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  1. Abby Bader

    Media Manage RED footage

    Unfortunately, the 3RD file isn't possible to trim without transcoding to another format. Unless you need access to the RAW data you could edit the EDL to increase the time codes of each clip and transcode to any of the MXF flavors. That's more than good enough in most instances.
  2. Abby Bader

    35mm Archival Screenings

    That's a great list Frank, good luck with the screenings!
  3. Abby Bader

    Gamma curve enquiry

    Managing exposure and contrast is discussed in depth in many of the case studies on this site. I would especially recommend reading Trish Cahills case as you might pick up some interesting about that topic there.
  4. Abby Bader

    Color grading companies

    In that league? FotoKem, Technicolor, MPC, Mill, Sim +++ Check the credits in the case studies on this site, most are represented there.
  5. Abby Bader

    Questions and Rational Workflow

    I suggest that you read the case studies on this site as those will enlighten you on the use of printer lights and how common it is. There are many ways to set up nodes. Balancing and exposure adjustments first followed by looks is the most common. If you prefer to use printer points or primaries is totally up to you.
  6. Abby Bader

    MIDIGrade (Fantastic DIY Resolve Controller for Mac)

    Would be interesting to see a picture of your setup Dermot? ☺
  7. Abby Bader

    MIDIGrade (Fantastic DIY Resolve Controller for Mac)

    Fun gadget ☺
  8. Abby Bader

    Sharpness and resolution

    Study film images and you will see that the boldest contrast is in the mid tones, and to replicate that you need to learn a thing or two about contrast management. No, it will not give you a better contrast to desat the image, adjust contrast and bring color back. Play with the curves in conjunction with the primary controls. And make sure to read Trish Cahill's Hobbit article where she explains how to work the contrast.
  9. Abby Bader

    Sharpness and resolution

    The secret sauce is all about contrast management. You need to perfect the tonal curve, and also; most colorist favor heavier contrast in the mid tones than in the shadows as we're used to see in film.
  10. Abby Bader

    Effect that affects several clips

    Go to the edit tab, mark the clips, right click and choose "new compound clip". Now the clips will "group" into one clip and any effect you add on it will affect the nested clips. You can decompose any time.
  11. Abby Bader

    Skin tones when reducing highlights

    Would still be interesting to see it 😉
  12. Abby Bader

    Any tips for this promo?

    Healthy and fresh skin tones, I like it.
  13. Abby Bader

    Skin tones when reducing highlights

    Can you provide us with some stills, it might open up for other suggestions?
  14. Abby Bader

    Resolve 15

    I would love that!
  15. Abby Bader

    Davinci Resolve clip matches but don't link

    Sometimes DR doesn't "see" the clip, and one solution might be to right click on the clip in the media pool and choose "conform lock selected clip to the timeline". It's a way to force the clip and the offline timeline clip to speak together.