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  1. Matt Floryan

    Defining Density and Tone

    thanks so much cameronrad. I got some reading to do
  2. Matt Floryan

    Defining Density and Tone

    After reading so many of the case studies, there is a ton of references to "adding density and tone" to the image. Is this referring to adding contrast? I feel like density is a subjective term and can mean one thing to one colorist and something different to another. Can some give a more elaborate explanation of density and how one applies it to the image. I work in Resolve so if anyone has any techniques within that software, that would be great. thanks!
  3. I really appreciate all the great advice. This really helps. Thanks!
  4. This seems like a basic question but wanted to get some insight on it. It is all about setting a proper balance dealing with log type footage. When using a film emulation LUT to expand contrast and implement a color "look", the image is going to have some type of color bias built into the math of the LUT. How are you suppose to "balance your shot" when using a LUT like this? I understand that you want to balance your shot to correct for any white balance issues but how are you suppose to achieve this with a film emulation LUT? Do you expand the contrast manually, add another node and apply balance, then reset the contrast node and apply the film emulation LUT? I hope this makes sense. thanks so much for your help.