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  1. .. I found colorist Steven Bodner's approach to a "reversed Dolby Vision" process really unique and DP Darren Lew's approach to the use of a wide color gamut very notable. ___________________________________________________________________________________
  2. Digital Vision announce the release 2019.1 Nucoda grading software New Features Library Scrub thumbnails in Library Source replace while preserving effects New and Updated DVO tools DVO Speed Source DVO Dust GT DVO Dirt Map DVO Steady II DVO Scala (Beta) New Hotkey type - Dual Hotkeys Set analysis boundary for DVO Tools Dolby Vision update Show Blanking Multiple and customisable Measurement and Viewer Tools User configurable Scopes and other viewer tools Support for EXR files with multiple embedded mattes Thor Clarity update with Spatial and Temporal filters more info
  3. Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson is out with a new highly-acclaimed World War I documentary titled They Shall Not Grow Old. Here’s a 5-minute look at how Jackson colorized 100-year-old footage to give the world a fresh look at the Great War.
  4. THE KODAK 2383 LUT REBUILT AS A RESOLVE POWERGRADE Juan Melara show you how to rebuild the Kodak 2383 LUT as a Resolve PowerGrade
  5. WORKING WITH MIX FILES IN RESOLVE 15 (14 TOO) Quick tutorial on how to work with mix and submix files when making masters in Resolve 15. Thanks Juan Salvo
  6. MANAGING SATURATION IN RESOLVE Legendary Kevin Shaw, share the experience of managing saturation in Davinci Resolve .
  7. Hi Marqus. Tell us about the Linux version. I've never heard of her. Only saw a version for OSX. Very good tool. Panavision France uses it.
  9. No They stated this on their FB page, but it was not included in 2018.1 release
  10. Nucoda 2018.1 features Timeline changes New ACES Input transform New Sync status display Dolby Vision Library ACES file properties change for YCbCr files Effects layer changes Video I/O - Control for HDR via HDMI with AJA Kona Apple Prores update This is an entirely new implementation of Apple ProRes It provides a substantial speed increase in both decoding and encoding This new code does not require the installation of Quicktime Add Metadata on export - note this is not an actual transform - just a metadata flag Colour Matrices ■ Rec.2020 ■ Rec.709 ■ Rec.601 ○ Transfer Functions ■ 709 ■ PQ2084 and HLG flags Audio export is currently 1 track per channel Mono Audio Bit Depth and number of exported channels can be selected ProRes XQ is now available at all project bit depths Correctly interpret and display Rec.2020 material on import Colour Tools 10 New controls for both the new and old Hue Curves tools Luma Damping Hue Damping Saturation Scaling - when adding Luma to the image it will affect the saturation, this control will let you scale the saturation. Mode switch to change between Hue Curves 2.0 and Legacy Old projects will use the old tool automatically The default will be the new Hue Curves tool - the default is the new version. A range mode has been added to affect the range of influence that each point has on the surrounding points. Clicking on the arrow head and moving the mouse will expand or shrink the area of influence on the surrounding points.The new curve reset button on the right will reset the curves for Hue, Lightness and Saturation independently, but not remove the points that have been added. It is NOT a reset. The option to add a points has been removed because the range tool is more effective way to control influence. All controls are on the Precision Panel and Tangent Panels Until now the application has used the Offset Gamma Gain model in the Lift Gamma Gain tool, this was a decision based on other colour correction systems that existed at the time. We made the decision to expand the tool based on user feedback.While the control in the original tool was labeled as Lift, its actual effect was Offset. This has caused some confusion in the past and has been rectified.The new tool is completely backward compatible, old Lift values will be converted to offset when an older project is imported The Lift tool has been added to the interface, so there are now four control wheels, although panel control will remain only for the three primary controls.The current tool layout (Offset Gamma Gain) will be the default. Users who want to use the new Lift Gamma Gain model can change the preference in the colour tools section of preferences, or switch while grading using the Ctrl+Shift and Insert hotkey or using the Precision hold down the Byp button on the left ball and ring control VR Flip viewing mode 12 VR Flip allows the user to see the effect of “stitching” the opposite sides of images that is designed to be viewed in a Virtual Reality device. It is only a viewing mode (listed under compare modes) Bookmarks File import and export VariSpeed playback in Nucoda Improved grade merge tool Expanded notes metadata CLI commands AAF and Avid workflow changes DVO Scratch Target DVO Dirt Map DVO Dry Clean Updates Nucoda_Overview_2018.1.pdf
  11. NAB 2018 . NUCODA NEWS We will be showing Nucoda 2018.1 - our latest update that will be released during NAB. We will also be showing a preview of what’s coming up next inNucoda later this year. For those in the restoration world, Phoenix has some great new tools to help you clean up your film. We have added support for the Blackmagic Decklink range of cards for monitoring and will be releasing Nucoda Academy , a free version that will allow anyone to learn and get to know Nucoda. We are also launching an educational program to provide educational institutions easy access to Nucoda and Phoenix. Digital Vision has a reputation for exceptional image processing tools, we are proud to announce that we have just completed the first bundle of DVO Sparks designed to run on Autodesk Flame 2018. It is a bundle comprising DVO Clarity, DVO Chroma, DVO Sharpen and DVO RGB_Regrain. We have had tremendous feedback so far and look forward to bringing our tools to other hosts in the future. So that’s it for now, if you are at NAB, please pop around for a chat, we would love to meet you.
  12. It would be better, he focused on the color