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  1. Oh nice, yeah before I had the Decklink Card I had a spare studio monitor thunderbolt to HDMI converter laying around and I popped that in to spoof a third monitor basically. I found the screen share to be pretty taxing on the CPU though. And since I pay for Zoom and host the sessions I don't think there's any limitations there. It's pretty cheap a month. I kinda hate Zoom and their security practices so definitely not advocating for it, but it's working for now. And it's just receiving that SDI signal Resolve is outputting like it would send to a monitor or the Teranex. I'm outputting 1080p from the card and I've attached a screenshot of the options Zoom gives for the "camera feed" aka the input signal from the Decklink. I just use the 8bit 1080p 23.98 option. In Blackmagic's Desktop Video Setup app you can assign the SDI ports on the card In or Out functions. I'm not sure if Zoom has to do any post processing or transcoding of the camera feed to make them work for their app but the color accuracy seems good enough to work for our uses. Also my internet upload speed is very limited where I live and pretty garbage (30mbps) so I'd assume my feed is choked by that. I work with some folks who screen share their GUI from zoom and just crop in to the viewer and they say it looks good on their end. When I park on a frame everything looks good and color accurate when I check my iPad but when I hit play it starts to get a bit funky and pixelated until it catches up. Again, it works when paired with stills and postings. Or maybe with a better upload speed it would be better! Gonna give this Discord thing a shot though to see how that goes.
  2. Popping back in too- most clients don't have calibrated displays at home so Zoom has been getting us by. I have the 8K Decklink card that I just loop back into itself and Zoom recognizes the input as a camera feed so it works pretty well to send a signal like that. As long as client knows the limitations of their displays and quality loss they're fine and it's cheap and something they're all used to using at this point. I supplement the feed with postings and high res stills.
  3. Emily did you find a good solution? Needing to do this myself now! haha
  4. Could the client download Resolve and y'all use the built in remote grading?
  5. Hi all, Just recently finished up my 2017 reel. Would love feedback. Thanks, Jacob