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  1. E IZO's HDR reference monitor, ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145 will be their new flagship. It will compete with Sony BVM-X300 (HDR) and Dolby PRM-4220 (HDR) but probably be cheaper. 31.1" 4096 x 2160 resolution High dynamic range 1000 cd/m2 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
  2. Want to write reviews?

    Lowepost is looking for tech experts that would like to write product reviews in exchange for products. PM or Thanks, Stig
  3. Wipster

    A great tool for video review and approval. Notation tools allow for comments to be made directly on top of videos by team members and clients, with the ability to point to a specific area of the frame.
  4. CineXinsert

    CineXinsert overwrites changes to files that you’ve already exported. This means that if there’s a mistake or a problem, you can overwrite the change instead of going back to your editing software and re-exporting the whole file again. 1495USD for the preferred plan, but they have a free version with some limitations.

    Upload, review, & share video with your entire team, anywhere in the world. Your files will preview beautifully on the web.
  6. Lowepost, List of color books

    Hi Everyone! We have finally managed to build the review system, and first out is the list of color books! Please feel free to write a review and rate books you have read. If you're logged in, you can also suggest books you think others will enjoy. The list can be found in the resource section or by clicking this link Feel free to share the news!
  7. AAF import links to proxy files

    Disable "automatically import source clips into media pool" and enable "link to source camera files" when loading the AAF into the Media Pool.
  8. The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction (2nd)

    Steve Hullfish is a great teacher, and this was one of the first books I read about color grading. A must-read for everyone interesting in learning the craft.
  9. Discount on ARRI training in August.

    Lowepost members got 20% discount on the ARRI Training for Advanced Color Science in August. See calendar for coupon code and link to the event.
  10. ARRI Training for Advanced Color Science

    Lowepost mem­bers get a 20% discount on the ARRI Certified Training for Advanced Color Science, 9/10 Aug. at ARRI Munich. Please use the code Lowepost20 or follow the follo­wing link:
  11. Post your suite!

    We are working late nights to set up two suits in out offices in Oslo. Eizo CG318 will be used for monitoring.
  12. Lists

    Great! On every list item we will have user reviews.
  13. Lists

    We will soon publish some lists that will help our members get an overview of different things such as grading books, monitors in different price ranges etc. If you got any suggestions on types of lists, please post them here.
  14. Color and mastering for Digital Cinema

    Color and Mastering for Digital Cinema explores the implications for motion picture post production processes and changes required to the supporting equipment and software. While a new concept to the motion picture community, the selection of the wide gamut, output-referred XYZ color space for digital cinema distribution is based on decades of color science and experience in other industries. The rationale for choosing XYZ and the other color encoding parameters is explained and the book also provides a full case study of the development of DLP Cinema® projectors by Texas Instruments. Finally, this book explores how the XYZ color encoding concept can be extended to support enhanced display technologies in the future.
  15. Digital Video Algorithms and Interfaces (2nd)

    With the shift from film to digital, today’s filmmakers are empowered by an arsenal of powerful, creative options with which to tell their story. Modern Post examines and demystifies these tools and workflows and demonstrates how these decisions can empower your storytelling.