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  1. Nicolas Hanson

    Color Management Workflow in DaVinci Resolve

    Finally some next level workflow stuff, I love it!
  2. Nicolas Hanson

    Change File Source

    That sounds like a bug, it works here but I will investigate a little here on my end.
  3. Nicolas Hanson

    NAB rumors?

    Any NAB rumors or lacks our there? Any serious price drops from the most expensive software developers or big software news? DaVinci Resolve news?
  4. Nicolas Hanson

    Reduce edge contrast

    What a great thread!
  5. Nicolas Hanson

    Cinema 4D?

    Have any of you worked with Cinema4D for motion graphics? I have been working with After Effects for a decade but want to look into 3D stuff and I know many use those two in combination.
  6. Nicolas Hanson

    stabalize time/hyperlapses

    Lesson 20 in the Fusion VFX intro course is about stabilization too.
  7. What is the best way to interpret Drone footage (DNG files)?
  8. Nicolas Hanson

    OSEE LCM240-E 24inch Post Production Monitor

    I have not, but would consider Eizo. Cheaper than FSI and used by many colorists.
  9. Nicolas Hanson

    Background clean-up in After Effects

    Very useful techniques for any After Effects work!
  10. Nicolas Hanson

    Color Space Transform

    I work with the LUT that is provided by the DOP (the camera LUT), and apply it at node level so that I can grade before and after it.
  11. Nicolas Hanson

    Render graded clips without grade in Davinci Resolve

    Found it, it's still in the advanced settings.
  12. Nicolas Hanson

    Render graded clips without grade in Davinci Resolve

    It was called "render with flat pass" in earlier versions but can't find it when I'm looking now.
  13. Nicolas Hanson

    USB3 transfer speed from internal disk

    What is the normal transfer speed on USB 3 from an external disk to an internal disk on a Windows PC? I reach 140 MB/s maximum
  14. Nicolas Hanson

    SCRATCH Essential Training

    This is a course I'm looking forward to!
  15. Nicolas Hanson

    Copy layers from one composition to another in After Effects

    Thanks you Davi, Alt+Ctrl+V inserts the layers exactly where I want!