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    • Hi all,

      with the release of SCRATCH 9.2, we also announced two new on-set tools: Live Looks and Live Assist.
      These 3 videos should give you a good idea on what they do 🙂 .
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    • Now that this community has started to get some users I thought it was time to encourage you all to post an image of your suite? 
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    • Jan Maarten de Wit

      Mistika Colorist
      For work check www.janmaartendewit.com
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    • Nick Theriot

      My camera LUTs used to knock log footage into rec.709 space as the first node adjustment in a grade...usually. My work horse is a Blackmagic Production 4k but I've been shooting major pieces with Filmic Pro and an adapter that allows me to hook my prime lenses up to my iPhone 11.
      GC_Protune_to_709.cube FiLMiC_deLog_V2.CUBE U-TECHNICOLOR-CINESTYLE-LTR.3dl Blackmagic Production Camera 4K Film to Rec709.cube
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      A simple Learner
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    • Stephen Luksic

      30 years editing and motion graphics, still learning.
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    • Mihran

      Anti-smoking advertising
      Produced by: One Man Studio Production
      Director: Ani Sharambeyan
      DP: Mihran Stepanyan
      VFX/Post/Finishing: One Man Studio
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