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  1. Oh, wow! Thank you so much everybody for contributing. For some reason I was not getting notifications for this post, so I have only seen all this now. This is all great, I appreciate it!
  2. OK, I'll need to figure this out!
  3. Thank you. For some reason the sound doesn't work for me in Chrome, but Firefox is fine.
  4. Should I be hearing sound on this video?
  5. I've been through this book thoroughly now and have been spending time practising all the techniques. I feel like I know the content well enough, and it has given me a great foundation. But where to go now? I have been through most of the content here on Lowepost, which has also helped a lot, but now I guess I am looking for more insight into: the practicalities of the craft; the real-world processes of professional colourists; intermediate and advanced techniques; grading sessions; useful (colour?) theory from related disciplines and art forms; etc., Any tips, particularly on which video tutorial sites are best, would be gratefully received. Take care, H
  6. Hugo Matthews


    Amada, thank you so much for replying. It all makes sense after reading the article you suggested. Have a great day!
  7. Hugo Matthews


    Would someone be able to translate this for a newbie? What are 'printer light tools?', what does it mean to 'keep to 1/4 trims in RGB highlights and shadows' and why would that 'keep a consistency across the grade team'? 😄