason I can't get anything else than still images to show in the viewers when importing through the loader node. I have connected it directly to the media out node without anything interfering and tried to send it out to both the viewers.
  11. How do I remove or delete key frames of my moving shapes in DaVinci Resolve Fusion? I know I can delete keyframes by right-clicking on the parameters on regular effects but it doesn't look like it works the same way on shapes.
  12. Any idea why the loader node in DaVinci Resolve Fusion turns red when I'm importing a video clip?
  13. Thank you Bruno, yeah that's what I usually do. I just prefer to scroll through and check the offline reference version this way, and even though it doesn't matte much they the size of the players are different it's quite annoying.
  14. Are there any "fit to screen" or anything that forces the two player windows on the editing module in DaVinci Resolve to stay the same? I'm comparing the main films with the offline reference and it's a bit annoying to adjust the player windows on each side to stay the same all the time. Especially when switching between different aspect ratios for a social media delivery.
  15. Amazing course! I have watched all the color grading courses online and this is definitely the best! I have to say loud that I think the "advanced" and "insider" color courses out there are nothing else than pure crap. It's indie guys without any theoretical or practical understanding of color theory experimenting with sending the color wheels in all directions without a purpose, destroying the images and creating useless looks nobody wants to see. I have seen tons of that crap and I know I will never use a penny on one of those sites ever again. I also want to say that I received the "colorist newsletter" today from some of the same guys and this course wasn't mentioned once. Even though all the buzz it has created in the colorist community and how extremely well it has been received by many of the colorists on the very top. Go figure. Thanks for creating this course and all the other high quality courses on the site. I will stand by your side with my support and I hope the rest of the community will too.