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  1. Thanks Jussi, So I take it that within Resolve Studio, you can only output EXR files with the Saver node, but within Fusion Studio you can output a variety of image formats beyond EXR.
  2. In VR output, how do I output a project with correct dimensions to a MOV or MP4 file?
  3. I am currently studying your course on 360VR AND STEREOSCOPIC 3D IN DAVINCI RESOLVE. Thank you for being thorough in your approach but I am having trouble with rendering out settings or using an HMD to view and final output to a a headset. The final lessons briefly touches on viewing anaglyph and much time is spent on stills converted to 3D 360. But I am needing more explanation on combining existing top bottom VR footage for an edit in Resolve and Fusion. Do you have any advice on how to approach a 3d 360 top bottom edit in VR within Resolve and Fusion?