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  1. Hi Everyone, My name is Franco. Last week I just finished my degree in London and I am currently looking for entry into the post-production industry with the hopes of following the route of a colourist. I put a showreel together showcasing my best grading work over my last three years at uni. I would really appreciate the honest feedback ( feel free to say it sucks as long as you tell me why) and if you have any advice about anything, be the craft or industry, please do tell!
  2. Thanks for the share Tom! This definitely will become useful in my dissertation research!
  3. Hello, everyone. I'm a Ravensbourne student currently studying Editing and Post Production. As I'm in my final year, I'm currently in the process of writing my dissertation, which mainly investigates how advancements in digital technologies have expanded the creative capabilities of a colourist. If any of you have time, I would love it if you could answer some of the questions I've added below. These answers will definitely help expand/reconsider/polish a lot of the points I've already made. You do not need to answer them all, but if you could answer as many as you can I would really appreciate it. Additionally, if you have any interesting points you'd like to add, or want to suggest any more questions, do not hesitate to let me know. My email is Why do you think colour is such an important tool in filmmaking? Why do you think black and white was not enough? Do you think being colourist is primarily a technical or creative role? Where do you see the future of colour grading headed? What are some of the new technologies/tools that the industry has to start to consider looking into? What do you think makes colour grading an art in itself? What is your opinion on HDR? What are your opinion on LUTS As third-party plugins for NLE and colour correction software becomes more user-friendly, making it easier for anyone to learn and apply colour grading into their work, why do you think a colourist will still be relevant in 5 years time?