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  1. Abby Bader

    Beauty retouching

    I guess it's several ways to split the channels but something like a splitter combiner node or channel boolean should do the trick.
  2. Abby Bader

    Fusion Training Reviewed

    Good review!
  3. Abby Bader

    Save file in Photoshop

    I have opened several images in Photoshop and they are all lined up as separate documents. Then, when I try to save this PSD-file I only get the option to save the individual documents and not a PSD-file with all the documents inside? I might be incredible stupid but this makes no sense to me. Please enlighten me.
  4. Abby Bader

    Conforming in DaVinci Resolve

    Great work Kevin, a detailed conform course in really needed.
  5. Abby Bader

    PixelTools PowerGrades for DaVinci Resolve

    I think that one of the reasons companies like Film Convert is doing good is that they care about accuracy. They sell a look or stock emulation and they do everything they can to make it look the way it's intended to look no matter what camera they use. This is done by matching their looks with the different camera profiles. By stating on your site that you have custom powergrades for most cameras, I think you insinuate that you match profiles. Not saying you are trying to trick your customers, I just read it that way (and was wrong) and was curious how you did it.
  6. Abby Bader

    PixelTools PowerGrades for DaVinci Resolve

    I understand, but how do you match the different camera profiles to ensure your presets will give the same result with different cameras?
  7. Abby Bader

    PixelTools PowerGrades for DaVinci Resolve

    Hi Jason! On the site you say that this is custom powergrades for most cameras. May I ask how you match the different camera profiles?
  8. Abby Bader

    Color Space Question

    You could grade under an output LUT that transforms your scene into a display space P3/Rec709/PQ etc. That way your corrections doesn't change but it will match the different target displays. A small trim when switching output LUTs could be necessary.
  9. Abby Bader

    adding grain matte

    This is normal behaviour as overlay is a combination of both multiply and screen. Meaning that if your base layer is darker that 50% grey it will become darker. Note that Overlay preserves the shadows and highlight values, so correcting the grain layer using the gamma control should get it back to the initial state quite non destructive.
  10. Abby Bader

    The difference between DNxHR and ProRes codecs

    Because not all camera formats are optimized for real-time playback and enormous file sizes can slow things down.
  11. Abby Bader

    Media Manage RED footage

    Unfortunately, the 3RD file isn't possible to trim without transcoding to another format. Unless you need access to the RAW data you could edit the EDL to increase the time codes of each clip and transcode to any of the MXF flavors. That's more than good enough in most instances.
  12. Abby Bader

    35mm Archival Screenings

    That's a great list Frank, good luck with the screenings!
  13. Abby Bader

    Gamma curve enquiry

    Managing exposure and contrast is discussed in depth in many of the case studies on this site. I would especially recommend reading Trish Cahills case as you might pick up some interesting about that topic there.
  14. Abby Bader

    Color grading companies

    In that league? FotoKem, Technicolor, MPC, Mill, Sim +++ Check the credits in the case studies on this site, most are represented there.
  15. Abby Bader

    Questions and Rational Workflow

    I suggest that you read the case studies on this site as those will enlighten you on the use of printer lights and how common it is. There are many ways to set up nodes. Balancing and exposure adjustments first followed by looks is the most common. If you prefer to use printer points or primaries is totally up to you.