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  1. I think what u r trying to say is texture/rich contrast. A punchy looking image. Play with your luminance tools. Lift gamma gain. That's the best there is. Always lower your highlights. Keep them soft. Play with the mid tone to keep the image bulky, by lowering it too. You will start to see the difference. Keep a good reference. It's all in your lift gamma gain. Sat VS Lum is another good tool to play with.
  2. Hi guys, is there someway to make my LUT batch export from Davinci get labeled according to the timeline TC in of the respective shots, as opposed to shot number. Can I change the label attributes? Thanks
  3. Lucidlink is the best I know. Very efficient. Its a virtual server basically.
  4. Works thanks, markers or annotations I like to flip bsck and forth between shots for matching and whats really bugging me is that my tengent ripple is extremely fast, how can I slow it dowm. Thanks a bunch.
  5. How you would grab still in just as u would in Davinci which allows you to grab both the grade applied with current frame as preview?
  6. Does this software support import precomformed edl like Davinci does on a single export file.
  7. Davinci WG. I hope this is as beautiful as Tlog. Super excited HDR wheels, now I dont have to miss BL Basegrade. Texture pop. Always wanted a texture equaliser tool at the top of the layer, or appended to the end of my node structure. The magic mask thingy is a game changer. And I am stoked.
  8. Use the delete button. When u use the backspace to delete it deletes only the clio, but delete deletes both the clip and space.
  9. I did. They came up with stories, like, we are sorry, its due to the holidays... WTF.
  10. Hi guys, does any one have experience purchasing from B&H. I ordered 2 items 11 days first they said they were going on an holiday but did not announce it until after billing me for my two items. They claimed they would be back on the twelve of Oct, 9am, which was yesterday. Even after paying for my item and checking out since the 2nd, my card has been billed an extra three times, $17, $1 and another $1. Is this a scam site? The status of my order still says processing, even though on the 2nd they claimed I would receive it in 4 to 7 working days.
  11. On the top left corner in the media page, where the drives are seen... Right click to add - (drive). Cos if the drive is not added yet, you cant drag and drop
  12. Adéyẹmi

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    In lesson 9 Where you talked about importing a preconformed EDL incase u only have only an exported copy to work with. You talked about importing - select - "preconformed EDL" Does this work with xml as well. Because I also noticed an edl/xml option right above preconformed xml. 2. Since u have both a preconformed EDL and EDL option separately, what is the difference between these two.
  13. Adéyẹmi

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    OK I got you. Would it work with an xml as well. Or only EDL.
  14. Adéyẹmi

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    How do u export a preconformed edl from premiere for use in Davinci