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  1. Cool, thanks! And yes, on getting an additional monitor to view the scopes interface? Not much real estate as it is on my MacBook. Or does it somehow integrate with the UI in Resolve?
  2. Right on. I know it’s typically done, I just never do it. I’m a one-man band/self taught Filmmaker. I’ve been just kind of learning as I go. Only been doing it for a few years now. The one monitoring LUT I have loaded in my camera (The one I mentioned) I don’t think is a “proper” technical LUT. since you’re here and you obviously know way more than I do, do you happen to know of any resources where I could get correct technical LUTs for my camera? (Blackmagic 4k film). I know every YouTube guy and their mother likes to create and sell LUTs. But I do realize that
  3. Yes. Untouched. Now this is Blackmagic RAW we’re talking here. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on under the sheets.
  4. Well...I mean I’ve never applied a LUT in camera for monitoring purposes. I do have one in there—a blackmagic pocket cinema camera 4K-rec.709 LUT that some dude from the internet made. But I pretty much never enable it.
  5. I gotcha. I personally haven’t used LUTs when filming. For my purposes. So when I apply the blackmagic 4K film(?) to rec.709 LUT in Resolve’s LUT menu, is that maybe why it doesn’t look all that great? Or is that even a proper LUT to use? To bring my BRAW footage to rec709?
  6. Ahhhh, I see. Thanks. These both look like they have some cool features. But I’m assuming this would require another monitor dedicated solely for monitoring these apps? And when it comes to paying $100-$200 for “annual renewal” it’s hard for a guy like me to justify. There are no one-time purchase solutions that you’re aware of?
  7. New guy here. I’ve watched pretty much every lesson and I’m wondering if anybody else here has experience using these techniques with Blackmagic RAW footage. in each lesson he begins with a curve (tech LUT) specifically for Arri. When he applies it, the job looks mostly done. Nice amount of saturation, good contrast, etc. I have been messing around and I’m not sure if the best method for me is to - do a CST (blackmagic to Arri) at the very beginning, and then drop the Arri LUT at the end, and then work in the middle. or - drop a technical LUT for blackmagic...bl
  8. I’m sorry, I guess I don’t really understand what you mean by “external scopes”. I still use my laptop for using all of the controls and reading scopes. But I use my external monitor for color grading.
  9. Oh man, that’s the ticket. Thank you! I had this disabled. And as soon as I saw your comment I remembered an old YouTube video… I think it was from “learn color grading” Or something where he said to disable this. I forget exactly for what reason. But I did it in this particular project.Or something where he said to disable this. I forget exactly for what reason. But I did it in this particular project.
  10. Hey guys. I removed the calibration LUT. But when I use the contrast and pivot controls it still doesn’t create a smooth curve. I understand that I don’t necessarily need to perfectly replicate what the instructor is demonstrating, but I guess it would still be kind of nice to see how the curves are supposed to behave...on my end Brief clip attached. IMG_0099.MOV
  11. Simply connecting works though? If I remember correctly, I wasn’t able to actually see what I was grading unless I selected clean feed (which, again, was wrong apparently).
  12. Ok, so I get the calibrated LUT on my monitor. Any idea how I actually hook into the monitor via the UltraStudio and get a good signal from Resolve? Without using this display LUT thing? I understand that simply hooking them up and using the “clean feed” option doesn’t send an accurate signal to the monitor. That’s what I did before and people were saying that was all wrong, and not accurate and whatnot. Hence the display LUT. what a maddening rabbit hole...
  13. Ok. As you can tell, I’m not the brightest bulb when it comes to this stuff. This is, and has been, one huge learning experience for me for about two years now. And I’m just staggering along, learning as I go. so I BELIEVE that my monitor does have internal LUT capabilities...if I think I understand what you’re talking about. It’s a BenQ sw270c. Yeah, it’s ‘lower end’ stuff, but it’s what I’ve got to work with. After buying that thing, people who know what they’re doing said I would need some sort of intermediary, like decking or something. I work off a MacBook Pro so I bought the Ul
  14. Damn. so this is a calibration LUT for my monitor. I calibrated it using DisplayCal through Davinci Resolve. If I remove this, it pretty much renders my monitor useless, no?