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  1. Plz give me some suggestions and tips for a feature Film black and white grade...
  2. In recent time I grade a web series keeping my Baselight SDI output setting 4:2:2 full to legal . When I saw the output in another machine keeping setting 4:4:4 RGB full to legal, it's look like shadow up and look my not poper grading. I don't understand why happened. As I know 4:2:2 and 4:4:4 effect only chroma label. Usually I kept my settings 4:4:4RGB full to legal. Plz help me to understand...
  3. Usually I grade in SDR in ACES workflow. And I keep my viewing colour space ACES : Cineon Log / APO. But after this article read I just test the those theree type of viewing colour space , 1) ACEScc : ACEScc / AP1 2) ACEScct : ACEScct / AP1 3)ACES : Cineon Log / APO I feel when I import Arri mov. rush in Cineon Log it's giving some clipping highlights than the other two and also in Cineon Log when I saturated too much it's became pixlete colour but the other two are not giving . I also want to know difference between the REC.2020:ST 2084PQ/Rec.2020/108nit REC.2020:ST 2084PQ/Rec.2020/600nit REC.2020:ST 2084PQ/Rec.2020/1000nit REC.2020:ST 2084PQ/Rec.2020/2000nits REC.2020:ST 2084PQ/Rec.2020/4000nits And when they use. Which viewing and mastering option is correct for HDR10 and Dolby Vision Grade
  4. I am using Baselight v5.2 and want to use Display look American night and negative look. My scene workflow is filmlight authorise Filmlight T-log/E-Gamut workflow and using T-Cam DRT. But when want to use Display look it's totally different look form the other workflow and all Colours are clipping . It's also same problem in Arri log C/wide gamut and viewing P3 colour space workflow but when I grade in DCI P3 working and viewing colour workflow look fine. Is there any setting for use Display look in T-cam workflow. thanks in advance....
  5. I am came from telecine style grading system. Now I want to shift my workflow to scene reffered colour space. In ACES I use Truelight video 1 DRT as give some low contrast. But problem is that when I import some type of shots that have pick highlights colour the highlight colour are cleping and that can't recover. I also use other all DRT but problem is same. Specifically red or blue colours are cleping. For this reason lots of DOP are not want to move in ACES but ACES is future. How I fix the problem. Is there any HighlightFix CTL in Baselight and how I get it and install it in Baselight
  6. If I am wrong... P3 in 2.6 gamma and rec709 in 2.4..when you grade in rec709 and project in theaters how its look as same as grade.. I think it would be gamma issue
  7. I am using Baselight 4.4m1. When I try to desaturate the shadow and Highlights by the the HSL Curve 'Lum VS Sat' ... then I was difficult to me because in our Baselight system there was no any 'Lum VS Sat' curve tool like as Resolve. In Baselight I find only the 'light VS Sat' curve by which tool I can't desat the highlight or shadows.. How I can do this with curve.... Not by use Any key
  8. Try yours settings... But result is like that... My DoP saying, he hasn't shootings like that
  9. Hi, Nikola Stefanovic, can you send me the yours saying Scene Settings and Colour Space Journey as I can test it...
  10. I am using Baselight from last 5 years. Basically in our film industry we are use mostly Arri or Red cameras. But in recent time a clint to me With his film shooting Sony F55 rush to grade. But when I import those Sony F55 clips, are looking not Poper S-log. My workflow viewing colour space DCI P3 and my working colour space is P3. Basically for Arri or Red raw rush I used imput formats are No Conversion. when I used imput formats No Conversion for Sony F55 clip they are looking linear. Instead of No conversion I set Atomatic for Sony imput formats but looking not Poper log which Resolve or other grading software are doing... My DoP was upset for me because he want to grade From log file. I Used Baselight 5.1 and results is same.. But we get the Metadata which have colour temperatures and ISO... not giving option to change S-LOG 2 or S-LOG 3...Also highlight are clipping and much bright than my DOP was shoot... How I get Poper log image... Plz help
  11. Hi! When I import footage in Baselight 5.1 in workflow film light T-cam all cut view footage are looking too much clipping. Also after grading all cut view footage are looking clipping... In the time of log turelight workflow all cut view are looking fine... Plz help...
  12. Hi, I want to buy professional lut for Baselight. PlZ let me know from which can I purchase the the advanced look lut. Is the colougrading central luts are applicable for Baselight. Plz send some link from which can I...
  13. Hi, Suddenly I faced a serious problem in my 5years Baselight useing carrier. I bl 4.4m1 VideoGrade RGB GANG button getting disable or hide in both Bl software layout and Blackboard. I can't able to ungang the RGB gang button in videoGrade. I search many setting in Baselight preferance setup but I am getting fail to ungang this. Is there any setting BL. PLZ help me.......