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  1. What is a Colorist?

    What is a Colorist?
  2. Coco 2017 (PIXAR)
  3. AI & Machine Learning to Colour Grading

  4. Lustre Tutorial

    Chris Hengeveld Lustre Tutorial 3
  5. Yes You are right The main Horse is Baselight HDR Tools Baselight 5, perfect for this project , although ALogic started on Nucoda
  6. Zootopia PIXAR LEGO Batman Movie Animal Logic ACES
  7. GPU-Based DANIEL2 allow Decode of 8K Footage !!!

    Cinegy has entered the next-generation codec sweepstakes with DANIEL2, a new GPU-based acquisition and production codec that's built for pure speed. The company describes DANIEL2 as the "world's fastest" video codec. What does that mean? Using an Nvidia Quadro M6000 GPU, the company claims to be able to decode HD video at 17,000fps, or 16K video at 280fps. The codec is said to operate at selectable compression ratios between 1:3 and 1:30. Cinegy Managing Director Jan Weigner told StudioDaily the compression ratio has no impact on the decode speed. DANIEL2 is optimized for Nvidia CUDA and has been engineered to conserve GPU memory bandwidth, allowing GPU-accelerated FX and compositing to take place while the codec is in use, Cinegy said. It's being positioned as a mezzanine codec for acquisition, editing, post-production, and playout. The codec will be available "soon" as an SDK supporting the codec in AVI and QuickTime wrappers, Cinegy said, allowing developers to integrate it with existing NLEs and other software. DANIEL2 Features Up to 4:4:4:4 colour space for RGBA, keying, graphics overlays etc. Up to 8, 10, 12 or 16 bit colour depth Extremely low decoding latency Multi-generation re-compression without artefacts Efficient with "almost transparent" frames Selectable compression ratio from 1:3 to 1:30, adaptable, variable bit rate encoding Optimized for Nvidia CUDA DANIEL2 Decode Performance (using Nvidia Quadro M6000) HD 17000 fps 4K 4300 fps 8K 1100 fps 16K 280 fps Download Alpha version for  Adobe Premiere CC (WIn only ) and standalone player(WIN only)
  8. Player in Windows

    MrViewer player with ACES support(CTL), HDRI (free) Jefecheck player with support Truelight cube and GLSL (free) Tweak RV support OpenColorIO DJV VIEW support all OS (free) Iris QC Pro pro QC player (Spectrascope/ Wavefront and etc ) ICE Player QC player for HDR(Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG) DVS Spycer (play right QT)
  9. Tangent Panel for FLAME and LUSTRE

    Tangent Panel Enhancements - Flame 2017x1
  10. Screen recording software

  11. Opening Mac-formatted Drives in Windows

    Paragon HFS + for Windows® is the best solution and is cheaper. Only 20USD
  12. Baselight tutorials

    Still there is here such a website and lessons (GRD201 and GRD202) from FXPHD
  13. MISTIKA: What is unicolor

    Hi all/ One the best tools inside Mistika This webinar gives a complete concept of how to use Unicolor
  14. How to get perfect skin exposure in DAVINCI RESOLVE 14

    Direct Editing