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  2. There some visuals that help with understanding color matrices here.
  3. On macOS if you install the plugin, the LUTs can be found in: /Library/Application Support/CrumplePop/Koji Advance/Cube
  4. sRGB has the 2.4 gamma part in the middle. Rec.709 is 1/0.45. In any case this is just the encoding/transfer function. Which is different than the decoding/display gamma. (Gamma 2.4). The combination results in an end-to-end system gamma that isn't 1.0 but rather around 1.2 to compensate for viewing environment.
  5. Yea, you still linked to the wrong product. For video you should be linking people to the DFT suite which includes a light plugin, but for video. Linking to the Light plugin product page takes them to a product that only works with still applications
  6. That's for DFT. You posted a link for Light. Light doesn't work for video/film applications. These filters do however:
  7. These might be useful. Digital Color Management Basics: Intro for Motion Pictures
  8. Meh. The only validation I need is knowing that the people paying me like my work. DPs, Editors, Directors, Cinematographers, etc all know what credit to look for and where to look. I don't think it's that big of a deal. The whole process is collaborative and I'd rather focus on gaining respect amongst my peers and industry colleagues, rather than where my name lists in the credits
  9. When is Resolve Stills coming out? Haha I want to stop using Lightroom and Capture One for my still work all together Resolve is so powerful and I feel like even with 90% of the tools taken out and some better RAW support/adjustments and modified asset management and UI, a version could be sold as Resolve Stills and it would be more successful than any of the current tools in photography, except Photoshop.
  10. Quick video of Printing Density ICC method I was experimenting with. Using the Resolve Rec.709 Kodak 2383 D65 LUT and Adobe's Kodak 5205 Printing Density ICC.
  11. I agree about color correcting by hand, I always tend to get the best results when I just do it manually. I'm a color geek though so I just like to experiment with these types of transforms to try and see what happens. The ICC profile experiment was based off this presentation I saw online: No clue if it's even accurate or this technique is even relevant anymore, I haven't heard any updates and I believe Lars Borg from Adobe is currently working on ACES. Interesting technique to try though. With the Colorchecker chart, I use the SG but my primary use case is a bit different. I deal with still camera RAWs which benefit from having the extra patches and extended gamut of the SG vs. the standard or the CC Video. The biggest issue I have with the SG is lighting it evenly due to the gloss