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  1. Yerlan Tanayev

    Showreel 2018' | 2min

    Hello, everyone! This is my showreel. All works done in 2018. Most of them music videos and few commercials.
  2. Yerlan Tanayev

    Question about the Mini panel.

    sir. @Peter Chamberlain when FX, User and the REF buttons will be usable? Can we map them to (add keyframe, memory grade etc.) Please, make people enjoy this amazing panel. By the way product release was more than year ago.
  3. Yerlan Tanayev

    BizonBOX 3 / Mac / Thunderbolt 3 / GPU Expander

    Sorry for late answer, because storage is xsan system and it works well only in OSX. Yes, I totally agree with you about resolve on win10. Отправлено с моего PRA-LA1 через Tapatalk
  4. Yerlan Tanayev

    BizonBOX 3 / Mac / Thunderbolt 3 / GPU Expander

    Sorry for too late answer) I didn't see. We send back their bizonbox. Now Davinci resolve upgraded to 14 and new encoding engine increased speed of render and playback. So I don't need e-GPU anymore on macpro. Отправлено с моего PRA-LA1 через Tapatalk
  5. Yerlan Tanayev

    Tangent Element Panels Kit for Sale

    item sold
  6. Yerlan Tanayev

    Tangent Element Panels Kit for Sale

    Price drop to 2000$
  7. Yerlan Tanayev

    Tangent Element Panels Kit for Sale

    I'm selling Tangent Element Kit for 2400$. Used about 8 month. It's in pretty good condition. Kazakhstan, Almaty
  8. Yerlan Tanayev

    Group grading

    For me resolve group grades function works perfect in features. It's save my time when applying look. Also It is very comfortable for isolate group of shots in color page. You can create smart filter for groups which las t time help me a lot while doing some client comments.
  9. Yerlan Tanayev

    5.1 Audio playback issue in DaVinci. C and LFE switched places.

    Unfortunately, it's is a hardware issue. Receiver's input mapping problem. Cause some *domestic* audio amplifiers like mine =) take whatever is on channel 3 on HDMI and sends it to the sub. So, it’s up to the user to ensure that they have the material that is intended to be heard through the subwoofer is on channel 3 of their software. Solution I need to map the channels differently on their output from Resolve. This can be done in the track mixer or by switching the audio on channels 3 and 4. Sounds not bad, but before render SMTPE standard file i need double check audio mapping.
  10. 5.1 Audio playback issue. C and LFE switched places. Hello! We try to playback 5.1 audio (L/R/C/LFE/Ls/Rs) from DaVinci Resolve via HDMI to receiver (Denon AVRX 1300w). Center 3rd channel is gone to LFE channel. Center and LFE switched places. To correct this in Mac Pro (Late 2013) in Audio Midi settings/Configure Speakers: I switched Center to 4 track and LFE to 3 (subwoofer). Works, but not in DaVinci Resolve. Simply I can change tracks order in DaVinci Resolve, but it is incorrect for mastering DCP. Also I checked receiver connections to Center and Subwoofer it is in right place. Works perfect with another source. What could be wrong with Decklink 4K Extreme 5.1 audio playback in DaVinci resolve?
  11. Yerlan Tanayev

    BizonBOX 3 / Mac / Thunderbolt 3 / GPU Expander

    Last year I tested Bizon box card with MacPro Late 2013 Here pdf screenshots BizonBox_test_thunderbolt2.pdf
  12. Yerlan Tanayev

    Sky Replacement in DaVinci Resolve Fusion

    Thanks, adding a grain in blue channel its a nice tip to imitate Kodak 500T