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  1. Amazing lessons. Specially the "node color mixing" chapter opens a world of possibilities of much a much controlled workflow. Only because of this single tutorial it has been well worth following the course. The pace of Mr. P. McAuliffe is slow enough to really understand all the concepts he is teaching. There is nothing worse than a tutorial where the ponent races through the lesson. What I like so much in Lowepost is that all the courses are not only enlightening to the audience but are also presented well organized and easy to follow.
  2. Just started the Fusion Fundamentals. That is exactly what I was looking for. Very well explained and at the right pac (slow) for beginners. Really wish I could have discovered sooner. Double thumbs up for the teacher. There are so many tutorials in youtube where people run to fast for non native english speakers and explain too many concepts at once that it is really great to be able to have this one to slowly bake in all the instrument this software has to offer.
  3. I missed those as I could not find the "Fusion Fundamentals" in the Lowepost library and the "Introduction to visual effects in Fusion" was to advanced for me as I could not make my mind around how the whole node organization worked from the start especially coming from Photoshop that works with layers. Now that I have followed the Blackmagic official Fusion in Davinci 45 minutes video and that of VFX I understand more how to organize the node structure. I am sure that I can jump now into the "Introduction to visual effects in Fusion" one. Thank you very much for pointing me to those two courses.
  4. Thank you. I finally found an amazing course for free and I have to say that for the first time I am following along quite well. This free Fusion inside Davinci Resolve 16 is a must for all those people that have no previous knowledge of Fusion. VFXStudy
  5. Thank you. I will visit the channel on Vimeo you mentioned. As I am starting I need basic tutorials, very simple stuff so that a-ha moment gets me because every video I see on youtube even for simple actions my mind explodes.......This days of confinement I hope I can get a grip of this beast.
  6. I also agree that a Basic Fusion tutorial for those that have not a clue about motion graphics would be great. Fusion is the Toughest part by par inside Davinci Resolve. There are hundreds of Davinci Resolve Color grading that repeat themselves adnauseum but great Fusion tutorials can be counted with 1 hand. Please many people would be very grateful if you focus more into this overwhelming piece of software. It is tough,complex,convoluted not intuitive at all. A step by step guide from the basics would be really helpful.
  7. The course is really great. But I have to say that Fusion is really in its infancy. Such a complicated and convoluted piece of software. Not intuitive at all. I hope they make it much more user friendly because such simple task take so long. As much as I like Resolve over Premiere I think that After Effects is still heads and shoulders over Fusion.
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    Great show. Thank you for the explanation