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  2. Hmm, I vaguely remember an issue like this awhile back. I would try to purge the cache and restart and possibly reboot . If that doesn't work, maybe run a test by converting the sequence to a different image format. Assuming that the sequence is visible when working with other nodes, a setting shouldn't cause that to happen.
  3. Hey Lee! I joined Lowepost mainly for this course in particular and it is fantastic. I am having one issue that has me stuck and I believe I have followed every step needed. On the Planar tracker, I have created a Fusion Comp with the main footage and a PNG image with a transparent background. The tracker seems to track the PNG image pretty well but about halfway through the clip the PNG image suddenly disappears. I can't for the life of me figure out why this keeps happening. Any advice on a setting or what I may be doing wrong? Thank you so much, Bryan
  4. The thumbnail 'update' function has been written in.... I believe 2003? Back then, SCRATCH could only do primary grading. It's been kept this way for performance reasons, even after secondary layers had been introduced back in 2005 or so. That being said, updating the thumbnails to show the full grade will take quite a hit on performance, because all the thumbnails are actually live references to the underlying source footage. No proxies whatsoever, but the actual footage. So, making the thumbnails (which btw you can also scrub through by dragging at the upper corner of the thumb) reflect the full grade is somewhere on the list, but nothing for the short or mid term, I'm afraid.
  5. I've been wondering the same thing. it makes the thumbnails less useful than they could otherwise be.
  6. In Lesson 5 he says that the Versions thumbnail updates as he grades the shot, but the thumbnail only reflects operations performed on the base layer, which isn't much use.
  7. Online Session hosted by Mazze Aderhold Tuesday, November 3rd 10am Los Angeles | 1pm New York | 7pm Berlin Register here: What is this online event about? Our Creative Boost Program is coming to an end – that calls for a wrap party! And with that, many people are wondering how things will continue. Well – tune in and be first to know 😉 . Special guest for this online meet-up is Lisa Konecny of ((RADAR)) DIT. For over 12 months she was secretly working on the second Borat movie with Sacha Baron Cohen, providing rushes and clip reports for post – having SCRATCH as her wingman. Lisa will go over the challenges of a highly unusual shoot with over 73 cameras, no slates for audio syncing and an unpredictable production schedule – with some incredible stories to tell! If you have something great to share about a project you did on SCRATCH – feel free to reach out and become an active part of our wrap party! The event is free for all attendees. The content is designed for DITs, data wranglers, colorists and finishing artists. We will also record the event for you to watch later. Please send your questions, comments and feedback to: Cheers, Mazze
  8. It's not corrupt, it's DNxHD, QuickTime Player can't play these files that's all (and maybe FCPX)
  9. Another name came to mind: Jason Bowdach. Great Resolve instructor. Also worth the price of admission.
  10. I own that book and it’s brilliant but candidly, the days of book learning for video subjects as my first choice are long gone. It’s a reference tool for me. There is nothing like being able see and hear the teacher go through the steps and show you what they are talking about. I can learn more in an hour watching that in reading, trying and rereading the section. BUT teaching is a skill set in and of itself. Just because you’re a good colorist or whatever doesn’t mean you are a good teacher of that.
  11. He reminds me a lot of Denver Riddle, only with more enthusiasm, but with all of the same snake-oil salesman pitches. Having said that, good on him if he can make money that way. As an alternative, how about buying Alexis Van Hurkman's Color Correction Handbook, instead? It's waaaaay cheaper and more informative. Plus it comes with footage you can download and play around with. Lowepost is tops, too (goes without saying). Mixing Light, as well) it's paid content but worth every penny). I wish Lowepost would invite Van Hurkman to teach a course. He' s a great instructor.
  12. I went through the initial sections of the course and it just wasn’t worth it— I asked for a refund and got it quickly and easily. There are nuggets in there but as I said in my initial review: he’s all over the place and he’s just not a teacher. IMO It’s more of a “watch me work” but not detail. In many situations I wanted to know “why are you doing that? What exactly does that do to the image/tonal range/etc?” And never got it.
  13. Yeah, I just watched his 1hr "webinar" and while I do like some of the ways he walks you through the grade the constant "salesmanship" and his "you have never seen this anywhere before" claims and his justifying his $700 course (ahem.. excuse me $697) by comparing it to a university degree price, or bootcamps etc... it is all more than overdone. I wish he was more down to earth less sales-pitchy didn't use the same mechanisms that a "cure all diet fad does" (ie fake webinar, for a limited time only discount, promising things that ONLY HE will share with you, pointing to his supposed income... all that crap) and as he has modeled himself after such click-bait sales pitch formats, it wouldn't surprise me if these people hyping him up in forums and on FB, YT and IG are "plants" working for him... Sorta a shame as I do think he can teach fairly well I just wish he had more respect for his audience and honestly himself while doing it.
  14. That guy isn't worth it imo. Too much bs and "cinematic"-phrases to grab attention.
  15. Good morning to everyone..A short video from a walk with the tenere xt660z at north Greeceat the gorge of Aggitis and in the cave of Orpheus that is located there.To my great surprise I saw the rock paintings inside the caveand doing a little research in the house later I saw how it is called, howthere were people in the cave for the first 9000 years!Details about the historicity of the cave and the gorgeyou will find the link below in the description of the is the video:
  16. Is it a closed group only open to those who have purchased his course or is it open to all colorists? I can't seem to find the group on FB, could you attach a link?
  17. i take qazi course he is good mentor even if you are beginner you can learn more and he has fb group where he give weekly challenge and correct them over 2k are joined trust me it is worth every penny to that course that's my honest review
  18. Log controls are mainly designed for log images and you can manually set how wide or narrow range you want to affect with your corrections.
  19. Hello thank you for this tutorial. Tell please what is the difference between primary wheels panel and log panel?
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  21. Have you tried to freeze the single frames, stretch them out and/or create a compound clip?
  22. Registration is now open for our next Colour Online webinar: Developing Digital Images with Andy Minuth, FilmLight Colour Workflow Specialist Tuesday, October 27 In this new live webinar, Andy demonstrates best practice for developing digitally acquired images and for building a layer stack.
  23. You should probably look into stacked timelines. Resolve doesn't have an option to display source windows as timeline.
  24. Lately I have been editing in Resolve. It's quite a transition from Avid, but I'm starting to like it, and I save so much time with everything around such as the conform tools, audio syncing, rendering and so on. I have one newbie questions though. In Avid I have a button at the bottom of the timeline that lets me switch the timeline between the player and source. How do I do that in the edit module of Resolve? It's very useful when editing source audio.
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