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  1. I saw your youtube tutorial on this and it seems like it's as close as I can get. However, doing it this way, I still lose the raw file capabilities of the top clip. Thank you though and I really like your tutorials. Hope to see some more soon
  2. Basically what I would like to do is create a copy of a raw file and do masking on the copy in fusion and then be able to use those masks for color work on the color page on the original raw file. Is there any way to connect a Media Out from a Fusion clip to a secondary source on a non-fusion clip? Or any other work around? My way so far has been to export masks from Fusion or Nuke and import them as mattes into Resolve but it would be great to be able to do it without rendering mattes inside of Resolve.
  3. Yeah I did. I've found out it is something wrong with this one specific timeline. If I create new timelines and add those same clips from the media bin, it actually works to switch optimized media on. I guess something has happened with that specific timeline. Anyways, thanks!
  4. I have done everything correctly as far as I know. On the media page, I can view the clips with the optimized media and turn them on and off and it works fine, but for some reason in the timeline, only the original media is being played back.
  5. No matter what quality I generate the optimized media in, there's no difference in the quality of the footage or playback. It seems like it's not using the optimized media generated. I checked in the cache chip folder and the media is created as .dvcc files. I'm using the latest version of Resolve 16 studio. Is this perhaps some bug?
  6. Have you checked out mixinglight.com? I really like Dan Morans tutorials/insights on there.
  7. This might be stupid but I can't figure out what the FX, User and the REF button on it does? Nothing happens when I press them. Does anyone know?
  8. Is there any way to blur only the edges of a matte in Resolve?
  9. I know of Company 3 and EFILM, but what are some other notable companies that does color grading today?
  10. @Jussi Rovanperä Good idea! Thanks. I was also thinking about ideas for custom hotkeys. I’m trying to make my own hotkeys customized so I thought maybe I could get some ideas/inspiration from others
  11. To those of you out there who grade without a panel, what are some of your must have keyboard hotkeys in Resolve?
  12. Hey Willian and thanks for taking your time. What I meant was I want to preserve the power window and tracking data of the destination node, while adding the qualifier from the first node to it Works fine with the power window preserved but the tracking data is lost for some reason. Maybe this is something that will be fixed in the future.
  13. @Anton Meleshkevich Thanks for the explaination! It helped me understand alot better.
  14. @Anton Meleshkevich Thank you for the help! May I ask you how exactly do you about when you adjust WB using the printer lights? I’m playing around with it but I don’t understand how to adjust for example only the gain or only the lift to get a precise match? Also which scope is best used with this? I hope you don’t mind me asking I’m pretty new with color grading and with the software.
  15. Now when I tried copying just the qualifier from a node in another project it worked without deleting the power window in the destination node, but it still deletes the tracking data. Works to copy the track data before pasting the qualifier and then paste the track data back in but it would be nice if it could be done in a simpler way.